Sara Canning Returns To Mystic Falls In The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale

Death and destruction are of the norm in Mystic Falls and temporary vamp Jenna Sommers learned this lesson the hard way on The Vampire Diaries Season 2 when Klaus staked her on a sacrificial altar. And, holy good grief, it goes without saying that Jenna’s sad passing affected us as much as it did her niece and nephew, Jeremy and Elena Gilbert. However, wipe away those tears because we come bearing incredible news…Jenna (Sara Canning) is returning to Mystic Falls for one last hurrah!

The only catch is that Jenna won’t be alive per say — she’ll only be appearing in flashbacks to Elena’s pre-Salvatore life. Still, considering how much we adore and miss her, we’ll take any Aunt J scenes we’re given! Without further ado, here’s a first look at Jenna Sommers hanging out with Elena and Elena’s mom Miranda on The Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale:

Jenna Sommers, Miranda Gilbert, Elena Gilbert - The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale

Photo Credit: The CW

Are you thrilled about seeing Sara Canning again on The Vampire Diaries? Or are you worried about revisiting all those bittersweet memories? Leave a comment below!


  1. cinseg1 Said:

    I’m happy to see Jenna even in flashbacks. But I’m weary of what these memories will do to Elena and exactly how they’ll affect/influence her decision. Maybe Elena will remember some repressed memory or simply she’ll want to return to her life the way it was before vampires were in it. Either way, we know with TVD some twist/turn will happen and we’ll be left reeling until season 4!

  2. robin Said:

    I like some TV shows but, I am really ticked off that Australia is the last country to get them and then, sometimes they are held back.

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