Ian Somerhalder Raises Global Awareness for Extinct Species

Ian Somerhalder protects extinct animalsIan Somerhalder may be all about the drama and mayhem as Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries but, in real life, this Hollywood hunk is a global hero. What’s his latest commendable environmental effort? Drawing attention to extinct animals and promoting positive change throughout the world.

Ian recently posted an article on The Huffington Post in which emphasized the importance of protecting animals dangerously nearing extinction (such as the Western Black Rhino — one of Africa’s most treasured species). Here is an excerpt from his urgent yet heartfelt message:

In June, I traveled to Trinidad and Tobago and saw first-hand how protecting the existence of one species has a domino effect that positively impacts hundreds of other species, including humans. For example, the loss of the marine turtles leads to an explosion in the jellyfish population, which, in turn, kills lower-level food chain small fish like sardines. These fish serve as food for tuna and swordfish, large contributors to the human diet.

Upon my return to the US, I testified before a House Natural Resources Subcommittee, alongside Wildlife Conservation Society Executive Vice President for Conservation and Science Dr. John G. Robinson, to make this exact case to Chairman John Fleming of my home state of Louisiana. I write today to continue this push, and to urge congress to do their part in saving the world’s most charismatic and iconic species by reauthorizing the Multinational Species Conservation Funds.

Read the rest of Ian’s Huffington Post article here.

It’s no secret that Ian is passionate about the environment and shedding light on problems ailing the earth — but his commitment to these pressing issues is what’s truly inspiring! Ian could be partying it up in Hollywood but instead he chooses to protect defenseless animals, empower people, and raise awareness for various causes.

So –surprise! — Ian is not only an amazing activist but a great writer as well! If you could ask Ian Somerhalder to write on any topic what would it be?


  1. intan Said:

    Ian will always to be hero for environment and elena…
    Wish u come to jakarta… So many culture of indonesia

  2. Nala Said:

    How is he qualified to testify to the House Subcommittee? Did he somehow manage to get a degree in Environmental Studies while flaunting the pretty face he lives off of? Biology maybe? No wait, I’ve got it! he’s secretly a Cryptozoologist. Really though, can we say “publicity stunt.” Then again, maybe his money and looks legitimately make him so intellectually superior that all he needs to influence foreign policy is a suffari vacation and an elementary school level understanding of the food chain.

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