The Mystic Grill Set to Become A Real Restaurant

Mystic GrillIt’s no secret that, despite some supernatural mayhem that has occurred there, the Mystic Grill is a great hangout. It’s where Damon Salvatore enjoys Bourbon Happy Hour. It’s where Caroline Forbes gets her karaoke on. It’s where hot guys like Matt Donovan bus boy. It’s the place Elena Gilbert and her friends can count on for a game of pool and a delicious burger. There’s only one setback though: so far it has been nothing but a fictional Mystic Falls landmark. Well, that’s all about to change because the Mystic Grill is set to become a real life restaurant!

According to the Cov News, the new owners of the Covington Square building that serves as the Mystic Grill’s facade are eager to turn the beloved television diner into a welcoming eatery for the show’s fans as well as local patrons, and to also feature a gift shop full of TVD memorabilia. The restaurant is expected to open in the summer of 2013 and there is already a team of culinary specialists testing out recipes. (With all respect to Stefan though, we hope there’s no bunny pot pie on the final menu!)

Best of all, according to Angi Beszborn, partner in the project along with her husband John and Covington Mayor Ronnie Johnston and his wife, Kelley, the Mystic Grill will try to use local produce whenever possible. “There are apples in North Georgia, strawberries and blueberries in Newton County, peaches as close as Rutledge,” Angi explains. (It definitely  sounds like the sort of green decision environmentalist and ISF leader Ian Somerhalder would approve of.)

Aside from its associations with The Vampire Diaries and ties with the Covington community, the site also teems with rich lore including a legendary robbery story from back in the day. “[I’m] hoping we can give it the life it was meant to have in Covington,” Angi adds.

We can’t wait to drop by for treats and drinks when the joint officially opens for business! So tell us fang fans: What would you LOVE to see on the real life Mystic Grill’s menu?


  1. Jennifer Aponte Said:

    I would like to see burger sliders on the menu, I cant wait for this restaurant to open!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope they build one in New jersey :)

  2. Rene' Simmons Said:

    Salvatore Sauce (a special blend of whatever the chef could come up with that could be their signature sauce)
    Stefan Soup (a great Southern chicken noodle soup, maybe)
    Damon Dippers (chicken fingers with a side of Salvatore sauce)
    Elena’s Enchantment (maybe an GA pecan pie or GA peach pie)

  3. Theo Said:

    @Rene’ Simmons. Stop! You’re making my stomach growl! :)

  4. Alicia Colon Said:

    It would be great to have a wide variety of burgers, freshly made fries, smoothies, and even healthy foods like salads, fruit bowls, and such :)

  5. Jessica Woolard Said:

    I love the idea.but I don’t see why its not in Louisiana especially considering Ian Somerhalder is from here.

  6. Rose Said:

    OMG would love to go but i live in England but i will go there someday for definate btw LOVE the books and how the films been set out also everybody was angry Elena had brown hair but i think Julie made a excelent choice…. LOVE all you TVD ACTORS, thanks for being so AWSOME LOVE CHU GUYS FORVEVER!!!!!! xoxo

  7. courtney Said:

    OMG I would definately eat here at somepoint where are they making it??

  8. Jackie Said:

    We were there September of 2012 and found out that it was going to be a restraunt so I’m so glad to hear when the opening is set for! I can’t wait to go back and visit! Waiting to hear if the cast is going to be back at Dragon Con this year in Atlanta, if so I’m there!!

  9. Corey Said:

    I live like an hour away from Covington.. so this will be AMAZING!! I can’t wait!

  10. Emily Gil Said:

    im so happy that i live near convington, ga!!! im going to go there all the time!!!!

  11. Eileen Said:

    If stefan was on the menu id consider a visit there lol i live n Ireland it’s a fair bit to travel but id love to come visit there
    soooo diffenetly going to give it some thought !!

  12. Becky Said:

    Could you email me a menu as I am interested in taking a group of friends to your restaurant?

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