Preview Clip from The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 19: “Heart of Darkness”

Alaric Saltzman on Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 19: Heart of DarknessThe Vampire Diaries Season 3 returns this week with an all new episode, and trust us when we tell you it’s going to be an irresistible mix of heart-wrenching terror and heart-pounding sexiness. So far, we know that viewers are going to be privy to a little hot action between Damon and Elena…and that Kol Mikaelsen and Jeremy Gilbert are now besties just like Stefan and Klaus used to be during the good ol’ days of the 1920s! Oh, and Tyler Lockwood’s returning to visit his boo Caroline and to stop the hybrid compelling nonsense once and for all.  So where does that leave poor Alaric Saltzman, whose brain is currently in possession of one angry poltergeist/ghost/enigma aka the evil magic ring of serial killer Samantha Gilbert? Apparently, locked up and stowed away in a cellar with a lot of killer emotions due to his Jeckyll and Hyde antics!

Watch a sneak peek clip from Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 19 featuring a conversation between Elena and Alaric!

Okay, we adore Elena but sometimes she tends to make some pretty poor choices in life. And entering the locked chambers of the man whose deranged alter ego stabbed Dr. Meredith Fell and hid the remaining Original-killing white oak stake just happens to be one such example! Although it’s kind of her to provide Alaric with the basic tools of dental hygiene and mere entertainment (no XBox or chocolate in sight), there’s no need to her to waltz on in for a heart to heart conversation.

Regardless, we’re kind of digging the mentor – mentee vibe that’s been taking place so far on Vampire Diaries Season 3 between Elena and Ric. Elena not only tells Ric that Stefan will be babysitting him (how awkward) but she also informs him that she’s embarking on a cross-country trip with Damon at Stefan’s request (even more awkward). Why? It’s none of Ric’s business but Elena clearly needs to figure out her unresolved feelings towards the older Salvatore!

“Why do you say that like you’re waiting for me to disapprove?” Alaric asks without judgement. Elena responds hesitatingly, “”I don’t know…me and Damon, traveling across the country…” It seems like TMI at first, but we appreciate how Ric remains calm and collected and unbiasedly guides Elena through her brother-lover decision-making process. After all, she’s just looking for someone to listen to her woes. Unfortunately, her friends have too many romance issues of their own to fret about hers — so, despite Ric’s new-found tendency to stab innocent people, Elena’s willing to take the risk just to get this burden (ya know, the burden of sorting out a sizzling love triangle) off her young shoulders.

If you were Alaric, what advice would you give Elena about her Salvatore brother dilemma? Post your feedback below and tune in for an all new episode of the Vampire Diaries Season 3 this Thursday night at 8/7 c on The CW!


  1. Keyra007 Said:

    In the canadian promo, Elena kisses Damon! Three Delena kisses already! and two in this season! We are improving!

    just to see Damon and Elena going on a road trip, makes me happy. After the Delena draught in these last episodes, after all the Stelena we’ve had to shove down our throats, it should be time for Delena!

  2. Arwen1 Said:

    OMG, I saw the canadian promo too. I’m so freakin’ happy, but I don’t understand one thing: why Elena invites Stefan to dance if she previously kissed Damon? Maybe she knows what she feels for Damon and she wants to figure out what she feels for Stefan, and the make a decision? Anyway I am so happy, It’s Delena time!
    DELENA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. cinseg1 Said:

    Hey Arwen1 and Keyra007, it’s Susy, but Cinseg1 is my new username!
    I am soo happy- finally Delena is coming out, hopefully to stay! I’m so freaking excited for their road trip tomorrow! Another kiss=progress!
    Now, why the heck does Caroline want Stelena back together? She has her hands full with Klaus and Tyler! She needs to mind her own business!!!
    As always, DELENA FOREVER!!!

  4. Keyra007 Said:

    @Cinseg, if you don’t mind I’ll keep calling you Susy…or do you prefer Cinseg?

    I assume Caroline has good intentions maybe she just realizes that Elena is in a mess concerning her feelings for both brothers and she suggests Elena to attend the party with Stefan so she can figure out what she really feels for him and what she really want. I hope that’s Caroline intention. If she wants Elena and Stefan to get together again…. I kill her. She’s idiot.

    BTW girls, if you want to know the sypnosis for the finale episode “the departed”, follow this link and look at the pic, what the hell are they staring at???

  5. cinseg1 Said:

    @Keyra007, I do prefer my given name Susy- so feel free to use it- just remember cinseg1, so you can read my episode summary tonight!
    As for Caroline, she better not have anti-DELENA intentions, because I’ll hate her like I hate St.Stefan!

  6. Keyra007 Said:

    @Susy, ok thanks! I’m holding out a bit of hope for a good Delena episode tonight! Looking forward your summary!

  7. cinseg1 Said:

    @Keyra007, here it is: let’s start with a simple « yessssssss!» The last kiss was NOTHING compared to this kiss
    Okay, Damon and Elena go to find Jeremy so he can contact Rose and find out who turned her, which original, that is- turns out she doesn’t know. Rose says she was turned by a Mary Porter. Needless to say, Damon and Elena never find out whose line they belong to because Kol kills Mary! Stefan stays with Alaric to try to find the stake evil Alaric has hidden. Let’s just say Alaric takes a beating and evil Alaric taunts Stefan. Btw, listen to the things Alaric says about Stefan – the same things we think about St.Stefan!
    Tyler comes back, Caroline and he get romantic, but when you watch it, tell me it didn’t seem forced, like it was something expected, not truly wanted. Tyler gets jealous when he finds a drawing Klaus made for Caroline by her bedside.
    Esther comes back and she tricks Rebekah into thinking Esther is dying. Mommie dearest is a conniving bitch- what she does will shock you!
    Okay, back to DELENA- the juicy, Delenalicious part- Elena is in bed, Damon walks in- shirt open, having a drink and Elena is checking him out, while he isn’t looking- of course, Damon notices and with his customary smirk, goes to lie down next to her! They share a few words and then, they face each other- you know that intense look that says it all? Well, Elena turns face up and she is shaking,shivering, sighing and their hands meet and intertwine… Elena runs out to the porch… Damon follows her and after a slight hesitation, Elena KISSES Damon- not just a kiss, but a demonstration of all the pent up love, passion, and desire she’s been holding back. It was beyond erotic, it was a meeting of souls! Perfect!!!
    Jeremy chose that moment to interrupt!
    Now, there was that scene from the promo- where Damon asks Elena if she had feelings for him- that scene was the first time Damon tells Elena off! You’ll see what I mean- I could have slapped Elena! First,she kisses him passionately and then « I don’t know what I feel for you?» You’ll be mad too!
    Finally, after this, they are in the car with Jeremy in the back. While Damon drives, Elena pouts, Jeremy talks to Rose. Listen carefully to what she says to him!
    So, all in all, a bitter and sweet DELENA episode!!!
    Keyra, Arwen1 and jgarza, all Delenians alike, go to Eonline and read the article with Ian! OMG! I couldn’t believe what it says! Read it and we’ll discuss later!!!
    Despite everything, DELENA rules, always and forever!!!!

  8. Keyra007 Said:

    @Susy, thanks! Bitterweet breakfast.. but somehow I was hoping for some sort of dissapointment. In this show it’s not possible a full Delena happiness, there’s always something coming in their way or just Elena’s eternal hesitation which is making an idiot of her since she’s been the whole season hesitating…. However we’ve had another kiss! that’s a victory for us!

    I’ve read eonline… no wonder Damon d…. he always takes the worst part. Be back later!

  9. Tayabkhan Said:

    AAAAAAAaah, eu chorei muito no outro, Jenna moerru, Julies moerru, John moerru, me deu uma raiva do Elijah, E DAMON Nc3O PODE MORRER!!!! Ele e9 a grae7a da se9rie.P.s. Agora e9 sf3 lobo depilado ne9? (leia-se Tyler, quem assistiu o 21 sabe).kkkkkkk’AAAAAAh, ne3o consigo esperar ate9 dia 12! c9 muita ansiedade! AAAAAAh. Damon ne3o pode morrer!

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