Flashback Friday: Remember When Caroline Forbes Became the Best Character Ever?

Caroline Forbes in Vampire Diaries episode 5x13This article was written by Alyssa Sheinmel, avid TVD/Originals fangirl and author of the novel Second Stara tantalizing reinvention of the classic Peter Pan tale. Follow her witty musings on books and television at @AlyssaSheinmel.

I’m Team Steroline, I’m Team Klaroline.  I love her with Tyler, I love her with Matt…I love her in a hat! Seriously, though – I’m Team Caroline any way you slice it.  And that all started in season two. And season two sure started out with a bang.

I think season two may be my favorite season of all. (I feel like a parent admitting she loves one child more than the other. Don’t worry, seasons 1, 3, 4 and 5 – I love you, too!) But you have to admit, season two is intense. Ghosts and werewolves and doppelgangers, oh my! Plus, season two gave us the introduction of everyone’s favorite TV family, the Originals. Our beloved show had us on the edge of our seats right from the season premiere, when Katherine sneaked into Caroline’s hospital room and declared: Game on.

And with that, my very favorite Mystic Falls vampire was born. (Okay, second favorite.  Damon is still number one. And Elijah is up there, too. I can’t choose, they’re all my favorites!)  It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the neurotic, control-freaky Caroline of season one, it’s just that what she became in season two was a force to be reckoned with. Even her vampire-hating mother had to admire the self-possessed young woman her daughter had become since transitioning.

Sure, she got off to a rocky start. In her first few days as a vampire, Caroline didn’t understand what was happening to her. She couldn’t control her hunger. She wore really heavy eye-make-up.  (To distract people from the blood on her lips and chin perhaps?) She irritated Bonnie and challenged Stefan and eventually – unfortunately – killed someone. But, given time, she got comfortable in her new, sun-sensitive skin.  She grew into her powers. And then, she started to just plain kick butt.

For starters, Vampire-Caroline is so strong.  Strong enough to break up with Matt, even though she loves him.  Strong enough to stand up to Damon, to Elena, to Stefan, to her torturous father.  Strong enough to reveal herself to her mother to save the Salvatore brothers’ lives.  And she’s compassionate – she can’t turn her back on Tyler, even though his bite could kill her.  She compels her mother to forget what she is, even though the lie hurts her.  And she’s funny!  She’s almost as quick with the one-liners as Damon.

Plus, everyone’s favorite blond vampire (okay, tied with Rebekah) is just getting started! In the coming seasons, she just gets kinder, stronger, and funnier – until fans like me are torn over whether Stefan or Klaus deserves her. (Seriously, this is a love triangle just begging to be triangulated.) Caroline is so good at being a vampire that a few seasons later, she even kind-of-sort-of forgives Katherine for making her one in the first place. In fact, I think we can all agree that Katherine’s plan totally backfired – Katherine may have thought she was destroying Caroline, but instead she created one of the best vampires of all time.

"Thank you." - Caroline Forbes

Photo Credit: The Vampire Diaries

I’m off to get lost in season three! And as always, I’m here to chat @AlyssaSheinmel.

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  1. Usagi Said:

    Steroline can go to hell. Bye.

  2. @vampentries_24 Said:

    Her characters development is just as incredible as Damon’s. You think about meeting her in season one and knowing her now and it doesn’t even seem like the same person. She’s fantastic and I love her more and more as the seasons go on. She is who she is and she makes no excuses about it. I love it. Admit it, even. Season two is also my favorite season and I think part of that is because of Caroline. I think we all collectively fell in love with her that season. -Keyanna :-)

  3. Nate Said:

    I love her.She is the most wonderful Vampire acted in TVD.she can be grumpy,cheerful at tyms. But I luv it wen she’s wid Klaus….she is a perfect match for anyone.xoxo..<3 <3….:-)

  4. Lúcia Ricardo Said:

    Caroline Forbes is my favorite character in The Vampire Diaries, she could have a better role on the series ,instead of second role a main role. Klaroline is the best couple of the two series ,the vampire diaries and the original,I wanna see Caroline`s reaction to the baby .

  5. grumpire Said:

    oh Yeah she is so fantastic.. so awesome shes half the reason i cant stand watching tvd after originals came out With its own series. tvd became an endless string of mumbo jumbo teen drama boring as hell. im so glad originals got their own show so we dont have to watch tvd anyomore, srsly ive tried watching s 5 and 6 last few days but its just so uninteresting. bla bla humnanity switch bla bla caroline bla bla elenabla.. i feel like this show only goes on to cater to the 14 y.o Girls Whos in love With damon lol. thank fck for originals. ps caroline can take of her daylight ring and roast for all i care. worst plat actress ever in history

  6. grumpire Said:

    and please klaus was only wanting to dip his hybrid pecker, he and caroline will never be together thank gawd. or originals would be ruined aswell.

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