Haiku Recap for The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 3: “The End of the Affair”

Stefan and Klaus throw back shots and reminisce on Vampire Diaries episode 3.03.

"The End of the Affair"--LtoR: Paul Wesley as Stefan and Joseph Morgan as Klaus on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES on The CW. Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW, 2011 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

How would we describe episode 3.03 of the Vampire Diaries in only four words? Oh. My. Holy. Klaus. So much went down—from Elena almost becoming a hybrid meal to meeting another member of the Original family, “The End of the Affair” teemed with intensity. Unfortunately though, we can’t do this outstanding episode justice in simple prose. The only way to handle such complicated emotions (i.e. fear, rejection, love, nostalgia) is with good ol’ fashioned poetry.  Let’s dance,  shall we?

The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.03: “The End of the Affair” Haiku Recap:

  1. The Kat calls Damon
    and purrs into the phone, “I
    know where Stefan is.”
  2. Klaus and Stefan jet
    to Chicago for a guy’s
    weekend. Sounds like fun!
  3. The Ripper of Mon-
    terrey was one loony bloke.
    …very hungry beast!
  4. Elena wakes up
    in Damon’s arms. She freaks, “Boy,
    you nuts!”…and drools.
  5. Meanwhile, at Dungeon
    de Forbes, Papa Bear’s showing
    Goldilocks the ropes.
  6. “I’m going to fix
    you.” “I can’t be fixed!” Carr cries.
    Dad inflicts more pain.
  7. Stef finds a photo
    of him and Klaus, goofing off.
    W.T.F! What’s this?!
  8. Gasp! They used to be
    biffles, the Thelma and Louise of
    the Roaring Twenties!
  9. The “How They Met” Deets:
    Stef was macking on Becky,
    K’s sis, and pissed him off!
  10. Elena hits the
    road with Damon, calls him an
    antique. He blushes.
  11. Delena visits
    “second personality”
    home of Stef. Creepy!
  12. Stef and Klaus hit up
    Gloria’s bar. (Girlfriend looks
    smoking hot. Lucky her!)
  13. Stef and Klaus head to
    the old apartment. Ele-
    na’s there. She hides fast
  14. E’s blood is pumping
    with fear. Stefan sees her but
    doesn’t tattle. True love?
  15. Klaus revives his sis
    and she stabs him. Ungrateful
    much? Reveals Stefan.
  16. Papa Forbes is still
    conditioning Car. “Say no
    to blood!” She’s in pain.
  17. Sheriff Forbes and Ty
    save the day! Ty carries Car
    home. They cuddle.
  18. Damon gets sassy
    with Klaus while Stefan orders
    Elena to scram.
  19. Becks can’t find her neck-
    -lace. Maybe Stef has it? Nope! Klaus
    is pissed. Smashes things!
  20. Who’s in Chicago?
    Kat is! She’s after something
    Oh goody…a twist!

What did you think about Vampire Diaries episode 3.03? Was it all you dreamed of and more? Extra points for haiku responses!


  1. Jesse Said:

    It was the most amazing epi. till now. I loved every single moment in it .
    I really liked the haiku no.4 it was so cool .
    Can’t wait till nxt epi..

  2. aaclass Said:

    great haiku, can’t wait for another episode.

  3. bite me Said:

    one word AMAZING!!!

  4. Theo Said:

    @Jesse Lol! Elena looked so horrified when Damon joked about the drool. Who wouldn’t though? ;)

  5. Keira Said:

    The twenties were splendidly portrayed and for once, I loved Stefan. For the first time he seemed genuine and comfortable with himself. I also loved Stefan/Rebecca chemistry. In fact, I’ve seen more chemistry in one episode of Stefan/Becca than in two seasons of Stelena.

    I missed more Damon and Elena. Almost had and Stefan’s overdose…

  6. Theo Said:

    @Keira So glad you enjoyed the 1920s flashback scenes – they were very well executed. And although we think Stelena have chemistry together we can’t deny that they have chemistry with others and Bex and Stefan certainly do!

  7. Keira Said:

    @Theo … Concerning Stelena chemistry, I’m afraid we’ll have to agree to disagree. For me Stelena has always been kind of High School love. They meet at the toilet and love at first sight! They have never make me feel anything but boredom, sorry. I don’t want to offend Stelena fans, but, honestly, that’s what I think.

    But I have no qualms in admitting Stefan’s character was a lot more appealing in last episode and also his chemistry with Bex was remarkable, there were sparks!

  8. Susy Said:

    This episode was amazing,intriguing, and very revealing. I have to agree to agree with @Keira. There is more chemistry between Stebecca than Stale-ena. I loved the flashbacks to the 1920s. It is always nice to look back on a time period so very different from our own. This episode had Caroline screaming, Elena pouting, Damon fuming and as usual,sexy and funny as ever, and Stefan moping and Klaus scheming- CLASSIC TVD! Damon and Elena in bed together- Did anyone notice how she just cuddled up to him and then she tried to play it off like it was a mistake?! That scene alone was PRICELESS!!! DELENA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. LOVE Said:

    I LOVED it! I love flashback episodes, and this one had music to go with it as well which was awesome. I also loved that I was totally not expecting the Klaus+Stefan=BFF storyline or that Stefan used to mack with Rebecca, who is an original and KLAUS’S SISTER! :O
    I’m also scared for Elena who has Rebecca’s necklace!!!
    I laughed at the part where Elena cuddled up next to Damon,(She really loved it ) and he went through her underwear :P but I had hoped there would be more of them and that sexual tension between them ;( but over all… A GREAT EPISODE!!

  10. Dego Said:

    the episode was amazing, beyond my dreams.
    Love the 20th flashback scenes
    Also love to get to know more about the ripper
    But which one will he choose , Elena or Rebecca

  11. Anne W. Clarke Said:

    The main thing that blew my mind was that Klaus ( Nick ) and Stefan were friends.

    I have a theory. … Perhaps Klaus has always known where Kat was. Waiting patiently for the next doppleganger, he followed her around. (Kat was in Chicago too in the 20’s.) Klaus knew Stefan fell for Kat,who turned him, and would most likely fall for anyone who looked like her; Elana. … I think Stefan may have innocently led Klaus to Mistic Falls. He then waited for all the pieces to fall into place before giving Stefan his memory back.

    As far as Stefan’s feelings for Becca, she was a part of his life in a much darker time. I think his feelings for Elana run deeper and truer. Like I said in an earlier post, after they spend a little time on memory lane, they may team up to resurrect the other orginals. It may take them all to kill Klaus.

    Another thought. … I wonder if Klaus or Becca will even consider that Stefan may have found the necklace and gave it to Elana. Afterall, in all the chaos of that night decades ago, anyone could have picked it up. Of course, Kat saw Stefan pick it up, but will she tell???

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