Happy Birthday, Daniel Gillies! 10 Reasons We Adore The Originals Star

He’s witty. He’s dashing. And he’s oh-so-talented! Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the one and only Daniel Gillies! Not that we ever need a reason to celebrate The Originals actor but today, March 14, 2014, marks Daniel’s 38th birthday. So in our typical tradition, we’re ringing in his special occasion with 10 irresistible photos and reasons as to why he makes our hearts sing every time he appears on stage, on screen, and on the red carpet. Join the birthday fun below!

1. He can rock a suit — in any color — and all he needs to accessorize them with are handkerchiefs and charisma. Oh, you want some smoldering smizing on the side? Bam!

Daniel Gillies at the 2013 CW Upfront Presentation

Photo Credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

2. He can also rock a leather jacket like any television bad boy with a heart of gold. Obviously.

Daniel Gillies at the CTV Upfront 2012 Presentation

Photo Credit: WENN

3. Daniel isn’t just an incredible actor, but he also directs, writes, and runs his own production company called Holy Monster. Watch the trailer for his beautifully raw film, Broken Kingdom, below.

4. He’s a devoted husband and thanks his wife, actress Rachael Leigh Cook, every chance he gets for believing in his dreams. Aww, look at these two:

Rachel Leigh Cook, Daniel Gillies

Photo Credit: WENN

5. He sings to his baby girl, Charlotte, every single night. We’re not making this up. He told us so himself when we visited The Originals set in October 2013!

6. His relationship with Vampire Diaries actor Paul Wesley is of epic proportions. Here’s a look at typical evening for them: “soirée in @paulwesley’s love-dungeon last halloween. population: us. #tenderness

Paul Wesley with a cut-out of Daniel Gillies

Photo Credit: Daniel Gillies via @danieljgillies

7. But that shoulder shrug though…

Daniel Gillies shrugging as Elijah

Photo Credit: The Vampire Diaries / The CW

8. He doesn’t just play a cultured, heart-ripping vampire on The Originals, but he also portrays a doctor on Saving Hope. He’s a true renaissance man, folks, and frankly we’re surprised he hasn’t been cast as Batman and/or James Bond yet!

Daniel Gillies on Saving Hope - Season 1

Photo by: Rafy/NBC

9. He has a quick wit and a sharp tongue which makes his twitter account (@danieljgillies) a source of great entertainment.

Daniel Gillies tweet

The ultimate Home Improvement fan fiction.

10. Obviously no human is perfect; flaws are inherent part of our nature. However, we have a very hard time pinpointing any in Daniel Gillies. He’s the closest example of a pristine gentleman we’ll ever get. No bid deal, he woke up like this:

Daniel Gillies as Elijah in "Fruit of the Poisoned Tree"

Photo: Annette Brown /The CW

Happy Birthday, Daniel Gillies! May you enjoy many more — possibly as many as Elijah even, if immortality ever becomes a real-life thing! Got wishes of your own? Post them in the comments!

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