LOL Video: Candice Accola Answers Hilarious Questions!

Candice Accola answers hilarious questionsThere are lots of things we can easily wrap our minds around: traveler mythology, how daylight rings work, and why the world’s most attractive supernatural creatures all decided to settle in the same rural town. But then there are also things we will never be able to make sense of, including but not limited to the following: how Stefan Salvatore’s hair stays in place (even after an intense showdown!), how Caroline Forbes manages to remain so stylish despite the lack of fashion boutiques in her proximity, and how, regardless of her rigorous work schedule and humid weather in Hot-lanta, Candice Accola continues to brighten everyone’s day.  The girl  is surely comprised of sunshine, rainbows, and memories of the ice-cream truck rounding the corner of our childhood street — there’s no other explanation for her constant pleasant demeanor!

Need proof? Honestly, her genuine smile should be evidence enough, but if you need cold, hard evidence then look no further than the CW’s new video series, “CWestionator.” In this new (and much-too-quick) footage, Candice runs up to a podium and plays a game that consists of questions and fun tasks. For example? She’s asked to reveal the name of the last person she hugged. “I think Michael Trevino,” she declares. As for the dare portion, she’s challenged to a six second dance party on the set of the show’s promotional photo shoot and girlfriend breaks it down; her moves are just too precious!

Watch the full video below to find out how Candice responds when asked to state her doppelganger name and whether she can beat the True Blood cast.

If you could dare any TVD cast member to do something who would choose and what would you request him/her to do? Share it with us in a comments!

Mark your calendars, fang fans: The Vampire Diaries Season 6 premieres Thursday, October 2 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW!


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