Joseph Morgan Nominated for Choice Villain in Teen Choice Awards 2012

The 2012 Teen Choice Awards is turning out to be the gift that keeps on giving. Not only were Vampire Diaries stars Kat Graham, Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, and Ian Somerhalder nominated in a handful of exciting categories but, according to the second wave of nominations that just went out, Joseph Morgan has just been listed as a contender as well. For which category is Mystic Falls’ wildest, most vicious Original hybrid nominated? The only one that could handle his immense ferocity — Choice TV Villain!

In honor of this scrumptious occasion of badassery, here’s a look at Joseph Morgan’s top five most evil moments as Klaus on The Vampire Diaries Season 3!

De-Ripperfying Stefan

Stefan Salvatore spent decades and decades trying to overcome his bloodthirst and he's sacrificed a lot to hold onto the slippery coat tails of his humanity. But did Klaus care about Stefan's personal wishes? Nope. Not at all! Which is why he compelled him to banish his love for Elena Gilbert and turn into a deadly, neck plunging killing machine. Oy ve.

Destroying Tyler's Life

Technically, Tyler did not die at the beginning of the season. And, technically, he's not dead now either. However, Klaus has messed with his life one too many times. First he turned him into a hybrid in "The Reckoning" and then took over his body in "The Departed." Evil much? You betcha!

Torturing Elena

Remember when Klaus turned Elena into a human blood bag in Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 3? The hybrid bastard freakin' went to town on our beloved doppelganger in an attempt to drain her of all her magical good ish (blood) -- which would leave her dead, Alaric dead, and his own self a free man. (This is also the ep where he shoved Elena quite hard into the staircase, causing her to hemorrhage, which prompted Dr. Fell to inject her with vamp blood, and...well, let's just say, it set forth a very troublesome scenario!)

No 'Ray' of Sunshine When He's Gone

In the episode titled "The Hybrid," Klaus was all gung-ho about building an army of his own personal killing pups. Unfortunately, this meant that an innocent werewolf by the name of Ray (played by 7th Heaven's Simon!) received the bite of doom from Klaus...and the poor guy ended suffering from blood-filled eyes, foaming at the mouth, and immense pain (not to mention watching all his friends receive a deadly bite as well). Long story short: Ray died because Klaus was experimenting and looking for minions.

Ruining Caroline's Birthday

It's not everyday a pretty vampire girl turns 18, but Caroline Forbes wasn't looking forward to it at all since she technically was still stuck at 17 (being dead and all). Well, her friends Matt, Bonnie, and Elena turned things around and she was really started to have a swell time with all the cake and boozin.' Unfortunately for her, Klaus used his sire bond with Tyler to his advantage by forcing the poor Lockwood stud to deliver a message to the form of a deadly were-bite! So, because of Klaus, Caroline spent the evening dying with tears in her eyes -- and even though he did end up saving her he caused her a whole lotta grief. What a naughty, wicked man!

Want to make sure that Joseph Morgan snags this well-deserved award? Head over to the official Teen Choice Awards website and cast your vote, and then tell us which Klaus Season 3 moment you consider most wicked!


  1. cinseg1 Said:

    I don’t have a favorite- I love it all!!! Joseph as Klaus totally rocks!

  2. moira Said:

    I don’t think what Klaus did to Tyler was bad I like him better as a hybrid than a warewolf

  3. Abdi Said:

    this is turning out to be my favorite show

  4. Abdi Said:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i don’t understand why klaus would let tyler live after what he has done to his hybrids

  5. gktötkblv Said:

    Klaus is awesome and he is soooo cute. And joseph morgan…… undiscusstable

  6. camille Said:

    awwwww,klaus myy best idol .. I love you so much …You’re the best my klaus…….

  7. Teah Jackson Said:

    klaus and caroline are more than

  8. Jay Said:

    Everything Klaus says makes perfect sense! I love his way of dealing with problems, killing the person starting the problem.. And his a smooth talker. His my role model indeed

  9. fabexj Said:

    I hear every1 calling klaus their favorite TVD character, yeah, he’s cool, he’s original and talented, but can’t be compared to the Genuine, humorous and no nonsense taking Damon Salvatore….I love you “Ian”……..still ma best, still my star!!!

  10. Anita Said:

    I love you Klaus .

  11. neldy castillo Said:

    I it sees it klaus me encata since actua is very sarcatico and ironic because of it I love it

  12. Anonymous Said:

    I don’t anybody could actually do justice to the role of Klaus that well like Joseph morgan. And his accent is adorable.

  13. haley parker Said:

    I love Klaus he is sooooo hot and bad

  14. lupita flores Said:

    klaus tu le das sabor ala cerie

  15. Shade yuvi Said:

    Loved kluas bt ….. loved his wickedness more ….

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