Nina Dobrev Ranks on Maxim’s Hot 100 List 2012, Five Hottest Pictures

Nina Dobrev is currently be enjoying a relaxing and well-deserved break now that The Vampire Diaries is on hiatus. However, that doesn’t mean she’s off anyone’s radar — quite the contrary in fact. Not only was she spotted looking elegant and regal at the Met Gala and super svelte at the CW upfronts in NYC, but it was just announced that Nina made it onto the Maxim Hot 100 list for 2012!

Maxim magazine publishes the list every year as a shout out to all the women who sizzled in movies, television shows, and music as well as fashion runways and sports fields! Nina came in at number 84 while the first spot went to supermodel Bar Rafaeli. We’re not arguing with Bar’s placement on the list — but we do think Nina is way above an 84 ranking! Yes…we’re a tad biased, but TVD’s leading lady always be #1 in our eyes. And as proof of her burning hotness, here are five of her most sizzling moments (and there’s way more where that came from)!

Nina's Red-Hot Emmys Moment

The Emmys red carpet is usually teeming with drool-worthy couture but none from 2011 could hold a candle to Nina's "Jessica Rabbit" inspired gown by Donna Karan. Her strapless dress, which accentuated her enviable curves in all the right places, left many a jaw drop worldwide!

Getting Flexible on The Conan O'Brien Show

Scorpions are poisonous creatures -- they are also sexy yoga moves that can force a man to succumb to a shameless display of glee and excitement. That's exactly what happened when Nina removed her blazer and heels, got on her knees, and then showed off her extreme flexibility by delicately placing her feet against Conan's scandalous area and arching her back. In fact, the harmless video clip of this moment was so steamy it made headline news worldwide!

Strawberry Girl

As far as fruit goes, grapes are usually the go-to aphrodisiacs. They're rich, round, juicy and delicious. However, Nina Dobrev shook things up a bit while filming a masquerade scene as Katherine Pierce for Vampire Diaries Season 2. She gripped onto the step of a simple red strawberry and made that little fruit a star! We don't even have to explain why this ranks as one of her finest moments...the luscious GIF art of her biting into it says it all!

Baring it all for Entertainment Weekly

Honestly, we're not sure who's hotter in this photo -- Nina or her TVD co-star Ian Somerhalder. However, Nina's bedroom eye and her seductive pose next to such a dashing man make for a steamy shot! Plus, she gets bonus points for covering up her naughty regions with a sheet...with just enough skin to tantalize readers! (Girlfriend knows how to work it, that's for sure!)

Her Seventeen Fitness Feature

Nina has graced the cover of many international magazines but the Seventeen fitness issue depicted her so well. It showed off her adorable smile, her thick, beautiful hair, and her impressive set of abs. We've got to hand it to Nina --- it's not easy being in the spotlight sometimes but she's got such a glow to her -- such a positive, youthful charm-- and we've chosen this as one of her hottest moments because she's all about health and wellness!

Of all of Nina Dobrev’s many sexy moments, which one is your favorite? Comment below!

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