Vampire Diaries Dance Off: Damon Salvatore versus Justin Timberlake

Ian Somerhalder and Justin Timberlake

Ian Somerhalder vs. Justin Timberlake

When news broke out that Justin Timberlake was coming out with a new album in 2013, fans of the smooth-talking crooner screamed in sheer excitement. Just like most people who appreciate a good jam, we were initially eager to find out what surprises the “Suit and Tie” singer had up his sleeve this time around – that is, until people began focusing less on his vocal abilities and more on his irresistible moves. Some JRT supporters even went as far as to dub the former *N Sync hottie as the “World’s Greatest Dancer” and, ladies and gentlevamps, that is precisely where we draw the line. Why? Because let’s be real: when it comes to breaking it down at a party, no one does it better than Damon Salvatore (aka Ian Somerhalder). And have all the proof you need in the gallery below!

Damon kicks off the dance party.

Justin is all like, 'What, son? Bring it!'

Damon finds his groove.

Justin throws in a little of that Tennessee flavor.

Damon brings out the abs.

Uh-oh. Crotch grab!

Screw your curls and scandalous choreography, Justin -- Damon's practically shirtless.

...and he just keeps on giving!

Oh no! JRT brings in the big guns -- celebs and white suits and some crazy hand movements.

What? Can't hear you! Damon is too busy doing his thang.

Justin gets down with his bad self.

You know you're the real deal when you've got the ladies all up on that hot bod.


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