Exclusive Interview: Kat Graham Talks Bonnie’s Return to Power, Potential Love Interests, and Working with Professor Shadypants

Kat Graham reveals juicy Vampire Diaries spoilers.

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There are three adjectives we’d use to describe Bonnie Bennett: selfless, courageous, and powerful. Although Bonnie has been bereft of her wicked abilities for the better half of The Vampire Diaries Season 4, doesn’t mean that she hasn’t risen to the occasion to support her friends and help them when disaster struck. And, according to Kat Graham, the talented actress who portrays the Mystic Falls’ witch, Bonnie’s most kickass moments on the show are yet to come. Dive into our interview with the “Wanna Say” artist below for the exclusive scoop on her character’s upcoming adventures in love, magic, and supernatural drama.


Alloy Entertainment: In “Catch Me If You Can,” we’re going to see Bonnie toughen up and question Shane about his motives. How would you describe the outcome of this interrogation, and will we find out more about “expression” magic?
Kat Graham: You’re going to start to learn a little bit more, kind of along with Bonnie, whose side Shane is on and whose side she is on. You’re going to go through this journey with her. Plus, you’re going to see a lot more of her relationship with Shane unfold in the coming episodes. It’s getting really tense. We’re actually shooting episode 4.17 already and I can honestly say that this is the most mind-blowing season since the second one! Season 2 was a crazy one for her and this one is even more riveting — so it’s a really good year for Bonnie. [Pauses] Or a bad one.

Alloy Entertainment: There’s a lot of tension between Bonnie and her dad, Rudy Hopkins. Will viewers get more insight into their relationship and why it’s so strained?
Kat Graham: You absolutely will. It’s no secret that Bonnie’s dad and mom have been kind of absent in her life — that they look the other direction when it comes to who she is and have abandoned her in different ways. So you’re definitely going to get insight into who Bonnie is a witch and as a daughter as well as why her parents are the way that they are. It’s all very interesting! 

Alloy Entertainment: What does Rudy think of Shane? How will Bonnie’s private magic sessions with Professor Shane affect her relationship with her dad?
Kat Graham: I won’t give away too much, but you are going to see that her father definitely has an opinion about Shane. [Moreover,] it’s going to surprise you as to what that opinion is. 

Alloy Entertainment: Oh boy. Way to keep us on edge even more than we already are!
Kat Graham: [laughing] Honestly, I am too. I read the scripts and I’m like, “Oh my gosh…Please. Nothing too crazy!” My stomach seriously drops.

Alloy Entertainment: Caroline is very vocal about Elena’s relationship with Damon but Bonnie is keeping mum. But how does she really feel about Delena becoming official?
Kat Graham: I think it’s a mix of Bonnie keeping to the sidelines and speaking her mind. If she does keep to the sidelines, it’s because she’s busy with her own stuff. [laughs] But you’re definitely going to see her form an opinion either way.

Alloy Entertainment: Bonnie and Jeremy have been getting quite chummy lately. Are there still sparks between them and how will she be helping him with his hunter duties?
Kat Graham: She’s going to be partnering up with Jeremy. I  can’t reveal for what exactly, but I can say that he’s a huge love of hers, and that he is going to play a factor in who she wants to be with. I mean, if she can date anyone that is — which she’s not at the moment. Their relationship is still healing though and they’re rebuilding the trust between them. Who knows — maybe her collaboration with Jeremy will begin to evolve into something more. 

Alloy Entertainment: Fans noticed that Kol and Bonnie had a moment when they locked eyes in “After School Special.” What are your thoughts on a possible pair up between Bonnie and a badass Original?
Kat Graham: [laughs] Listen. Every person knows that I’m huge Nathaniel Buzolic fan and that he’s one of my good, good friends. We’ve been ready for our characters to at least have more scenes together and they definitely do in Season 4. While I can’t say whether or not they’re hooking me with anyone period, let alone an Original, I would love to see it happen. It might not though because maybe they’re trying to preserve that side of Bonnie for later? I don’t know.

Alloy Entertainment: We just saw the new images released for TVD episode 4.12, “A View to a Kill” and have to say they’re pretty intense! Should expect a scary showdown between Bonnie and Kol?
Kat Graham: You’ll definitely witness some interactions between those two. Will they be showdowns? You’re going to have to watch. [Laughs] Bonnie has had quite a few showdowns in that school hallway.

Alloy Entertainment: We spoke with Claire [Holt] recently, and she raved about the episode in which everyone travels to Nova Scotia. Was there any episode that you’ve filmed so far that made you go, “WHOA!”
Kat Graham: The thing about the island scenes is that we were there in the same outfit for days, so they all sort of blended into one. Julie Plec wrote 4.15 and I haven’t yet seen the final cut — but between that and the first episode coming back, I’m beyond happy about the work and the writing. Fifteen is my favorite, hands down, so far. I don’t how Julie and the writers come up with all these shocking twists but they’re really pushing us to the edge. Personally, I’ve had to do everything from jumping into a pool and swimming to the bottom where, literally, Zach Roerig was weighted with belts and wasn’t breathing. I’ve had fire in my hands…real flames! I’ve had sparks flying and papers catching on fire around me and these huge fans blowing insane winds. They truly challenge you as an actor having to go through all these life-or-death situations. The show has pushed all of us to so many exciting limits! 

Alloy Entertainment: Way before TVD Season 4 began, fans were already relishing the idea of Bonnie being seduced by the dark side, much like Willow was in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Will we be seeing Bonnie explore her dark magical roots further?
Kat Graham: Well, if Bonnie thought she was going bad, she’d do her best to avoid it. And I think that’s important for people to remember as we progress into the season. If Bonnie has to tap into darker or more evil sides to her, she’s most likely doing so because her convictions are telling her that this is the right thing to do it, that this is going to help everyone. She is not a character who’s evil. She’s not a villain. She is someone who has positive standards and goals to keep her friends alive. So, unless something major happens that’s going to warp her, doing the right thing is going to be Bonnie’s steadfast mission. [Pauses] Maybe that’s what makes the perfect villain too. After all, the best ones are those that you sympathize with.

A huge thank you to Kat Graham for the wonderful chat! For more on this sassy triple threat talent, her upcoming roles, and hot, new music releases, check out her official site at KatGraham.com and be sure to follow her on twitter at @KatGraham!

So tell us, fang fans: What’s your most burning question about Bonnie Bennett’s role in The Vampire Diaries Season 4? Drop us a note in the comments!


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