Preview Clip for The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale: Elena Opens Up To Matt

Matt Donovan - The DepartedUsually, when Elena Gilbert wakes up from a deep sleep on The Vampire Diaries, she finds herself in the company of sexy Damon or handsome Stefan. However, on The Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale, Elena dozes off and awakens during the evening to find Matt Donovan watching over her.

Since their baby days in a playpen, Matt has always been by Elena’s side. He’s one of her dearest friends and during moments of moral confusion and supernatural hardships, Elena turns to Matt for advice and comfort. Although they are no longer romantically involved, he’s clearly still one of her most trustworthy confidantes. Watch the sneak clip from “The Departed” below to see what exclusive details Elena decides to share with Matt.

This preview clip may be short but it’s jam packed with subtle clues and tension! Right when Elena wakes up, Matt explains that Tyler and Caroline are not there and that their mothers called asking them to come home. (Knowing what we do about Alaric’s council meeting shake-up on episode 3.21, this does not bode well for poor Forwood at all!) Elena then reveals to Matt that she had been dreaming about sophomore year and apologizes for stringing him along. A wave of sadness flickers across Matt’s face but it vanishes quickly when she states that she’s been making the same mistake with the Salvatore brothers.

“It’s not right what I’m doing to them either. I have to let one of them go,” the doppelganger beauty confesses. A curious Matt asks her which one and she suddenly gets a worried, concentrated look. Before she can answer him, Stefan enters the Gilbert house and Elena rushes into his arms looking relieved.

Elena asks, 'Where is everyone?'

Matt explains, 'Tyler and Caroline got a call from their moms.'

He then asks her in return, 'What were your dreaming about?'

'Sophomore year,' Elena reveals.

'It seems like forever ago,' Matt mentions.

Elena laughs and says, 'It was.' She then gets somber.

A look of pain flashes across Matt's handsome face.

Elena apologizes: 'I'm sorry that I strung you alone. I should have figured out what I wanted and just been honest about it. And now I'm making the same mistakes with Stefan and Damon. It's not right what I'm doing to them either. I have to let one of them go.'

'Which one?' a curious Matt asks.

Elena furrows her brows because she still doesn't know for sure.

Stefan enters the house.

Elena turns around and sees him.

Elena seems relieved to see Stefan

Stefan and Elena embrace.

Stefan asks Elena, 'Are you okay?' She responds, 'Yea.'

Who do you think Elena will choose in “The Departed” — Damon Salvatore or Stefan Salvatore? Post your predictions for The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 22 in the comments, and catch all the action this Thursday’s episode at 8/7c on The CW!


  1. cinseg1 Said:

    I am very worried because it can go any which way- including just being alone. Personally, I want Elena to choose Damon! But if the love triangle will end and the losing brother leaves Mystic Falls, both things are integral to the show. How will the show survive with either Damon or Stefan gone? Again, I personally don’t mind if Stefan goes far away (Good Riddance!), but the dynamics of the show would forever change.
    Maybe, if the choice doesn’t fall to Elena, if something happens to change the outcome of one Salvatore leaving, then maybe things will simply fall into place- i.e., DELENA!!!!!!

  2. Theo Said:

    @cinseg1 I just need her to make a choice lol. I’m sure it’s a lot of pressure but personally I can’t wait to see what the end result is! I agree with you in that it can go any which way. Also, what’s up with all the morbid Matt scenes? I have such a bad feeling about his well-being for the finale. Hopefully he makes it through! :(

  3. cinseg1 Said:

    @Theo, that scene with Matt and Elena looks almost as if Elena is dreaming or like it were a hallucination. Did you ever watch The Sixth Sense? Bruce Willis’s character was dead, yet he didn’t know it. He interacted only with the boy who could see him.
    I hope that the accident doesn’t leave Matt dead and Elena in a coma, hallucinating with him.
    Wouldn’t it be very ironic if the Salvatores have done everything to keep Elena safe from getting killed and she dies from an ordinary car accident?
    I just hope she chooses Damon and I’ll be very happy!
    Delena forever!!!!!!!!

  4. Theo Said:

    @cinseg1 I am going to cry if Matt dies. I’m just going to ahead and admit that when writing the Death Predictions article I teared up a little with each new person I added. It feels a bit like the last Harry Potter book — when Harry walks out to face his death. That’s how I feel with this year’s season finale. That the writers are going to shock us, numb us, then rattle our very cores. Cannot wait!!!

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