Exclusive Vampire Diaries Video: Daniel Gillies Dishes on Episode 15, “All My Children”

Daniel Gillies previews  "All My Children"Tonight’s Vampire Diaries episode, “All My Children,” is chock full of jaw-dropping twists. Not only will Elena find out that Damon slept with Rebekah and be (surprisingly) upset about it but viewers will also witness an internal struggle for power within the Original family hierarchy…and they’re going to put Elena’s life on the line (again) to make sure their plan succeeds. Moreover, Bonnie and her mom Abbie are live and kickin’ again, and they’re turning up the Bennett witch mojo for a dangerous ritual — a ritual that poor Meredith and Alaric unfortunately get sucked into.

So many burning questions remain to be answered: Will the Originals find out about their mother’s plan to annihilates them all? Will Rebekah continue her quest to make Elena’s life as miserable as possible for stabbing her in the back (literally) right before the homecoming dance? And will Elijah find out about Elena’s heartbreaking betrayal? Luckily, we recently attended a Q&A session with Daniel Gillies (Elijah), and he dished on the relationshop dynamics in Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 15.

Watch the exclusive Vampire Diaries interview with Daniel Gillies below!


Unable to view the video? No worries! Here is the complete transcript featuring all of Daniel Gillies’ juicy responses!

An overview of “All My Children”:

“I think the key thing about this forthcoming episode is really just the unity between the siblings — they’re going to have to dispense any of their old differences in order to overcome their mother.”

On Loyalty:

“I think his loyalty is greater to Klaus at this stage and his siblings — even through all of the betrayals and everything — than to his mother who’s basically been extinct for most of his existence.”

On Esther Mayhem:

“Her relationship with them — to get back to the question — is kind of what we guess it is. You know, kind of, just before it happens and you have to be on your toes.”

On Protecting Elena:

“I think he just hopes that Elena’s safe at this point. And I think he’ll do anything he can to maintain that and he knows that nobody will do that better than those boys [the Salvatores]…even though they are knuckle-heads.”

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  1. Susy Said:

    I would ask him how Elijah will cope with trying to stay alive and at the same time battle his mother?

  2. Fatimah Aliyu Said:

    I would really like to know what happens to the original family, and as much as I want the originals gone, I still want Elijah to stay. Then also Klaus (selfish huh?) But just because of Caroline :D

  3. Susy Said:

    @Fatimah Aliyu, I totally agree with you! Elijah and Klaus are just the right amount of bad and sexy! Perfect combo, if you ask me! For selfish reasons or not, these two should stick around for awhile!

  4. yusra khan Said:

    oh my god when daniel gillies stepped in my dream. after the dream I was literally crying..
    elijah is so damn hot irresistible. :)
    elijah=damon= super sexy and sizzling cool n hot

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