Ian Somerhalder Named U.N. Ambassador & Celebrates Earth Day 2012

Ian Somerhalder encourages kids to be Eco-friendly on Earth Day 2012!Whoever said that there’s no such thing as environmentally conscious vampires obviously has not met Ian Somerhalder!

The Vampire Diaries cast member has kept busy these past few weeks opening up a furniture shop (centered on re-purposing barnwood) with his brother Bob, receiving the Wyler Award at the 26th Annual Genesis Awards, visiting Compton High School’s recycling club to chat with kids about going green, leading a beach cleanup day in Santa Monica as part of ISF’s “Let’s Get Dirty Campaign,” and hosting the incredible Influence Affair event. And that’s not all! Judging by breaking news, the charitable actor now has another accomplishment to be proud of — becoming a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program! As a U.N. ambassador, Ian Somerhalder will join Don Cheadle and Gisele Bundchen in encouraging fans to get involved in meaningful green activities such as preserving wildlife, planting trees, and more.

As part of his first official task, Ian will help host the June 5th event “World Environment Day”! It sounds like a lot of work but the smoldering TVD sensation is definitely no stranger to dedicating his time and energy to educating younger generations about keeping the Earth clean and promoting Eco-friendly routines. Check him out doing his part to make the Earth a more livable place for all creatures in these two exclusive videos by Clevver TV!

Ian Somerhalder Visits Compton High School’s Recycling Club:

Ian Somerhalder’s “Lets Get Dirty” Beach Cleanup in Santa Monica:

Congratulations to Ian Somerhalder on the incredible honor of being chosen as a U.N. Ambassador! Got a celebratory message for The Vampire Diaries actor as well? Post it in the comments below!


  1. Judy Needham Said:

    Congratulations for being appointed U.N.Ambassador. I also stand for the same things you do. I am all for recycling as much as we can because our landfields are getting full. I would love to start over and build a complete recycled house as shown on HGTV. If I lived close to the beach I would be out on the beach cleaning and picking up every day. I donated trees to the new Middle school to be planted as part of there new landscaping. Supporting Arbor Day is very important, and keeping the lakes

  2. Sandy Said:

    oh thats so amazing!! your first book was such great to read!! the only thing I want you to do in the sencod one: MORE DAMON/IAN pictures^^ I’m exited for the sencod one anyway ;)

  3. Dasha Said:

    Hurray for HillyWood! D Hillywood is amazing I just love you guys! Keep up the fstnaatic jobs you both have been doing You both are so talented in so many ways! I am keeping my fingers crossed you come my way some time. (Hershey/Harrisburg area possibly?)

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