Vampire Diaries Cast Updates: Nina Dobrev Dishes on Stefan, Katherine, and Her Fierce Role

Vampire Diaries cast member Nina Dobrev

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As sassy vixen Katherine Pierce and compassionate Elena Gilbert, Vampire Diaries cast member Nina Dobrev has more than proven that she can handle any supernatural mayhem that’s thrown her way! From toying with the Stefan and Damon’s emotions (as Kat of course) to playing Klaus’ sacrificial doppelganger, Nina definitely has one of the most action-packed roles on television!

So how exactly does Nina feel about all the mind-blowing cliffhangers and incredible character development featured on Vampire Diaries season 3 so far? Luckily for us, Assignment X (a wonderful pop culture destination) got the scoop in their exclusive interview with the lovely Nina!

On which character she loves playing:

AX: Given all of the twists and turns that Elena and Katherine have taken, do you have a favorite between them at this point?

DOBREV: No. I don’t have a favorite, because whenever I get bored with one, the other comes into my life. And I get to play her until I get bored with her, and I get to play the other one. it’s kind of a perfect balance. It’s an ideal situation – I get to do both. I get to be Damon and Stefan. Because Damon’s usually the bad guy and Stefan’s the good guy, and then they switch. So I get to do both. So I’m happy.

On what it’s like to do scenes with “Ripper” Stefan:

AX: Are you having fun playing off the more badass Stefan and perhaps slightly mellower Damon this season?

DOBREV: Yeah, because their roles are definitely reversed. Stefan is now the mean guy and Damon is becoming the hero and as Elena, I get to see both sides and I get to act alongside both of them.

Read the rest of the incredible interview here:

Your turn!  If you could ask Nina Dobrev (or another Vampire Diaries cast member) any question at all about any of the Vampire Diaries season 3 story lines what would it be?


  1. Susy Said:

    I would ask Kat Graham how she feels about exploring Bonnie’s psychic abilities more this season than ever before? Also, I would ask Paul Wesley how he feels about the dark path Stefan is taking and whether he feels Stefan could ever redeem himself?

  2. Ggena Said:

    i would ask nina if in real life she was faced with the option of becoming a vampire , would she ????
    i would ask ian if he enjoys kissing nina ;) !!!
    i would ask kat what she would do if her boyfriend kissed his ex-girlfrend
    i would ask paul who he likes being more, ripper stefan or nice stefan

  3. corrina Said:

    @Theo do you still do music mondays? Becuase i havent seen it on the website since the show came back after the holidays :( I hope your still doing that because i love the music on the show! :)

  4. blakelilly Said:

    i would ask nina : is elena’s caracter stay unexited just based on a triangle love story or will be mutch exited like katherine pierce ?
    i would ask joseph morgan : is klaus having a sensible place for love to caroline or is it just from his plan?

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