Exclusive Video: Leah Pipes Reads 10 Vampire Diaries-Inspired Pickup Lines Aloud

Leah Pipes recites Vampire Diaries and Originals inspired pickup lines

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For the most part, pickup lines tend to be inherently cheesy, sleazy, and totally cringeworthy; we normally wouldn’t advocate resorting to stock phrases to charm the pants off the next lady or gentleman who catches your eye. However, when these one-liners happen to be inspired by our favorite vamps, witches, and werewolves from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, then they’re not quite so cacophonous. And you know what makes them even more effective? Having a good-natured actress such as Leah Pipes, who plays the intelligent and fiery Camille O’Connell on TVD’s popular spin-off, recite each one aloud with great gusto. Thanks to her rich and sonorous voice, adorable laugh, and enviable confidence, conversation starters have never sounded better!

So if you’re a supernatural creature — whether physically or in spirit — then you will sleep well tonight knowing that you will never again be at loss for words the next time you spot an attractive patron sitting all by his/her lonesome at the Mystic Grill or Rousseau’s in New Orleans. Before you take a literal bite (or cheat via compulsion — boo!), try to ease the tension by delivering one or two of these icebreakers. Now what are you waiting for? Hit the play button on the exclusive video below and watch as Miss Leah (ever the good sport) gives ten of our go-to TVD-inspired pickup lines a whirl! (FYI: The “AB” one refers to the rare blood type. #BioGeekJokes.)

What’s your stance on pickup lines, loves? Do they make you want to drop to the floor and writhe around in agony like someone placed a Cruciatus curse on you, or do you find them entertaining? What’s the worst one you’ve ever heard? The best? Sound off in the comments!

All new episodes of The Originals return to The CW on February 25 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Be sure to tune in for all the jaw-dropping action!

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