Michael Trevino Interview: Favorite Vampire Diaries Episode, Fan Encounters, and Spanish Music!

Michael Trevino - Black and White PhotoWho here misses Vampire Diaries cast member Michael Trevino? Raise your hand if you do. (FYI: We have both hands raised.) Ever since Tyler Lockwood reluctantly gave Caroline the hybrid bite of death at Klaus’ request, and had to flee Mystic Falls in attempt to find a way to break his sire’s hold over him, Michael Trevino has been MIA from our savory Thursday nights. And a lack of hunky werewolf is definitely not healthy for any devoted Vampire Diaries fan!

Fret not though, all ye who value good acting and chiseled abs, because Latina‘s Lee Hernandez recently interviewed the Vampire Diaries stud and got the scoop on his likes, dislikes, and craziest fan encounter! Tune in the 411 on Michael Trevino below!

My craziest fan encounter was:
Not many people know where we film, but these girls drove from Tennessee to Atlanta and out of nowhere, they popped up and were like, Hey, hi! Then security came. But  I thought it was cute.

My all-time favorite episode  of the Vampire Diaries is:
My transformation episode.

The most adventurous thing I’ve ever done is:
Traveling to Paris by myself.

My favorite Spanish song is:
“Canción del Mariachi” by Los Lobos with Antonio Banderas. It’s on the Desperado soundtrack.

The sexiest Latina on the planet is:
Right now, I’d have to say Sofia Vergara.

If I were to star  in a telenovela,  I would play a character who:
{Laughs}. Enters every scene on a horse!

Check out more entertaining Michael Trevino tidbits here: http://ow.ly/9gMXY!

How hilarious is his comment about appearing on a telenovela? Just picture it — Tyler galloping into Mystic Falls on a white steed and rescuing Caroline from some malicious supernatural being! Ay caramba! (Although, to be honest, Caroline is able to hold her own these days.)

So tell us below or in the Vampire Diaries fan lounge: What is your favorite Michael Trevino fun fact?


  1. Susy Said:

    That Michael is a hot Latino actor- Ay caramba indeed! It’s nice to see a talented Hispanic making it on tv! You go boy!

  2. acne treatment Said:

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  3. Alina Said:

    When Klaus went into Tyler’s body and started having sex with Caroline (Candice Accola) it was kind of like a threesome. Because it was Tyler’s body but Klaus was in it and Candice was just making it a threesome. Anyone realize that? Only me? Well that’s all right, vampires, werewolves, hybrids, and witches.

  4. Theo Said:

    @Alina Just a head’s up, they just kissed. There was no sex. That’s because Caroline realized that something was off with Tyler, namely that Klaus had taken over his body. :)

  5. Madison Said:

    i watch 1-3 seasons. But i wanna watch 4. Is there anyway that I can watch season 4 for free?? If so email me!!!!!! (@) mgsheard10@gmail.com
    I’m so behind. ( I wanna start at season 4 episode 1)

  6. Alexandra Said:

    he is back yeah he es back back back
    i have missed tyler so much <3

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