Nina Dobrev Participates in “Safety for Sarah” PSA (VIDEO)

Nina Dobrev supports Safety for Sarah.

Nina Dobrev supports Safety for Sarah.

When The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev isn’t acting on the small screen, she’s taking action for causes she believes in.

Nina, along with fellow Hollywood stars Heather Locklear and Sam Underwood and several notable crew members, filmed a public service announcement for a beloved TVD camera assistant killed on the set of the indie movie Midnight Rider. Sarah Jones, 27, was hit by a train on February 20th while setting up shots on the set of the Allman Brother biopic in Georgia. Almost five months have passed since her death, but this preventable incident has prompted an outpouring of anger and grief in the Hollywood community.

Along with the “Slates for Sarah” campaign, the PSA titled “We Are, Sarah Jones” was thus recorded in Sarah’s honor. It’s main objective? Call for increased safety measures on film and television sets. It is a silent protest, as all the people present in the PSA hold up signs saying “Never Forget, Never Again” and “We Are All Sarah.” Nina, who worked with Sarah on the Vampire Diaries, can be supporting her friend by holding up a sign that reads “SafetyForSarah.” This video is just the latest in the ongoing campaign in support of Sarah Jones.

Check out the heart-wrenching PSA below.


  1. Bianca Hercules Said:

    I am so sorry for your lost Nina. I could tell that you really cared for Sarah. A lost of yours is a lost of mines. Your biggest fan, Bianca.

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