Exclusive: Phoebe Tonkin Talks Romance, Hayley, and The Originals Season 1

Phoebe Tonkin at PaleyFest 2014

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When Phoebe Tonkin made her official debut on The Vampire Diaries, we automatically reasoned her character Hayley Marshall, an orphaned wayward werewolf, would be killed off in a brutal fashion like so many unfortunate guest stars have before her. Well, not only did Hayley survive her visit to Mystic Falls but she is now a main fixture on the irresistible, drama-packed spin-off series, The Originals. And though she began her arc on the show as the pregnant girl who needed constant protection from all the supernatural baddies in New Orleans, Hayley has established herself as a natural born leader. Through many trials and tribulations, she has proven that she not only possesses a practical levelheadedness and sense of compassion, but she also understands a thing or two about allegiance and self preservation. In other words, as Klaus recently described her in “The Big Uneasy,” she is basically a queen.

When we caught up with the talented Aussie actress at 2014 PaleyFest, she had plenty to tease about the upcoming birth of and Hayley and Klaus’ lovechild and ruling over the wolf faction. “I think in the past the werewolves have been run by an alpha so there’s no reason why a pregnant werewolf can’t be that,” Phoebe revealed. “She is definitely taking on the leadership role in the pack from now on, but mostly she’s glad just to have been reunited with her family in the first place.”

As for motherhood itself, Phoebe admitted that Hayley is more terrified about that than the prospect of battle in the French Quarter. “You know, I think Hayley is really scared at the moment. She never had a mother herself and so she doesn’t know how to be one,” she explained. “But what is so nice about this is that it’s a very human feeling and to bring it into a supernatural world is very lovely and it’s really nice to play that side of her.” She also told our Alloy Entertainment team that despite Hayley’s hesitation, she couldn’t wait to see Klaus and Hayley in action as parents.

Babies and battles aside, are there any love connections on the horizon for this expectant mother? Perhaps with Elijah or Jackson? Don’t your hold your breath, dolls. “At the moment, Hayley’s priorities are to have a healthy baby and not be killed,” Phoebe shared along with a laugh. “And those two things are kind of taking up most of her time so I don’t think that romance or relationships are at the top of her list.” As much as we’d love for Hayley to kick back, relax, and enjoy a few sweet kisses (preferably not ones to the forehead), we totally appreciate her survival tactics as well as her commitment to her child.

That said, what’s your biggest wish for Hayley Marshall on The Originals Season 1? What would you love to ask Phoebe Tonkin about her character?

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  1. Escarlata Said:

    I am a fan of Hayley and Klaus love the chemistry they have together, We have a small hope that their relationship will eventually become love?

  2. theoriginalfan Said:

    I hope Elijah’s and Hayley’s relationship turns into something more romantic since it’s so very clear they love each other

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