Casting News: Rick Cosnett Lands Role as Dr. Wes Maxfield in The Vampire Diaries Season 5

Rick CosnettMove over, Atticus “Shadypants” Shane: There’s a new professor on The Vampire Diaries!

Remember how midway through the summer of 2013 the TVD cast and crew teased the possibility of a sinister new educator joining the show in Season 5? Well, it appears as though the role of the popular college instructor has finally been cast, and the lucky actor who snagged the part is none other than Rick Cosnett!

Rick will be taking on the role of Dr. Wes Maxfield and, although his rugged good looks are reminiscent of Alaric’s, this Whitmore professor is a far cry from Mystic Falls’s most beloved history teacher. Not only does Dr. Maxfield teach biology (ironically the study of life) but he’s pretty much Elena and Caroline’s new adversary. Described as brilliant and arrogant, Wes is harboring a dark and dangerous secret that has a lot to do with members of the undead. (Let’s just say he won’t see a bloody bite mark on someone’s neck and assume a mosquito is to blame…)
Rick is a relative newcomer to the Hollywood scene and has mostly worked in theater as well as a few Aussie TV shows. (Fun fact: He is cousins with Hugh Grant.) We feel very blessed to have this a talented actor join our supernatural world. Welcome to the family, Rick!

So what do you think of this new character? Are you getting serious Professor Walsh vibes from him or are you daydreaming about snuggling up to him? Fess up in the comments!


  1. Amy Said:

    Please tell me that he won’t be forced to suppress a sexy Aussie accent!

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