Flashback Friday: Remember When Elena Chose Stefan – And Even That Couldn’t Keep Damon Away?

Stefan, Elena, and Damon in "The Murder of One" - The Vampire Diaries Season 3

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This article was written by Alyssa Sheinmel, avid TVD/Originals fangirl and author of the novel Second Stara tantalizing reinvention of the classic Peter Pan tale. Follow her witty musings on books and television at @AlyssaSheinmel.

In my last post, did I say that TVD season two was my favorite? I must have misspoken. Because I’ve been watching The Vampire Diaries Season 3 lately, and let me tell you: it’s a doozy.

Season three gave us Ripper-Stefan and the Original Witch and Mikael, the world’s first – and deadliest – vampire hunter. And let’s not forget that when it’s all over…Elena Gilbert is on her way to becoming a vampire. (Cue ominous music now.) And of course, season three gives us Damon at his best. The cat is out of the bag – everyone knows how Damon feels about Elena (to be fair, we’ve known for a while now), but now, he’s done pretending otherwise. Moreover, while Stefan is away with Klaus – wreaking is ripper-havoc and losing his humanity – Elena and Damon can’t help getting closer. I love every minute of it.

Klaus and Stefan in The Vampire Diaries Season 3

Got a secret; can you keep it?

Is anything better than Elena’s vampire-hunter training? Hmmm….maybe when Rose’s ghost shows up and she immediately declares herself Team Demon. Or the road trip that led to one spectacular motel-make-out-scene.

Damon and Elena motel kiss

Photo Credit: The Vampire Diaries/The CW

Oh, and let’s not forget the non-Damon-and-Elena-related hijinks of season three. We’ve got a basement packed with Original-filled coffins; Klaus falling for Caroline (!); the Original Witch Determined to rid the world of vampires; hybrid-Tyler; and Evil Alaric. The entire season is TVD doing what TVD does best: fast-paced, fearless, romantic, and edge-of-your-seat thrilling. Every episode is heart-stopping, every character compelling.

All the while though, Elena never lets go of her love for Stefan. Damon is every bit as determined to save his brother as she is – even though it means almost certain heartbreak for Damon. He copes with it as best as he can – from drinking with Alaric to hooking up with Rebekah – but could anything really prepare him – or us – for the season’s ending?

Elena chooses Stefan. She chooses the girl she used to be – the girl who didn’t know about vampires, who’d never heard of hybrids or doppelgangers or Originals, the girl who fell for the mysterious new boy at school, never suspecting the adventures that lay in her future. A girl whom – we viewers all know – she can never be again. When both Damon’s and Stefan’s lives are at stake, and she’s trapped somewhere in between – it’s Stefan she runs to, not Damon.

That sound you hear? That’s just all of us on Team Damon crying uncontrollably.

And still, even after he’s been rejected, nothing will keep Damon from Elena’s side when her life is in danger. Do you remember how his face crumbled into a thousand pieces when Alaric died and he realized that he had simultaneously lost his best friend…and the love of his life?

Luckily, in Mystic Falls, death isn’t always permanent. And rejection can turn into a sire-bond, which can turn into a love affair, which can turn into…wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Before we dive into season four, let’s all take a minute to appreciate the genius of season three.

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