Music from Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 19: “Heart of Darkness”

Elena and Damon - kissing outside of a motel on "Heart of Darkness"All the songs featured on each episode of The Vampire Diaries television series tend to be nothing short of brilliant and they help augment the mood of their respective powerful scene. So, it’s often surprising as to how the Mystic Falls musical moments on the show continue to top themselves week after week — and TVD episode 3.19, “Heart of Darkness” —  hit plenty of high notes with its haunting tracks and steamy kisses!

Tune into a new playlist featuring music from The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 19!

  1. Redemption” by The Strange Familiar: Plays while Caroline hooks up with Tyler and Matt drives gives Rebekah a ride home.
  2. Dying to be Born” by Civil Twilight: Plays when Elena and Damon first see Jeremy at the batting cages in Colorado.
  3. Never Let Me Go” by Florence + the Machine: Plays when Elena, while getting sexy with Damon on a motel bed, bolts out of the room in a panic. Damon chases after her and she, unable to contain her red hot emotions, swoops in for a passionate kiss.
  4. Starting Now” by Mississippi Twilight: Plays when Caroline pretends to get upset with Matt for siding with Rebekah on making the decade dance a Roaring Twenties theme instead of a 1970s one.
  5. When the Light Dies Out” by Christel Alsos: Plays when Rose basically informs Jeremy (and the world) that she ships and she ships hard…for Delena. The song also plays as Caroline breaks the hard news to Tyler about the Originals and the bloodlines.

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  1. cinseg1 Said:

    I liked “Redemption” the most- it is such a beautiful song.
    I also liked “Never let me go”, though I wasn’t paying too much attention to the song! I was too busy watching Delena being hot and heavy! I’m sure the song rocked just like that Delenalicious scene!

  2. Theo Said:

    @cinseg1 I was obsessed with last week’s soundtrack. I love putting together the music Monday playlists because it gives me the chance to download them before I forget. Loved the Florence + The Machine song and Rose’s speech song — it practically moved me to tears — perfect tune!

  3. frageska Said:

    I am trying to find for months the tune that palyed before Never let me go! When Elena is in bed with Damon! I really loved that melody if you can please help i would be gratefull!

  4. flow Said:

    So happy to hear my absolutne and all time’s favorite bands song (Florence+the Machine) in one od the best Delena scenes!

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