LOL: Nina Dobrev Plays Giant Beer Pong with Jimmy Fallon!

Nina Dobrev plays beer pong with Jimmy Fallon

Photo Credit: The Tonight Show

If you enjoy playing beer pong and have often found yourself wondering what a giant-sized version of this drinking game would look like, then today is your lucky day. How so? Well the always energetic Nina Dobrev dropped by The Tonight Show at Rockefeller Center on Tuesday, August 5th to chat about her new movie, Let’s Be Cops, and getting bitten by a monkey. And while he had the athletic starlet in his midst, amicable talk show host, Jimmy Fallon, couldn’t resist asking her to partake in some friendly competition. Did Nina flinch? Not even an eyelash. Instead, she approached this impromptu ‘drinking’ challenge with the same level and enthusiasm and professionalism she does her roles.

“I’m here with Nina Dobrev everybody, and we’re about to go head to head in a game of giant beer pong — which is exactly what it sounds like,” Jimmy stated in his introduction. “We have to bounce these giant ping pong balls into those giant red cups, and if you make a shot, your opponent chugs a beer. First one to make three shots wins,” he said, explaining the rules. He then turned to Nina to wish her the best of luck. She in turn flashed an appreciative smile his way, and then rolled up her sleeves (figuratively speaking, of course), and jumped right into the first round.

Despite being dressed to impress in a black, embellished Naeem Khan frock and balancing on sky-high pumps, Nina didn’t mind getting her hands a little dirty — or wet in this case. The 25-year-old Vampire Diaries actress gave it her all! She bounced those balls like she meant business, and even when her aim was a little off and Jimmy’s sank right in, Nina chugged those cups (probably filled with water — not booze — because #liabilityissues) in a matter of seconds, refusing to waste any time. Instead, she regrouped, tested out a variety of stances to improve her shot, and focused her attention on sweet victory.

So did she win? Check out the video below to find out which participant stood triumphant at the very end!

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