Dark Reunion

Vampire Diaries Dark ReunionElena tries to warn her friends that they’re in danger, but she’s powerless to save them from the tragedy in store for Fell’s Church. When a twist of fate reunites Elena and her true love, she may be granted a second chance at the life she’s always dreamed of.

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  1. Brook Said:

    Hi stefan and tell Elena

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  3. iz kenny Said:

    i like it when is ready

  4. Briana Said:

    This cannot be happening she can’t leave The Vampire Diaries the whole show will be completely ruined!! If she is leaving then they should end the show completely and not even make a season 7!!!!!!!!! This is breaking my heart!!!!! During the very first episode I totally fell in love with her and ever since the whole entire series I found myself wanting to be so much like her more and more as the series went on she was such a good person and such a good actress it just breaks my heart that Nina Dobrev is leaving!!

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