Haiku Recap for The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 22: Bloodlines, Bridges, and One Last Breath

Elena Gilbert - The Departed, TVD Season 3 finale

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SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this post or the comments until you’ve watched The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 22, “The Departed.”

First, let’s hear it for Damon and Stefan Salvatore–and all the other vampires descended from Klaus’ bloodline–for making it out alive. That was a totally close call! (Hooray!) Second, let’s cry out hearts out for the takeover of Tyler Lockwood’s body and Elena Gilbert sacrificing her life in exchange for Matt Donovan’s. (WHYYYYY!) We’re emotionally wrecked over the events that transpired on The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale, “The Departed” and haven’t fully recovered from the utter shock of it all. Still, what more can we do but praise @kevwilliamson and @julieplec for such an epic conclusion to a wild third season, and channel the rest of our passion, bewilderment and suffering into poetry, the art of pain! Here goes!

The Vampire Diaries Ep. 322: “The Departed” Haiku Recap:

  1. Alarm goes off in
    the morning. Elena wakes
    up. Flashback time!
  2. She slips into a
    cheerleading uniform, shames
    lil’ bro Jeremy.
  3. Aunt Jenna is back
    and so is Mama Gilbert.
    Poignant memories.
  4. Flashback ends quickly.
    Elena awakens in
    a hospital bed.
  5. Dr. Fell tells Jer
    that big sis will be fine; Stef
    and Damon are pissed.
  6. Jeremy helps his
    sis escape. Originals
    want her dead. Close call!
  7. Ric threatens Mer with
    her malpractice methods,
    spills her vamp blood stash.
  8. Back at Gilbert home,
    Caroline mothers her friend.
    Tender and sweet scene.
  9. Elena drifts off
    again back to quarterback
    dating days. Oy ve.
  10. Matt tells Elena
    he loves her. Bonnie says not
    to string him along.
  11. Caroline and Ty
    get call from moms, hurry home
    to find out what’s wrong.
  12. Mayor and Sheriff
    beg them to leave — the council
    knows their dark secret!
  13. Matt’s watches over
    E as she sleeps. She wakes up,
  14. Matt asks, “Team Stefan
    or Team Damon?” She pauses.
    She’s still unsure. Sigh.
  15. Stefan enters scene,
    Elena runs into his
    strong arms, looks relieved.
  16. OMG! Guess who’s
    at the door? Elijah! He
    proposes new plan.
  17. Terms of agreement:
    Get rid of Ric, hand over
    dessicated Klaus.
  18. Deal? Deal! They shake on
    it. Damon’s not happy though.
    “No, no, NOOOOOO! he yells.
  19. Ric approaches Jer,
    asking for help. Jer accepts
    but tells the gang. Ha.
  20. Jer calls Alaric,
    lies to him about Klaus’
    location. Game on!
  21. Stefan heads out with
    Elijah but first smooches
    his lady farewell.
  22. “In case there’s no la-
    -ter,” he whispers. They share a
    lingering look. Whoa!
  23. Damon and Bonnie
    head to storage locker and
    open Klaus’ coffin…
  24. Bam! Klaus’ hungry
    eyes flutter open. Bonnie
    demands alone time.
  25. Matt and Jer discuss
    whisking Elena away.
    They plot in secret.
  26. Matt comes bearing tea
    — how sweet! (Literally…lots
    of “honey” in it.”)
  27. Elena reveals
    truth: Stef makes her love life,
    Damon consumes her.
  28. Flashback! She recalls
    her mom’s advice on break-ups:
    “You’re setting him free.”
  29. Stefan and Eli
    are waiting in the woods for Ric.
    Where homeboy at yo?
  30. Ric doesn’t fall for trap,
    ambushes Damon and Bex at
    storage unit. Ahh!
  31. They almost escape
    but Ric finds them and stakes poor
    Klaus. Gasp — fire alert!
  32. Bex cries her heart out,
    Damon makes her run while he
    tries to take down Ric.
  33. Stefan calls Damon
    to tell him about Klaus. The
    bloodline mayhem starts.
  34. Heartbreaking moment
    ensues as the Salvatore brothers
    say final goodbyes.
  35. Elena finds her-
    -self in Matt’s truck. He’s saving
    his childhood friend. (Aww!)
  36. Elena finds out
    about bloodline woes. Sobbing
    starts, forced to make choice…
  37. Matt freaks out about
    Ty’s tragic death. Pounds steering
    wheel in pained distress.
  38. Caroline finds out,
    races to Ty. He’s dying
    orders her to skip town.
  39. No! she cries but he
    swoops her in for kiss, bares teeth
    and she hurries off.
  40. Damon and Stef are
    in opposite places. Who
    will Elena choose?
  41. Time’s ticking away so
    Elena decides…Stefan!
    Her mom’s advice stuck.
  42. Elena breaks the
    harsh news to Damon: “I ne-
    -ver unfell for him.”
  43. Still, she reveals hope…
    She’s returning for Car and Ty
    too, not just Stefan.
  44. Flashback again!
    Damon’s lying in middle
    of road. Hears a girl.
  45. Gasp! It’s Elena.
    “Katherine?” Damon asks her.
    Elena’s confused.
  46. They flirt. Sparks fly. But
    when her ride appears he com-
    -pels her to forget.
  47. What does this mean? It
    means he met Elena first.
    O to the M G!
  48. Bex and Elijah
    wonder why everyone’s still
    alive. They’re baffled.
  49. The truth emerges.
    Klaus isn’t dead. Bonnie placed
    him in Ty’s body!
  50. Bonnie wanted to
    save her friends and mom so she
    sacrificed Tyler.
  51. So is Tyler dead?
    Hopefully not; no one saw
    Klaus actually die.
  52. Bex is tired of
    running from slayers so she
    target Ric’s weakness.
  53. So Bex waits in
    middle of the road for Matt
    and Elena’s return…
  54. The two friends spot her
    on Wickery bridge and swerve…
    too late! Car crashes.
  55. Time begins flashing
    between past and present as song
    by Sigur Ros plays.
  56. We see Elena’s
    first accident with her mom
    and dad, and this one.
  57. Heartwrenching ending
    stirs emotions of love and
    sacrifice. So sad!
  58. Elena’s dad asked
    Stef to save her first so she
    does same with Matt. Chills!
  59. However, while Stef
    saves Matt, Elena drowns. Such
    a tragic scene.
  60. Meanwhile Damon finds
    out that Elena’s dead since
    Ric dies. He breakdowns.
  61. Ghost Ric visits Jer
    and bears touching message: “You’ll
    never be alone.”
  62. Damon races to the
    hospital and Mer tells him
    about the vamp blood…
  63. She slipped some to
    Elena due to severe brain
    hemorrhaging. WHAT?!
  64. Stefan’s face is wracked
    with grief as he stares at his
    love’s corpse on table.
  65. “Our life is one big
    proverbial coin toss.” Truth…
    Elena wakes up.

Now dive into a series of unforgettable scenes from the gut-wrenching evening!

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES"The Departed"Pictured (L-R): Sara Canning as Jenna, Erin Beute as Miranda, and Nina Dobrev as Elena (back to camera).Annette Brown/The CW© 2012 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES"The Departed" Pictured: Sara Canning as Jenna. Blake Tyers/The CW © 2012 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Which scene from The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 22 made you tear up the most? Let’s discuss it further in the comments!


  1. cinseg1 Said:

    I wouldn’t say it made me cry- I was and still am angry about the «choice»- but the way Elena broke Damon’s heart yet AGAIN and still, when Damon knows Elena is dead, he rushes to be by her side! The strength of his love for Elena is greater than his pride and the irony that Damon met her first- that is worth a good wail!
    Overall, for me, the finale left me angry,not anywhere near tears!

  2. Jochelle Joy Delgado Said:

    No matter what happen, I still want the original and most well-loved couple will be together.

    STELENA !!!! :)

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