Exclusive Interview: Candice Accola Compares Caroline Forbes to Chloe Cunningham

The always hilarious Candice Accola never fails to impress us with her endearing demeanor, charm, and talent. From the mean streets of Mystic Falls where she fights for survival on a day by day basis as Caroline Forbes to the baffling pathways of love and relationships as Chloe Cunningham in Dating Rules from My Future Self, Candice always manages to portray her characters in such a way that we, as viewers, feel connected to them on a deep level! When they cry we cry, when they hurt we hurt, and when they’re happy we beam with joy!

However, her on-screen persons share as many differences as they do similarities. Find out how Candice compares her two most recent starring roles in the exclusive interview below:

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Our question for you: What would you rather spend the day doing — planning a huge blow-out bash with Caroline or snacking on cheetos and hitting the club scene with Chloe? Drop us a note in the comments!

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