Enter Nina Dobrev’s Charity Aunction for a Chance to Meet Her on The Vampire Diaries Set!

If you ever wanted to meet Nina Dobrev, then today is your lucky day because the 25-year-old actress, who can be seen starring in the summer comedy Let’s Be Cops, recently announced that she’s teamed up with Hollywood agency CAA to offer one of her fans the experience of a lifetime! And what may that be exactly? Taking a tour of The Vampire Diaries set in Atlanta, as well as some of the show’s most iconic locations, and coming face-to-face with the gorgeous leading lady herself. Moreover, you can bring a friend along on your Mystic Falls-inspired adventure — and if time permits, perhaps even watch a scene get filmed right before your very eyes. (Talk about having access to prime spoilers!)

The best part about this “School Day” event is that you not only get to hang out with Nina in person, but you will be donating to a great cause in the process. True, the prize doesn’t include airfare or hotel accommodations, but proceeds from the top bid will go towards helping youth. Specifically speaking, the auction, which ends on September 9, 2014, will benefit Communities In Schools and DonorsChoose.org, organizations that help prevent high school dropouts and assist high school students in need. Currently, the highest bid is well over $4,000 which means the competition is getting fierce!

Zac Efron, Halle Berry, Jon Hamm, Robert Downey Jr, James Franco and more stars are also participating so you will have the opportunity to bid on lots of different prizes. Click HERE for the full details!

That said, do you plan on bidding on a hangout session with Ms. Nina Dobrev? Hit the comments and tell us what you would do or give up for a stab at this coveted prize!


  1. Suzy Said:

    Seriously all I see here is people begging to see her OBVIOUSLY who wouldn’t want to meet Nina or any star for that matter?? Don’t get me wrong I think Nina is awsome and beautiful! In fact she’s georgous! Oh and Damon and Stephen are so Hot! And the show is on vampires! And if ur a vampire show fan then hell ya ur gonna want to! but seriously ” like Its been my dream to meet Nina” really? Really That’s ur dream! It’s just sounds really sad and sappy!! Just tell her how u really feel! Lol

  2. Nooshin Teimouri Said:

    I’d love to meet Nina Dobrev since I’m a huge fan of her . I admire her for her acting skills but especially for her passion for acting and life. I’ve never seen someone with such a big heart for animals and humans and someone so compassionate. Furthermore, I’d spend almost 1,000€ for the fly from Germany to the US. It would mean so much for me if I won this price. No matter how much money I’d have to spend on this trip or how much time I’d be away from my home in Germany, I take this all!

  3. Priscilla Montero Said:

    Let me win, please!

  4. jewel taylor Said:

    it was my freind that taught me into loving vampire diares ever since then i have loved the show i love nina she’s the most greatest actress i have ever seen and i love the rest of the vampire diaries cast they are all amazing if i could choose one favourite character it would be nina because you have expression and one day i would love to be an actress just like you i have always wanted to be an actress and i also love damon you both suit each other my favourite episode or season is; season 6

  5. Mahalia Largo Said:

    Hello My Name Is Mahalia And I’m 13. I Would Like To Win But Don’t Have Money Which Sucks Because I’m Only 13 And I Would Want Some big Like This To Happen In My Life But I’ll Never Get That because I’m Only A Teenager So Yeah.
    Bye Bye

  6. Ng Kong Hong Said:


  7. Katie Said:

    I’d honestly love to meet Nina, and be able to have the experience of seeing behind the scenes of The Vampire Diaries. I love the show and I love all the actors and actresses, they are all so talented and amazing, it would honestly be an opportunity of a life time and I’d be truly grateful if it happened to me. I also think that this is a great way to make money for a charity. It’s a mind blowing experience and a lovely way of helping others x

  8. Lauren Jones Said:

    I’d give up sex for a year & pizza.

  9. Linda Fornefeld Said:

    I think everyone here would love to meet Nina included me.I’m from Germany and I love to watch Vampire Diaries and can’t wait till I see the next episodes. I’m a huge fan of Delena and how their love goes trough highs and lows. And because I don’t know Nina, just in her role as Elena, it would be awesome to see and meet her! To visit the set and be a part of this feeling to be in Mystic Falls would be the greatest for me. Therefore i would bake some Cakes for the Cast and the Crew. :)
    Thank you!

  10. Brandy Hathaway Said:

    Hey my name is brandy im 16 and I’m a big fan of nina and the vampire diaries. I woul give anything to meet her but I’m broke

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