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Exclusive: Julie Plec Teases Season 7!
EXCLUSIVE:  Julie Plec Teases Major Changes i…
Find out what the TVD executive producer had to tease about Damon Salvatore's emotional status, Steroline's relationship, and moving forth without Elena.
Posted 4 days ago

12 Times TVD Betrayed Your Trust
Nina's TCA Speech Will Move You to Tears
Tear Alert! Nina Dobrev Delivers An Incredibl…
The Vampire Diaries star just took the Teen Choice Awards to a whole new inspirational level.
Posted 2 weeks ago

16 Reasons Dating A Vampire Sucks
18 Legitimate Reasons Dating A Vampire Isn’t …
Vampires such as the Salvatores, Mikaelsons and Cullens might sexy and mesmerizing -- but dating them doesn't always lead to an epic love story. Here's why!
Posted 2 weeks ago

16 Signs You're Caroline Of Your Squad
16 Undeniable Signs You’re The Caroline Forbe…
You burns are epic. You style is fierce. And your karaoke skills are on fire. Face it -- you're definitely most like Mystic Falls' very own Pollyanna!
Posted 2 weeks ago

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