The Vampire Diaries Cast: Comic Con 2012 Poster Reveal

Vampire Diaries Comic Con Poster 2012

Photo Credt: The Hollywood Reporter

At first glance, the image to the left (unveiled by The Hollywood Reporter) looks all too familiar. After all, it was the promotional photo shared frantically around the world prior to the premiere of The Vampire Diaries Season 3. However, upon further inspection, it’s safe to say that the poster has been considerably revamped for Comic-Con purposes. Elena, Stefan, and Damon are still frolicking about picnic-style while enjoying bleeding fruit — but instead of Klaus lurking in the shadows, we instead have Tyler Lockwood and Matt Donovan.

Is this a clue that the two Mystic Falls residents will play a major role on The Vampire Diaries Season 4? Are they in store for more horrors than they could have ever imagine? (Everyone knows that keeping up with the Gilberts and Salvatores always leads to death and destruction!) Well, Tyler’s body is being held hostage by Klaus’ essence and, according to recent spoilers, Matt’s going to find himself butting heads with a very pissed off vampire so you be the judge. Either way, it really seems like these peripheral characters will suddenly find themselves in the heat of action in the upcoming season!

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  1. cinseg1 Said:

    I don’t know what to make of it, except that TVD’s 4th season will be bloodier than ever! Notice Stefan’s hands are bloody and Damon is holding a bloody knife in his right hand. That is blood, not fruit juices! Obviously, Tyler is possessed by Klaus- he is lurking in the background awaiting his opportunity to attack. Matt looks wearily and guiltily at Elena. I love it- I can’t wait until Oct.11- TVD will ROCK!!!!!

  2. Emmarose Said:

    It announces a lot! Salvatore brothers have (once more) blood of theirs hands!

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