Breaking News: A Vampire Diaries Spin-off Starring Joseph Morgan & Phoebe Tonkin is In The Works

Learn all about the CW's backdoor pilot for the potential new Vampire Diaries spin-off series that will focus on Klaus and the Originals.

Joseph Morgan as Klaus on The Vampire Diaries seriesIf you are a fang fan with nothing but love for Mystic Fall’s ultimate hybrid lord, Niklaus Mikaelson, then you might want read the following announcement in private in the event that screams of glee erupt from your body: a potential TVD spin-off starring the charismatic yet menacing Original sibling is being piloted by The CW!

According to, the spin-off will star the irresistible Joseph Morgan and sassy Phoebe Tonkin (who plays were-chick Hayley on the show), and it will be written by TVD showrunner, Julie Plec. Moreover, it will be introduced as an upcoming episode of Vampire Diaries Season 4 that will air April 25, 2013 serving as a potential backdoor pilot.

Care for more delicious details about the best idea for a sister series since Angel broke up with Buffy, moved from Sunnydale and then opened up a supernatural help crisis agency in Los Angeles? Dive in below:

The Originals centers on the Original family of vampires, as Klaus (Morgan) returns to the supernatural melting pot that is the French Quarter of New Orleans — a town he helped build centuries ago — and is reunited with his diabolical former protégé Marcel. Tonkin also stars, reprising her Vampire Diaries character as werewolf Hayley that was introduced this past fall. Plec will write the backdoor pilot episode and executive produce Originals with Alloy Entertainment’s Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo for Alloy, Warner Bros TV and CBS TV Studios.

Mere words cannot express our utter joy and excitement for a series chock full of Original family drama — and we have no shame in admitting that, at the present moment, we’re hooting, hollering, and busting out some Damon Salvatore worthy dance moves.

So tell us, sweethearts: Are you thrilled to spend more quality time with Klaus and his naughty siblings? Which other familiar Mystic Falls faces would you love to see on this highly anticipated project?


  1. gabbyluvstvd Said:

    NOOOOOOO Klaus HAS to stay on TVD :( I love his interactions w/ the other characters plus KLAROLINE!!!! ugghhhhh (Even though I love him) I want him to be a series regular on TVD

  2. akuns9483 Said:

    All I have to say WHOOHOO!!! As long as he still makes regular visit on TVD I am good either way!!!

  3. climax001 Said:

    I’d like to see Ian as KOL in D Originals… And i wish Julie Plec wud consider featuring Jacob in Twilight as a werewolf… He really fits dat character

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