The Vampire Diaries Music Playlist for Season 5 Episode 8: “Dead Man on Campus”

Elena and Caroline in "Dead Man on Campus" - The Vampire Diaries music playlist for Season 5 Episode 8In desperate need of feel-good beats for the weekend? Whether you plan on cruising around two or getting down with your bad self, we have you covered thanks to the latest Vampire Diaries episode, “Dead Man on Campus.” From Bonnie Bennett’s epic welcome back bash to a sweet and tender Beremy memory to a harrowing twist at the very end, TVD 5×08 proved to be a non-stop evening full of dancing and supernatural thrills. And best of all? So was its accompanying soundtrack!

Now what are you waiting for? Crank up the volume on those speakers and tune in below for The Vampire Diaries music playlist based on Season 5 Episode 8. Let’s get this party started!

New Politics” by Harlem: Plays when Bonnie records a video message for her mom Abby and fills her in on all the exciting things that have happened since she was brought back to life, including her new hairdo and matriculating at Whitmore College!

Slipping Away” by Barcelona: Plays when Caroline teaches Jesse how to heal Aaron with his vampire blood and while Katherine and Stefan talk over drinks at the Mystic Grill.

The Night Out” by Martin Solveig: Plays while Bonnie chats with Jesse abut Jeremy at the party and Caroline and Elena talk about Damon, Jesse, and Dr. Wes.
Jesse & Bonnie talk at the party about Jeremy; Caroline & Elena talk about Jesse, Damon & Wes.

All Night” by Icona Pop: Plays when Aaron arrives to the party and he and Elena end up talking about his dead parents who were murdered by vampires. Fun times!

Come a Little Closer” by Cage the Elephant: Plays when Jeremy meets up with Bonnie at the party and Jesse and Caroline dance the night away.

The Other Side” by David Gray: Plays when Stefan finds Katherine’s suicide letter to Nadia and reads it. Then, when Katherine jumps off the clock tower he swoops in and saves her from an unnecessary death. “Hey. You’re Katherine Pierce. Suck it up,” he tells her.

My My Love” by Joshua Radin: Plays when Bonnie and Jeremy are making out and about to have sex for the first time and she spots Jesse. She realizes he’s dead and he passes through her to go to the Other Side. But don’t worry — Bonnie and Jeremy resume with their hot and steamy #BeremyKisses!

Which songs from The Vampire Diaries music playlist for Season 5 Episode 8 do you currently have on replay? Hit the comments and let us know what other talented artists you’d love to see featured on the show!


  1. sarah Said:

    Thanks so much! Ive been trying all night to find the song Jesse and Caroline danced to.

  2. Caroline SHUT UP Said:

    “Caroline & Elena talk about Jesse, Damon & Wes”
    You mean Caroline wastes another chance to keep her mouth shut instead of blabbering out her hatred for Damon and Delena?

    We ALL got it, there is absolutely NO reason to repeat it 100 times every single episode! And Elena NEEDS someone who actually knows what “being a FRIEND” means.

  3. Theo Said:

    @Caroline SHUT UP As much as I adore Care Bear, I agree. She needs to stop interfering in Elena’s love life and focus on her own.

  4. Saira Haji Said:

    Love NEW POLITICS…its something fun that the episode starts with… and it gets us ready for that emotional rollarcoaster ride

  5. su myat Said:

    Recently, I have on replay “The other side” by david it.

  6. Theo Said:

    @su myat Great song selection! :)

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