‘McKayla is Not Impressed’ Memes: The Vampire Diaries Special Edition

The 2012 Olympics have come and gone, and fond memories of intense competitions, triumphant victories,and Gabby Douglas’ adorable smile aside, there’s one thing we know we’ll cherish forever and ever — the hilarious memes known collectively as “McKayla is Not Impressed.” Inspired by U.S. gymnast’s accidental nonchalant expression upon receiving the silver medal at the awards ceremony for women’s vaulting, this new photo sensation has caught the Tumblr world by storm! We adore McKayla and think she’s a fun-loving and talented girl — but we can’t help appreciate this entertaining trend!  So, naturally, we decided to plop pretty little McKayla into a variety of sexy and dangerous Vampire Diaries scenarios from Season 1 through 3, and see how she reacts in the midst of supernatural chaos. (Spoiler Alert! She doesn’t seem too impressed…)

What sort of Vampire Diaries special edition “McKayla is Not Impressed” meme would you create? Describe it in the comments!

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