Miracles Week: Katherine Pierce is Capable of Love

Katherine and Stefan on The Vampire Diaries Season 2

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney / The CW

‘Tis the season of merriment and miracles and — let’s face it — Mystic Falls has plenty of them! (Miracles…not merriment that is). In honor of all the scary close-calls that ended well, and the release of one of our favorite new books The Probability of Miracles, we’re celebrating with a week honoring the best Vampire Diaries miracles. And today’s  #miraclesweek award goes to….Katherine Pierce finally confessing that she is capable of loving someone other than herself.

Don’t get us wrong — we adore Katherine’s sass. After all, despite her conniving, bitchy ways, girlfriend knows that all a vampress needs in life is a good dance beat, as many lovers as there are weekdays, a killer pair of pumps and a ripe neck to bite into.

However, Kat is selfish. She hates sharing her pints of blood almost as much as she hates making her diabolical plans public. And when it comes to risking it all to save an innocent person’s life (ahemElenaahem) Katherine is usually the first to blurt out “Take them, not me!” Katherine’s safety and welfare come before anyone else’s. (Obviously.) As Stefan revealed to Elena in Vampire Diaries season 2, “Katherine doesn’t care about anybody but herself. She never has. She’s incapable of love.”

That’s just how Kitty Kat rolls…or does she? Because, in an episode appropriately titled “Memory Lane,” Miss Katherine uttered four shocking words we never thought she’d ever cough up: “I love you, Stefan.” (Followed by even more endearingly mushy proclamations, “We will be together again, I promise.”)

So there you have it — a cold-hearted, blood-sucking vamp queen is more than capable of love. And that’s what we, in Mystic Falls fanland, like to call…a miracle!

What are your favorite Vampire Diaries miracles? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Susy Said:

    Damon’s transformation into the good man he is on the inside- it is wonderful to see him show this side of himself! That is my favorite TVD miracle- as well as Elena finally noticing the real Damon!

  2. sanjana Said:

    @susy i agree… but stelena r the best! <3 stefan!

  3. Jamey Said:

    i don’t like it though that Elena and Damon manipulate each other, and i just hate it because its like they are getting really closer together, and i like it ONLY when she manipulates Stefan cuz then u know its because he loves her and etc..

  4. karlen Said:

    My favorite miracle is when Stefan calls Elena on her birthday after Klaus compelled him to tun off his humanity. It is sweet because if he talks i looks like he will cry.

  5. katelyn clement Said:

    i love her she rocks they all do !!!!

  6. Nina Dobrev Said:

    I Love my character katherine and elena I’m glad you guys love the show thanks means alot.
    xoxo-Nina Dobrev

  7. Rachel B. Said:

    Hi Nina! I love your show, every time I watch it your amazing and every episode surprises me. Just wanted to say that I love your work and your characters. Cant wait for the next episode!
    Hope your happy

  8. zachariah Said:

    i think katherine pierce and elena should have round 2 of a battle

  9. dara olivier Said:

    Luv u ina dobrev but I luv the bitchy katty than elena so much.

  10. sara Said:


  11. lupita flores Said:

    eres mala y eso es atractivo para los hombres

  12. cheyenne hall Said:

    Hey Nina big fan I love when u played the part Kathrine she was very unik I could tell you eny thing about the show season 1-6 ask me a qusstion i will answer it right but the one thing I dont like is that ur leaving the vampierdiaries :(

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