Exclusive: Caroline Dries Teases The Vampire Diaries Season 6

The gang at the end of the Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale

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It’s safe to say that The Vampire Diaries Season 5 finale not only left viewers emotionally wrecked, but also bursting with questions about what the future holds for the show’s beautiful-yet-tragic characters. How will they deal with their massive heartache? Will they ever be able to move past these soul-crushing events? Are Damon and Bonnie dead dead? What does Alaric’s return mean for the Gilbert family? Does Stefan plan on taking Miss Caroline on a date, just as Lexi suggested in “Home”? Ahh! The list clearly goes on and on, and the suspense is enough to drive any obsessed fang fan madder than a vampire who killed a ‘Five’ hunter.

Well, being the eager television enthusiasts that we are, we couldn’t possibly wait until October 2014 for the sixth season to premiere to get some answers — we’re far too impatient for that. (Yes, we know it’s a vice and we’re working on it.) Thus, we turned to the talented and always-pleasant Caroline Dries (aka executive producer and writer extraordinaire) to get the lowdown on what to expect in The Vampire Diaries Season 6. Check out the exclusive interview below to get your latest spoiler fill and to learn more about all the upcoming poignant storylines and interactions!

Alloy Entertainment: The anti-magic boundary spell is still intact so, ironically, the vampires of Mystic Falls have sort of become Travelers in the sense that they have no home to return to. That said, where will Season 6 find everyone — a united front trying to reclaim their territory or dispersed on personal journeys?
Caroline Dries: The anti-magic boundary will continue to play a role moving forward as we begin to explore this notion of what it means to go home again. As the story unfolds we’ll see the effects exile has had on everyone and see that everyone is handling it (and the loss of their loved ones) differently and personal journeys will form. Some will be fighting for a way to save their home, others have given up or moved on or found peace with it… We wanted the fallout to be personal for everyone.

Alloy Entertainment: Stefan lost his best friend and brother, and Elena and Jeremy each lost their significant others. How will they each specifically cope with their grief?
Caroline Dries:
I can’t go in too much detail without giving things away but the events of the finale were beyond devastating and ripple effects will be felt and change the dynamic of the show.

Alloy Entertainment: Alaric is back in action and so is Enzo. What can you say about their upcoming dynamic? Do you have any Alarenzo scenarios on your wish-list? (Example:
Alaric is teaching history at Whitmore College when Enzo, ever the wise guy, pops up to correct him in the middle of his lecture.)
Caroline Dries:
We are very excited about Alaric’s return and plan to incorporate him in Elena’s life hoping to give a type of parental touchstone to her (something she lost when she lost him). Enzo, as we left him, is still a bit of a loose canon wild thing and I can’t wait until the two butt

heads– and I’m sure they will. Let’s see, wish list — feels like there could be a bar brawl in their future. Or maybe they’ll just karaoke compete against each other.

Alloy Entertainment: The Other Side is gone. How does this affect the mythology of the show — does the Gilbert ring still work and do ghosts exist in this Other Side-less world?
Caroline Dries:
Without the Other Side, Jeremy can no longer contact ghosts, which is how they know it’s gone-gone. This also means, as you guessed, the Gilbert Ring won’t work.

Alloy Entertainment: Caroline has always been this ray of sunshine on the show. However, her snapping Luke’s neck was drastic and unexpected. Was this a crime of passion — mostly to foreshadow Caroline and Stefan’s growing feelings for each other — or should fans expect to see a much darker version to Care Bear in Season 6?
Caroline Dries:
Caroline, as we know, doesn’t like not being in control of things and with Stefan’s death and Bonnie’s prediction about her own fate, Caroline was feeling helpless and out of control. So that vicious move was pure emotional desperation. Her feelings for Stefan are (at the conscious level right now) friend feelings. I personally feel like she’s not quite sure what she’s feeling. It’s all types of confusing. Lots of grey area:

Stefan is her friend. Elena loved Stefan. Elena’s her best friend. Kind of a no-fly zone, which is why I think that if she has had any more-than-friend feelings she’s pushed them away or convinced herself otherwise. The feelings behind the feelings are something we get to explore in season 6 as we watch how her relationship with Stefan plays out in the wake of the finale. Any time we turn a character dark it’s fun because it’s a change of pace for the writers, actors and viewers. It’d be interesting to see a darker Caroline but we would only go down that road if it felt 100% earned.

Alloy Entertainment: What can you tease about Bonnie and Damon and in what sort of capacity we’ll might be seeing them in?
Caroline Dries:
All I can tease is that you will be seeing them.

Alloy Entertainment: Tyler and Matt Donovan came out of the finale pretty much victors.
Tyler is no longer a hybrid with vampire weaknesses and a sire bond complex. Matt can now live in a place where he isn’t a Happy Meal on legs. What does the future hold for the Lockwood Manor bros?
Caroline Dries:
We get to start them in season 6 in a very fresh place that will hopefully feel new and cool. Tyler was in such a devastated place for most of season 5 so we wanted to shake that up a little bit. Likewise, Matt has been victimized so much in the show as a result of being human in a vampire-run world, so we’re excited to give him his version of a “human”

world, especially now that he’s grown up so much, developed opinions and beliefs and has really come into his own.

For more TVD updates and behind-the-scenes scoop, be sure to follow Caroline Dries on twitter at @carolinedries, and check out her artwork here!

What’s your biggest hope for The Vampire Diaries Season 6? Which character do you think will have the toughest time dealing with Damon and Bonnie’s deaths? Do you have any tips on how to try to cheer them up? (Unfortunately, we don’t think bottomless ice-cream bowls and romantic comedies will work in this case….) Sound off in the comments!

Theo is a television enthusiast/digital editor at Alloy Entertainment. A conspiracy theorist at heart, this Greek gal is constantly on the look-out for horcruxes and is still trying to make sense of Lost Season 6. Follow her musings on entertainment at @theodorag13.


  1. Yniold47 Said:

    Honestly, as much as I like the idea of Stefan and Caroline being together someday I wish they would also give Caroline another significant storyline that is NOT boy related! Please TVD writers, women do not have to live for men! Seeing her being “darker” would be very interesting I think. Hopefully the writers will give her something else to do.
    Plus, since it’s obvious Bonnie’s also coming back they also should give her something else. I’m so tired of her being everyone’s doormat!!

  2. demetra Said:

    Katherine is coming back right ??

  3. Heather Delezen Said:

    Just give us Damon back ASAP. I hope they don’t waste half the season only showing him in flashbacks and washed out scenes of him in another plane or dimension with Bonnie. I need my Damon in his full glory, being my deliciously bad Damon

  4. claudia Said:

    DAMON NEEDS TO COME BACK!!!! I’m going to miss him so much!!! I don’t feel it would be healthy for Caroline and Stefan to get together due to his past relationship with Elena. I feel they should just remain friends! I would also love to see Bonnie come back for Jeremy’s sake.

  5. klecia Said:

    essa temporada ta uma palhaçada, o bichinho do stefan sofre tanto pra salvar a safada da elena. o estfan tem terminar bem no fina e a safada da elena, ficar com muito cilmes dele, seria bom se os originais voltassem, e a karoline termina-see com o klaus, e arrumem uma bem bonita pra ficar com o stefan

  6. Morgan Said:

    The show is not a show without Damon. He needs to be there. I’m happy to hear he will be in the show, but I hope it isn’t just as something lame like flashbacks. Can’t have that.. Can’t believe I have to wait until October to see more.

  7. sun Said:

    mor da kuss k kharr ghinrh omanda

  8. Annette Said:


  9. Christyan Moore Said:

    What did Bonnie’s grandmother do for Bonnie? I think she is going to bring Bonnie back I just hope that you bring Damon back too!!! She can bring them both back and call it a two for one deal perks for doing business on the other side. Which would allow for expanding the storyline for Bonnie and giving her powers back. Then Bonnie the all powerful can help Klaus in the Originals against the ancestral magic. Just a thought to keep the two shows entwined. Allow for story expansion for grandma because why would she be given such a good deal for just her soul? Magic?

  10. romeo Said:

    i need damon back. Without him v daries wont be fun

  11. Leah Said:

    If Damon doesn’t come back I am D-O-N-E with this series.The fans need him, so why would they take him away from us?

  12. Samara Leñero Said:

    Damon has to return!!!!!! He must not die!!!!! The series does not make sense without him!!!! Finally he and elena were joined and they kill it!!!! They cannot do it!!!

  13. mohamad mokhtar Said:

    noway ,damon must come back won’t he ?
    but october !!!!!! it’s a long time

  14. Sammie Said:

    TVD writers ,some of us live for Damon and Delena..do well to bring him back ASAP..we dont want him in silly flashbacks..we need our Damon back

  15. susan Said:

    please ,please bring damon back ,it will not be worth watching with out him ,and enzo is NO replacement for damon never never will that work ,its the last season guys so give us what we all want a happy ever after for elena & damon xxxxx

  16. Haddi Said:

    We want Damon back it is not worth watching without him

  17. Butch pleas Said:

    For weeks i have waited for someone to mention this damon and bonnie are stuck together for about 6 months until the show comes back since there will be a time jump I am guessing 6 months or more alone in paradise or wherever a woman and man with needs who only have each other for comfort and they will eventually have to accept their deaths with no Jeremy or Elena in the picture now use ur brains and think of the possibilitys just saying one word BAMON

  18. Dawn Said:

    If Damon doesnt come back ALIVE I will NOT watch the show anymore. It makes no sense without him. What a pile of B.S

  19. Dawn Said:

    I just read a comment that said its obvious TVD are trying to replace Damon with Enzo. LMAO I like Enzo an all but he is NO REPLACEMENT for Damon. No way no how. Not even close!! I think after the HUGE backlash with Damon and Bonnie that the producers wouldn’t jeopardize the shows ratings. I’m sure they didnt expect fans to take it as personal as we did.. Let’s just hope they make the right decision and bring Damon back alive. I read an interview Julie Plec did a few days after the finale

  20. Dawn Said:

    Julie Plec said season 6 wasnt going to be the last season. Cw wants 17 so she’s guessing they will compromise.

  21. kasha Said:

    everyones like poured a man you need to relax if you take a look at the books Damon will come back and Damon and Elena will be together but idk about y’all but I’m going for the good guy I love me some Stefan<3

  22. Jodi Said:

    They HAVE to find a way to BRING DAMON BACK!!!!

  23. steroline always Said:

    CAROLINE FORBES DESERVE AN OWN SHOW WITH STEFAN PLEAS! & a arker caroline wold be very interesting! <333 CAROLINE DESERVE SO MUCH MORE ATTENTION * MATT & TYLER TOO give these 4 an own show very pleas!

  24. Valerie Stamey Said:

    From the first time I first saw Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) I’ve been in love with his abilities. I’m DElena fan all the way! #Bring Damon Back . I am a hopeless Vampire Diaries addict! Oh yeah and I can’t wait to see Matt Davis (Alaric Saltzman) back on the scene! Can’t wait!

  25. hauwau abache Said:

    Damon has to come back in season 6 without damon back in the show it won’t be interesting anymore so whatever tricks you guys have to do you have to do it so that my sweet damon is back on the show back to the love of his life elena gilbert seriously damon is the actual vampire diaries without him the show will sucks so please bring him back we need him I love him so much thanks

  26. Atreva Richie Said:

    I am very interested to see how Elena and Stefan will react to the deaths of Lexi, Damon, and Bonnie.

  27. riya Said:

    Damon is the reason I started watching this show…if he doesn’t come back then this show will just be a waste of time… please bring Damon back full time so he and Elena can be together.
    <3 Damon <3

  28. Holly Said:

    First off damon has to come back, like many others he is the reason I watch the show. Also not in flash backs please please please! Second of all im DELENA all the way #bringdamonback #delena ♡

  29. Edna Ryan Said:

    If Damon comes back as a human, he will have a fight on his hands. He was not liked as a vampire.( The ring that keeps you a live dose not work anymore)
    As a vampire he also did good with his blood… He saved people… I think Elena will fight for get Damon back and Damon will fight for her…
    Help with Bonnie and her grandma…
    Can’t wait to see S6…

  30. jakered Said:

    i think he will come back if he comes back as a human it will be even more intersing. maybe enzo might get to like elena even kathrine might come or elena and stefan could get togedder or carline might go of to kauls just hopes da it will be great

  31. blue holly Said:

    ok hope it will be good sesions if damons gone ppl will sop waching it

  32. cool hof Said:

    ok um i think damon and enoz are both bad boys it will be great to see a little compatsion in next sesion and damon and bonnie holding hands mabe theyll hit it off in next sesion cant wait

  33. tamala Said:

    I truly believe that Damen and Bonnie will eventually come back. They will probably be working on fixing the other side. Damen is what makes the show…wild. The story line has been so original and unique that popular is an extream understatement!! Caroline and Bonnie are the..best friends. Bonnie needs her powers back and team back up with her bestie. As always.. Keep it kewl!!!

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