The Vampire Diaries Book: The Salvation: Unseen

Unseen is among the most shocking installments of The New York Times bestselling Vampire Diaries series to date.

The greatest threats are the ones unseen….

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In this must-read installment of The Vampire Diaries series, Elena and her friends are happy for what seems like the first time. Elena and Stefan have built a home for themselves in Dalcrest, and all of Elena’s friends are as in love as she and Stefan are. Even Damon is enjoying visiting his favorite old haunts in Europe, and is more surprised than anyone that he’s traveling with Katherine. But lately, Elena’s Guardian senses are on edge, and she can’t ignore the feeling that danger is coming.

When a new threat arrives in Dalcrest, Elena’s worst fears become a reality. Soon, she and Stefan are battling a vicious Old One who is always just out of their reach. And when Damon and Katherine are confronted with a strange and mysterious enemy, Elena worries the attacks are linked.

As dark forces close in, Elena, Stefan, and Damon struggle to survive the only way they know how—together. But their lives are hanging in the balance, and every moment they share could be their last…


  1. Amy Said:

    Loved this book. The ending left me hanging and can’t wait for the next one.

  2. Skylar Said:

    Why is this book (salvation v.1 unseen) in paper back, but destiny rising isn’t paper back yet?

  3. Mai Said:

    The book was a disappointment :(

  4. Dede Said:

    I just ordered the book, & im excited. But why was it a disapoontment?? I hope they keep making more & more series & i hope they put more Delena

  5. BookFreak773 Said:

    themselves a fan of L.J Smith shouldn’t read it.
    sincerely, BookFreak773

  6. Dede Said:

    I read the book, & ********SPOILER********* i hope stefan never comes back, & that there will
    Be more delena , & i never liked Bamon to begin with, but the book was a little letdown

  7. Marshall Gwin Said:

    I have read every single Vampire Diaries and Stefan Diaries books and just finished Unseen. I definitely miss L. J. Smith’s writing. Please tell me you will find some way to save Stefan. The other characters cannot survive without him. Especially, Elena and Damon.

  8. Rachel Alfman Said:

    I didn’t even know their was a new book out, I have read every single one of her books and watch all the shows I can now say im a big fan and I will never get tired of her books. Her books always put me on edge where I can not put the book down.

  9. Jan Said:

    I didn’t even know there was a new Vampire Diaries series! Not that I’m complaining there’s more, I just thought it was over.

  10. Heather Said:

    Can Damon and Elena get married already????? ;-)

  11. dede Said:

    i agree with @Heather , can damon and elena just get married, stefans out the way. :) & i hope they get even closer in the books. cant wait for the new one in November i hope the let us read a sample before that.

  12. Becca Said:

    why isnt this book available for the nook or even listed on the b&n website. :/ someone fix this i want to read this book badly

  13. Andrea Said:

    This book doesn’t make sense with the other books…. Kathrine is supposed to be long gone dead….makes me not want to read!!

  14. kt Said:

    @Andrea Katherine came back at the end of the last book.

  15. TVDforever Said:

    Well lj smith should kill stefan that bad ass and get damon and elena married so i can live with the thought that delena has succeeded now. And later in life i can die in peace with the thought that damon and elena got married and stefan was a dead.

  16. Theo Said:

    @TVDforever You may want to read this one then…

  17. SALAH HABIB Said:


  18. Des Said:

    @TVDforever you know that LJ doesn’t write these right? Anyway this series has been a huge disappointment since fandom. It’s hard to let go of these characters though.

  19. Thea Said:

    I was the biggest fan of the books until Delena ended and LJ was fired. Now me and all my friends stopped reading them. I don’t recommend the newer books

  20. jennifer waye Said:

    sounds like i have missed alot could someone let me know the order of her books so i know which one to continue with please and thankyou i’m a huge fan. didn’t even know there was a new book comeing out.

  21. Taylor Said:

    Haven’t read it yet, Kinda pissed L.J. Smith Got kicked off her own book series. Im iffy of if i even want to buy it.

  22. UPSET Said:

    I WILL NOT BE READING THIS OR ANY OTHER BOOKS , AS LJ WONT BE WRITING THEM, It will be a Ghost writer that does not even know HER vision of the BELOVED series.

  23. Jenny Said:

    This book was amazing, I hope Stephen comes back because Elena and Stephen were always supposed to be together. It’s already bad enough they are not on Tv. WHY CAN’T THEY BE ON HERE. When’s the next book does anyone know?

  24. lindsey Said:

    Delena does not work!!! Omg!!!

  25. BB Said:

    I read the first two books and I really don’t like them…I mean, the show is far more better I think…And now I don’t even want to continue with the books…I mean BAMON…:O I’m a Delenator…

  26. jenny Said:

    i love the vampire diaries books I haven’t got to read the last one yet but from what I here about Stephen dies I hop he can come back and elana and him get back together don’t get me wrong I like damon to but damon and elana should not be together not right

  27. Sarah Said:

    Damon and Elena please get married for God’s sake! lol ;-)

  28. Ashley Said:

    You can definitely tell a difference in the books when the ghost writer started writing. I was totally hypnotized could not put the book down when smith was writing .there was a noticeable change after she was let go. Wish she could continue . It really infuriates me

  29. Sally Said:

    Omg I haven’t read unseen yet but I’m really exited to… I am a huge delena fan and I just want them together already… Stephen can have Katherine or something but not Elena she belongs with Damon!

  30. Ashley Harden Said:

    Stefan and Elena were meant to be together because that was LJ Smith’s original intentions with the books. The show is a completely different scene because it does not follow the books. I think Stefan and Elena should be together. Who leaves one brother for the other and continues to go back and forth? She should love Stefan and be done. Damon may have met her “first”, but he erased her memory, so she and Stefan are soulmates. What kind of brother steals his brothers girl?

  31. Debss Said:

    I haven’t read the book but I hear stefan Is dead

  32. Angie Said:

    Personally I like Damon as a character but I honestly don’t like delana. Im definitely team. Stephan. He is and will always be better for elana. Just an opinion like so many others on here we will all just have to see where the story goes.

  33. Clara Said:

    Does someone knows who’s the blond girl on the cover???
    I think it’s Elle Fanning but i’m sure…

  34. Clara Said:

    *i’m not sure

  35. Rachel Said:

    cant believe the ending! please publish the next book ASAP!

  36. DRAYE Said:

    I actually love the funny Damon too., But I would love the ending to be Stefan and Elena., coz they’ve been through a lot of trials..,

  37. Raka Said:

    I dont know what every1 thinks but i like books in which the story has a harmony which unfortunately lacks in the last few series of vampire diaries.I mean this book is the kind of book that 1 can read just 1time & dont wanna go back 2 read again to experiance the thrill 1 felt the 1st time.

  38. me Said:

    I love Stefan…he’s cute and all, but Damon was the one who stole my heart!!! Damon deserves Elena and I hope they end up together!!!

  39. Samantha Said:

    Its stefan nd its always gonna be him,i pray he wnt die so he’ll be bk with elena.GO TEAM STELENA

  40. sara Said:

    pls… pls.. bring Stefan back…. it’s not like I’m on stefan’s side… but Elena and Stefan are meant to be together… I love Damon too.. but I think.. Damon and Katherine can make a good pair… fire and ice…. I kinda started liking Katherine since she had changed… and she ll be perfect for Damon…. PLS get stelena together….they are perfect soulmates….

  41. Jeevan Katwal Said:

    Fabulous book I had ever read

  42. ash Said:

    i love damon very much love him always read all L.J Smith’s stories it’s fabulous . especially vampire diaries and it’s serial too excited to see what happens next. loving it very much. wish to be a vampire too. in pairs i thing that damon & elena ,stefan & katerine love her acting , tyler & caroline all soul mates forever .i really love damon & katerinr’s pair but delena is the stefan & tyler but the one who stole my heart is damon so cute wish to be mrs damon salvator. love you damon

  43. Gerald Said:

    Those talking of Delena in the books,There was hardly such a thing in the Books.L.J Smith always emphasised that in as much as Elena was swayed by Damon(as it was he who turned her),her heart was always with Stefan.From the fisrt book to the last.Damon never got to bed Elena at any one time in the books.
    People have to realise that the Series and the Books are different.

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