Haiku Recap for The Vampire Diaries Season 2, Episode 21: “The Sun Also Rises”

Nina Dobrev as Elena. Quantrell Colbert / The CW

We can’t possibly do last night’s Vampire Diaries episode justice in simple prose. It was tragically poetic, so we’re recapping the ep with poetry. This one’s for you, Aunt Jenna! R.I.P.

The Vampire Diaries Ep. 221: “The Sun Also Rises” Haiku Recap:

1. Matt shoots Tyler, ends

things with Caroline. She and

naked Ty cuddle.

2. Cruel Klaus stakes Jenna.

She dies a hero trying

to save her niece. Tears!

3. Bonnie’s in witch mode.

Ready to kick some hybrid

behind. Get ‘im, girl!

5. “You’re honorable.”

“Are you?” Stefan asks.

Elijah’s not! Crap.

5. Elijah breaks his

word. Klaus has info. No heart

ripping for this guy!

6. Does Elena turn?

Nope! John gives up his soul to

save hers. Best Dad ever?

7. Damon shows Stefan

his wolf scar. “Tyler Lockwood

bit me.” Shh! Don’t tell.

How did watching “The Sun Also Rises” affect you? Do you have any theories about next week’s season finale? Type your heart out in the comments! Extra points for haiku responses.


  1. Val Said:

    I’m kind of wondering who’s going to be Elena & Jeremy’s guardian next season. I mean, they ARE still minors.

  2. AshleySalvatore Said:

    The sun had to rise,
    Bringing despair,death, and love.
    Will Damon be saved?

    I was so devastated by the episode– “The Sun Also Rises”. It was very tragic, what happened to Damon, Stefan, Jenna– to everyone. True feelings were stripped down and shown– love, want, hope, pain. I believe Damon shall live (Who could live without that hot babe ’round?) Jenna shall always be remembered, Bonnie and Elena shall always be sisters, Stefan and Elena remain, and Damon’s love for Elena burns a bright. (: Do you know how many tears that dropped from my eyes? Damn..

  3. FallenAngel Said:

    this episode was incredible. i usally don’t weep easily but i cried my eyes out. i knew jenna was going to die. she had to. but to actually witness it….and john finaly coming around by writing this lovely letter.
    and about elijah’s betrail. i don’t think he liked what he was doing but he had to, right? if damon or stafan were in his shoes they whould do just the same. anybody would i guess.
    can’t wait to see the next episode :-) i hope damon gets cured next week. i can’t stand feeling anxious about my favourite vampire….

  4. Theo Said:

    Miss Ashley Salvatore, we’re loving your haiku. Amazing!

  5. Placy Said:

    I didn’t really like this episode. The one before it was much more powerful, suspenseful, and exciting. This was so sad, watching a sadistic dog kill off a lot of people.

    The funeral scene was beautifully done — Skinny Love playing with Jon’s letter was incredible. The very best scene was the brothers “almost” hug. I am sooo waiting for that hug.

    I LOVE STEFAN but never believed he would be sacrificed. So not even that got me excited. I did get upset when that dog spun him around and staked him to the ground. UGH

    And we all know that once a Salvatore gets bitten by a wolf, they will find a cure or we’ll learn that it’s not deadly afterall. So I don’t know why all these folks are freaking –“Are they going to kill Damon?” NO!

    In order to trust Elijah I always wanted to know why he wanted to kill Klaus. Now I know. And now he pulls this shit. I understand why he did it, but I’m still mad at him and will never trust him.

    Bonnie finally kicked it!!!

    I did really like the Caroline subplot. That girl is just good!

  6. Placy Said:

    As for what I want to see in S3, I want Stefan & Elena to get married and run far away from Mystic Falls. If I can’t have that, I’d like to see these two smile for at least 2 minutes in any episode. Third, if I can’t have either of those, I’d like to see Stefan and Caroline get together in Mystic Falls. And I know there would be laughter! Yeah!

  7. elena Said:

    I saw that Emily appeares in this finale episode,i know that emily knows a spell to bring back to life dead people(damon says that – ”it took emily years to learn a spell like that”) and I want her to save Jenna , maybe she will do this?Does anybody else think of these think about that?sorry for the bad english please

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