Music from The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 15: “All My Children”

Klaus and Kol at the Mystic Grill - "All My Children"

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A walk of shame, a doppelganger hostage situation, and more Original family mayhem. From Alaric Saltzman’s fun-turned-potentially-deadly evening to a heartbreaking, unexpected turn of events involving Bonnie Bennett, Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 15 was burning up with a little ailment we like to call as DRAMA fever! (Okay, it doesn’t sound that serious but we assure that it 100% is!) We honestly didn’t know whether to laugh, scream, or shout with rage at the screen because “All My Children” kept pumping out incredible emotional twists….without taking a break, not even once! And you better believe that an episode of such fiery magnitude was positively brimming with a healthy mix of party-hardy tunes and haunting notes!

Check out new music from The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 15, “All My Children”!

  1. Poison & Wine” by The Civil Wars: Plays while Elena calls Stefan (who ignores her phone call) and then Damon (who is in bed with Bex but answers).
  2. Fire Escape” by Civil Twilight: Plays when Rebekah does the walk of shame home, after enjoying night of passion with Damon, and gets made fun of by Klaus and Kol.
  3. Medicine” by We Were Promised Jetpacks: Plays while Alaric is at the grill with Meredith, talking about his attack by the “mysterious” town serial killer, and Kol and Klaus suddenly appear.
  4. Teardrops On My Pillow” by Dum Dum Girls: Plays when Klaus invites Caroline to have a drink with him at the Mystic Grill.
  5. Rubicon” by Ume: Plays while Kol shoots pool with Meredith and (quite unsuccessfully) hits on her
  6. Guarded” by Kevin Daniel: Plays when Elena visits Bonnie after finding out that her mom was turned by the Salvatore brothers and Caroline tells her that Bonnie does not want to see her because of this tragic turn of events. It also plays as a tearful Bonnie sits next to her mom, Damon and Stefan talk about when the last time Stefan tasted human blood, and Elena reads a beautiful apology letter from Elijah.

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Which track from “All My Children” left you breathless with excitement? Tell us in the comments and chat more about all the stellar music from The Vampire Diaries TV Series in the viewers lounge!


  1. VampireRed Said:

    They are TVD songs. AWESOME as always!! <3
    Poison and wine is the best. Then, Tear drops on my pillow and Rubicon! <3

  2. Susy Said:

    Poison & wine by The Civil Wars- perfectly fit the mood of the scene!

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