Persia White Reveals What’s Next For Abby Bennett on The Vampire Diaries TV Series

Persia White plays Abby Bennett on The Vampire Diaries TV Series.Playing Abby Bennett on The Vampire Diaries TV series is no easy task. After all, we’re talking about a woman who is struggling with weakened powers, dealing with bloody fiends, and trying to win back the daughter she abandoned more than fifteen years ago. However, according to the contemplative woman behind the witch, Persia White, Abby’s going to do everything she can to make things right with Bonnie.

Here’s what Persia White revealed exclusively to TV Fanatic:

TV Fanatic: What can we expect next from Abby? How will she work with Bonnie to regain her powers?
Persia: Abby is trying to finally step up to the plate and be who she is, mainly a mom to Bonnie.

TV Fanatic: How do you interpret Abby’s bond with Jaime? Is she trying to make up for abandoning her daughter by taking in a son?
Persia: Yes. I think Abby was trying to make up for her abandoning Bonny by being a parental figure to Jaime. She took him in as if he was her own.

Check out the rest of TV Fanatic’s interview here:

So, do you want to see more mother-daughter bonding between Bonnie and Abby? Do you think Bonnie will ever be able to forgive Abby for leaving her behind in Mystic Falls?Tell us your sentiments on this delicate situation below and be sure to check out all new episodes of The Vampire Diaries TV series every Thursday at 8/7 c on The CW.


  1. Susy Said:

    Bonnie and Abby should try to bond, try to make up for all the lost times. But I just don’t trust that Abby has been honest with Bonnie- I think she is hiding something. Bonnie should be weary of her mother’s claims of being powerless. I don’t believe her! I’ve been wondering why Bonnie’s grams never mentioned Abby to Bonnie. I can understand the ex-husband not talking about the wife who abandoned him and his child, but her own mother?! Abby must have done something pretty horrible, unforgivable to have her own mother disown her. Wonder what that might be? Only time will tell- I can’t wait to see how it all ends!

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