Ian Somerhalder Has Coffee with President Barack Obama

When he’s not hitting up CW events in New York City, attending Vampire Diaries fan conventions in Brazil, and dancing the night away with Julie Plec in France, Ian Somerhalder is most likely spending his summer enjoying a fresh cup of coffee…with US President Barack Obama.

And just in case you think we’re making this incredible news up, here’s proof of the glorious moment:

Ian Somerhalder and President Barack Obama

Photo Credit: Ian Somerhalder's twitter account @iansomerhalder.

The Vampire Diaries actor and recently named U.N. Ambassador met with the influential US leader on Thursday, June 7 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California to discuss green initiatives and environmental concerns. Ian even tweeted a few details about their “surreal” coffee date: “Just spent my morning w/this man talkn green energy,a better America&being a young American-wow http://www.barackobama.com/young-americans.” (Also in attendance were Dianna Agron, Alexis Bledel, Adam Rodriguez, Ben McKenzie, Jeremy Renner, Anna Kendrick, Sophia Bush, Zachary Quinto and more young Hollywood stars!)

How lucky is Ian? Or, better yet, how lucky is President Obama? Oh, what we’d give to listen in on their conversation and learn all about their exciting policy-making ideas on making the world a better place!

If you ever got the chance to have coffee with anyone in the world who would you choose and why? Tell us in the comments!


  1. cinseg1 Said:

    I’d choose Hugo Chavez and I’d ask him why he is so narrow-minded in his idealogy? I could choose the Pope and I’d ask him the same question! Granted, I am Catholic and I do not follow his logic!

  2. Theo Said:

    @cinseg1 Hugo Chavez would definitely be interesting! I’d personally love a meetup with Harry Houdini — just to get all his secrets! ;)

  3. allison44 Said:

    how lucky is Mr. presedent

  4. holycrapilovedelena Said:

    hey! i would pick ian somerhalder every human knows why :) <3 haha

  5. noura Said:

    which one is lucker?

  6. eviltiger108 Said:

    love u Damon!!!!

  7. britt56434 Said:

    i love damon he is soo cute

  8. emilie Said:

    Ian somerhalder

  9. Ivy Grandchamp Said:

    I have never met anyone famous before. It has to be a great thrill!

  10. bella Said:

    i would love to meet nina dobrevto ask her how she acts like catherine and elena like and her opininon upon her fans that would like to go into acting

  11. Angie Said:

    Mr President is def the lucky one here… I’ve only met a cpl famous ppl but I’d faint if I seen him lol

  12. shreya Said:

    how lucky can obama be…. uhhh
    i love you so fucking much damon or ian u r awesome1
    i hope u remember me

  13. camille Said:

    :D Daamon hahaa …the man who every girls dream …

  14. tailerrrainboww Said:

    ian somerhalder is amazing.

  15. Lauren Said:

    I love love love Ian Somerhalder he’s my famous crush i love love love love him.

  16. Sierra Said:

    I wish I was the president if I got 2 meet Ian Somerhalder!!

  17. Michaela Mcfarland Said:

    He looks good in a suit

  18. jyoti kumari Said:

    Isnt this iz great ;)
    I love u
    Both of looking very sexy and hot
    Specially ian somerhalder *-*

  19. Madison Said:

    OMG HES SO F**KING HOT! hes my favorite out of the salavator brothers ( sorry if i spelt it wrong!)

  20. richa Said:

    Ian I love u……. U r the most hhandsome man of this world.. M ur very big fan… Love u….:-)

  21. Taylor Martin Said:

    Man the president is one lucky man! I mean Ian!?!?!?!? Gosh he’s sexy! I’d die if I ever met him I swear!

  22. Lavina Said:

    Omg I love The Vampire Diaries. I have to admit, I thought I wasn’t going to like it but my husband made me watch it and I was hooked. I watch it every Thursday night when it’s on, unless I have to work then I record it. um, I know this might sound crazy but I named my son Damon Scott. Mainly because I really like the name. I really love the show and love the actors. The actors do a wonderful job, they make it seem so real. I love it.

  23. Theo Said:

    @Lavina Damon is a great name! Welcome to the TVD Family! :)

  24. Anonymous Said:

    omg,he is so cute.

  25. Elena Said:

    Ian very happy, first of all, as a man very kind and with good intentions… and after the actor! , Ian still quite young, but already thinking about our common future, trying to protect our home planet. This is clear evidence that he is not an egoist, as in most cases, the actors, who caught a star! Keep it up, Ian! And, of course, would love to see this wonderful man.

  26. Femke Wielandt Said:

    I would choose Ian Somerhalder because he is a wonderfull person who isn’t only a great actor, but he also does everything he can to save animals and tries to help with the climate change!I bet he’s an amazing person to talk to and with…

  27. Bianca Hercules Said:

    I LOVE Ian Somerhalder soooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Tasneem Mustafa Said:

    Yeah mr president Obama is definitely a lucky Person if I was in his place i would have fainted or ii not I.would have kissed him then I would be the luckiest girl on earth :-) love u.Ian somerhadler :-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-)):-))

  29. Prakash Said:

    Uh r doing nice work for animals Ian sir… Keep it up.. Lots of luv.. Prakash

  30. Nichole Said:

    Definitely would love love love to meet Ian Somerhalder!!!!! No question about it!!!!

  31. Diksha jain Said:

    Its an awesome serial ever….☆★☆★☆ to all d actors for dere superb acting…
    and daemon salvatore we just ♡♥♡ u…………:-)

  32. caroline Said:

    The president was definitely the most lucky one and I’d love to coffee with lan somerhalder and my best friend Rose :-D

  33. caroline Said:

    And Caroline forbs

  34. maricar tachado Said:

    wow ang galing mo sa tv

  35. nammy Said:

    Ok Mr president is more lucky
    Ovio I wuld luv 2 go wd Ian ♥

  36. savindi edirisinghe Said:

    Mr. President is the most lucky man…. Wish I were him.

  37. Sharanya Said:

    I love you Ian!!!

  38. Andrianina Said:

    Cool !

  39. Parul Sabharwal Said:

    I wish if I would have a chance have a coffee with Ian ..

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