Nina Dobrev Surprises Mom with Holiday Adventure to White House & Rockefeller Center: See The Tweets & Photos!

Nina Dobrev and her mom Michaela Constantine at the White House

Photo Credit: @ninadobrev on twitter

People always tell you that the best gifts come from the heart, but Nina Dobrev’s Christmas present to her mom proves that it’s not quite as simple as that: ample planning is required well in advance. Rather than waiting last minute to purchase her mom ill-fitting pajamas or a generic perfume set that smells like a burning tire (sigh. we’re guilty as charged) or using the age-old excuse “but isn’t my love the greatest gift that ever existed?” Nina took her mom, Michaela Constantine, on a whirlwind adventure to the White House holiday party in Washington D.C. and then Rockefeller Center in New York City. Limos and FLOTUS and quality family time…oh my!

“Took my mom to the White House last week where we saw @FLOTUS,” Nina posted on Twitter Wednesday, along with a shot of her and her mom standing in front of a giant Christmas tree in the White House. “We all agree every[one] should #GetCovered #YourMomCares.”

Additionally, Nina posted another snapshot, which showed her lovely mama studying a portrait of the United State’s first president, George Washington. “The woman that made me. And the man that made history #whitehousechristmas,” Nina commented. Adorable! What a lucky lady Michaela is to have a daughter as wonderful as Nina, who not only pampers her and treats her with the respect she deserves, but who also loves to hang out with her. And, likewise, Nina is blessed to have such a supportive and inspirational woman to look up to. That being said, we can’t possibly do their mini getaway justice with our mere words, so we’ll let Michaela describe their trip via an entertaining series of tweets.





















Hmm. Nina Dobrev pretty much has the “Best Daughter of 2013″ award in the bag, wouldn’t you say? It’s nice to see someone who appreciates their family so much and really puts some creative thought into her gift, regardless of the cost and size. Way to go, Nina — looks like you, your brother, and your beautiful mom had a marvelous trip filled with fond memories to cherish always!

Now it’s YOUR turn, fang fans! What’s the best gift you’ve ever received and/or given?


  1. Marie Said:

    This x-mas present for your mother was wonderful and so cute, good thinking to plan it like this. Of course I envied your wonderful mother Nina. My own dream is to have the money to get back to the islands and celebrate my 50:s birthday in Hawaii, maybe my dream comes through or not. Then exactly a month later 15 of May, my husband and I celebrates our 30:s wedding day. If we are lucky we can afford to celebrate our big day still on the islands, maybe we are lucky and win some money you never no

  2. santy Said:

    that’s amazing place in the world, nina..I hope one day I can go to New York…Very sincerely hope…
    Merry christmas and Happy New Year 2014, nina
    I like your movie in vampire diaries so much.

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