Recap for The Vampire Diaries Season 3, Episode 5: Matt Joins The Ghost Whisperers Club

Matt Donovan flashes an amused grin on The Vampire Diaries.

ach Roerig as Matt on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES on The CW. Photo: Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW ©2011 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

After The Vampire Diaries season 2 finale, so many questions arose when Bonnie Bennett brought Jeremy Gilbert back from the dead and, as a consequence, the ghosts of Vicki Donovan and Anna popped up to haunt the living hell out of their ex-boyfriend. Jeremy seemed so traumatized over the experience and viewers were wondering what this crazy twist meant for the Mystic Falls crew.

However, after TVD episode 3.05 “The Reckoning” aired on October 13th, the truth came out —Jeremy isn’t all that special. Apparently, anyone in Mystic Falls who dies by natural means and comes back to life can! So, without further adieu, let’s welcome the newest addition to the Ghost Whisperer’s Club…Matt Donovan!

As swoonworthy as Mister “Blue Eyes” is, he made a very reckless decision on “The Reckoning.” Matt decided to take his life by wrapping weights around his waist and jumping into the school’s swimming pool. To be fair though, he was doing it under dire circumstances (aka help his friends out by figuring out a way to defeat Klaus.) Also,  he did call Bonnie to asked her to revive him via her witch powers. When she informed him that she couldn’t do that kind of magic anymore, he told her to use CPR. Then, he plunged right in.

Luckily, Bonnie was able to rescue him in time so viewers didn’t have to bid farewell to another beloved Vampire Diaries regular. (Bonnie should win a hero’s Medal at this point the way she’s always saving everyone.) Moreover, due to his few lifeless minutes, Matt can see ghosts too, including his beloved sister Vicki.

It’s great that Matt and Vicki have reunited because goodness knows that boy can use some happiness in his life…but conflict could arise. Why? Because Vicki is looking for a way to come back and Anna is trying prevent her from doing so. Jeremy, who was torn between his two exes advice, took the smart path and shut them both out. However, Matt might not be so quick to dismiss his sister, especially now that she’s in his life.

Will there be trouble now that Vicki has access not only to Jeremy but her brother Matt? If so, what does this mean for Mystic Falls? Leave your Vampire Diaries season 3 theories below!


  1. Peachs Said:

    I don’t even know where to begin from yesterday’s episode, there was so much going on.
    First of all, Tyler and Caroline are so cute and adorable together and i am really happy that Tyler did live through his hybrid transformation. I’m kinda happy that Katherine and Jeremy found Micheal because that triggered Klaus and Rebecca to leave Mystic Falls for the time being and stop torturing everyone. I was so surprised at Matt and Bonnie but i thought Bonnie would already know about the whole Klaus not being able to make hybrids thing. The most shocking moment was the whole Stefan thing, i was so emotional when he was fighting against Klaus’s compulsion, and when he stabbed himself but when Klaus really pushed it and Stefan turned bad.. you could see it in his eyes and that was like an OMG moment. I’m glad Damon came back, but i don’t know what to feel about his and Elena’s moment, I’m glad he’s supporting her, but i also want him to not get so personal, but when Stefan said that he is living there for the time being, i was like OMG… i think this might be the perfect opportunity for Elena and Damon to “cure” him. Sorry for rambling, but so much happened.

    Also i do think there will be trouble now that Vicki can contact both Jeremy and Matt, because Matt loves her,so if she is bad he won’t believe anyone

  2. amanda Said:

    Why is there ZERO loyalty to Stefan?
    Stefan chose to give up his entire being for the two people he loved the most, Elena & Damon. By offering himself to Klaus, he received the remedy for Damon’s wolf bite and *thought* he had skirted Klaus away from Mystic Falls and Elena for good. Sure, Elena and Damon spent the 3 months of summer break looking for him, yet all the while Elena was using Damon as a filler for a Stefan-shaped emptiness in her life, while Damon shamelessly pursued his brother’s girl.
    In last night’s episode, “The Reckoning”, Stefan went so far as to stake himself through the torso in efforts to fight the direct-order/compulsion given from Klaus. However, Klaus did one better and “shut down” Stefan’s emotions. I understand, this is horrible for Elena… now she is positive that Stefan’s endless love for her is gone… or is she? From past episodes/experience, Elena should know that v-to-v compulsion ends once the compulsion-wielding vamp dies (IE Katherine leaving the tomb once Elijah died). For me, I’d direct my focus to finding a way to kill Klaus. She’s not afraid to make risky alliances (Elijah in season 2), so why not focus on finding Katherine and work together? Too hard, Elena would rather stuff Damon back in the Stefan-crevasse! All the while, Stefan is being manipulated into an addiction that he’d worked so hard to fight and had pretty much conquered. Besides, in a show where loop-holes save the day, let’s not ignore the words Klaus used – “Turn it off”… I don’t recall him adding anything like, “and don’t turn it back on til I say”… so come on Elena, work your doppelganger magic of attraction and turn Stefan back on!

  3. amanda Said:

    Thought #1 – its all Damon’s fault.
    All the way back to Damon returning to MF in order to save Katherine from the tomb!! Word of the doppelganger would not have made its way back to Klaus, via Elijah, had Damon not released the tomb vampires. Had Damon stayed WHEREVER he was and left Stefan alone, Elena and Stefan would still be happy and semi-normal. Also, Stefan wouldn’t have had to sacrifice himself to Klaus had Damon not gone “rogue” in season 2 by creating a parallel plan against Elena’s. Damon brought all of this upon Stefan by rescuing Caroline & Tyler, and then getting a lil snip from Tyler as he changed – Damon set all of Stefan’s season 3 hell in motion. Why hasn’t anyone called him out? “So your brother sacrificed himself to save your life and all the while you’re moving in on his girlfriend?” (Alaric, Jeremy… hello?) Damon said it himself, HE chose to love Katherine, HE chose to drink her blood in an effort to be with her forever… now his misguided blame has led Stefan to yet another step down the wrong path. Thanks, Damon… you’re a winner.
    Thought #2 – Elena is scared to be alone.
    From ending things with Matt and starting up hot & heavy with new-guy-in-town Stefan, now moving to Damon in the absence of normal Stefan, Elena is being made out to be one of those girls that has to have a boyfriend. I’d really taken her character to be stronger and more mature. Sure – Damon is gorgeous and who hasn’t crushed on the bad-boy? But, he’s reckless and abusive and has killed her brother & Alaric (many times over), not to mention fed on Caroline for an extended period of time, changed Vicki, and made Stefan’s life hell for 150+ years! Allowing Elena to move any further into a romantic relationship with Damon will cheapen her character, in my eyes. I realize she’s only 18, but the whole parents dying, meeting a vamp, dealing with deaths, being willing to sacrifice herself for her friends/family… wasn’t that all in effort to make her seem mature and good? Anyone who’s ever had a real relationship knows that you go through hell at some points. Not as supernatural as Elena and Stefan have had to endure, but what makes or breaks the relationship is how you handle yourself during those times. Do you fight for your love, or spend hours flirting and confiding in your #2 choice?
    Thought #3 – I am too old to love this show so much. At 27, with 1 child and a 2nd on the way, & 9 years of marriage to a wonderful man, Vampire Diaries should not be something that keeps me up at night in aggravation! Goes to show, Julie Plec and her team of writers have made this teenaged supernatural love triangle super delicious and too hard to deny! Great, great storyline & cast! Blaming it on the pregnancy hormones, but I’m totally depressed for Stefan (Paul Wesley, greatest actor on the CW).
    So, those are my thoughts – I realize that Delena fans are not going to like this, maybe even some Stelena fans… but I had to get this off my mind! Now, maybe I can sleep without worrying about how the writers are going to direct Elena  Team Stelena, please!

  4. Susy Said:

    This episode was AMAZING- it had everything! Let me start with the DELENA MOMENTS: ABSOLUTELY ENDEARING was when Damon carries Elena so gently from the hospital bed- he only glanced at her blood, didn’t even touch it- he showed his love for her AGAIN… SO ROMANTIC! He even faced Klaus at risk of his own life to rescue Elena. When he promises never to leave alone ever again, I thought they would hug for sure, BUT STEFAN RUINS THE MOMENT. Katherine’s face when Damon pushes her away after the kiss- he tells her you just don’t do it for me anymore- PRICELESS. Also, Katherine going with Jeremy to awaken Michael- vampire who slays other vampires- that was so shocking to me. Does she have a death wish or WTF is she plotting now? Bonnie and Matt- was it just me or did they seem like more than friends? Tyler is now a hybrid- could that spell disaster for Cyler/Forwood?! Now, it turns out Elena’s blood is the key to making hybrids, so does this mean that Klaus will want to make Elena his bride?! OH NO!!! Last- and least important to me- STEFAN. Now that he’s back- BORING AS EVER+EVIL,to boot- where will this lead to? Again, he’ll be in the middle of Damon and Elena. Hopefully, Elena was disillusioned by watching Stefan feed and kill those two innocent students at the school gym.Klaus might have coaxed him into doing it, but he obviously enjoyed it. DELENA ALWAYS!!! CAN’T WAIT UNTIL NEXT THURSDAY!!! TVD RULES!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Susy Said:

    @amanda, I respect your opinion.But, you have to remember that it was Stefan who made Damon feed the first time to become a vampire- because Stefan did not want to be alone.Now, recently, we saw the list of all Stefan’s victims- when he was the Ripper- these were killings he did on his own. What I find interesting of Stale-ena fans is how forgiving or omissive of Stefan’s transgressions you are, yet you are so very condemning of Damon for doing the exact same things, if not lesser things. It seems sadistic to list the names of his victims, don’t you think? Stefan did that as a reminder or memento of each killing? Damon has never done that. As far as the doppelganger goes, Klaus and the original family knew that they existed way before knowing Elena, so they would have eventually come to Mystic Falls. I understand the passions that arise from watching this show because I’m obsessed with it myself. TVD RULES!!! Team Damon/ DELENA FOREVER!!!! BTW, Elena is not moving on to Damon because Stefan isn’t/wasn’t there. Elena is falling for Damon,she just doesn’t realize it yet. You cannot fight love when it starts to grow- it grows in the most unlikely of places.

  6. amanda Said:

    @ Susy, oh no Ripper Stefan oogs me out! BUT, he changed himself, not for someone, but changed because Lexi helped him feel his human side and his morals. The ONLY reason he’s back on the ripper-wagon is because of Klaus…which in turn is all Damon’s fault.
    Neither Damon nor Stefan are exactly angels, but if your profess your love for someone, you stick by them…even when its excruciating. Otherwise, “love” is pretty cheap.

  7. Solnyshko Said:

    Brilliant episode!!! I personally think good old Katie is turning into a good girl. Does anyone else think herself and Stefan are better suited? Stefkat anyone? ;)
    And Damon and Elena are obviously perfect for each other IMHO.

  8. Mallory Said:

    I watched this episode when I went on vacation to Canada, in New Zealand where I live season three has not even begun.
    I think that Stefan should be admired for the amount of pressure he puts on himself for Elena’s sake. It causes him massive effort and pain, but he doesn’t give in. He loves Elena too much to be able to betray her. Klaus is ruining everything for him. You guys are saying that it’s Damon’s fault for getting bitten, but I’d have to say it’s Tyler’s fault. Why didn’t he run away before starting to turn and eventually biting Damon?
    I also agree that Caroline and Tyler are THE CUTEST couple ever. They suit like nobody else <3

  9. Susy Said:

    @amanda, That is what Damon is doing. He does not just say he loves Elena, he shows it by sticking around! Even though Elena always “professes” her love for Stefan, Damon is always there for her! It must be painful for him,yet he remains. That could never be cheapened.Personally, I’d rather have someone show me their love for me, instead of just saying it. Actions speak louder than words.I don’t think it is fair to blame Damon for everything that goes wrong for Stefan or vice versa. They are both grown men- they each make their own choices and deal with the consequences.TEAM DAMON/DELENA! I respect that you’re a Stale-ena fan. Bottomline, is it fair to say TVD RULES? I KNOW SO!!!! @Solnyshko, DEFINITELY. STEFKAT are perfect together and OBVIOUSLY DAMON AND ELENA BELONG TOGETHER! Has anyone noticed how Damon is gradually becoming more the lead than Stefan?

  10. Keira Said:

    @ Susy, I couldn’t agree more with you. Let me add that we have a new and real hero in MF: Matt! He was awesome, it was time for him to get a role with more content.

    Klaus is scarily ruthless, but who can resist him? He is hot.. He and Rebecca nail their roles. When she saw a Stelena pic in Caroline’s cell and said…Vomit… my God LOL!

    Stefan…what can I say? He got me totally baffled. I think writers invest him with so many things that they actually spoil the character. He is a pathetic puppet.

    My dear Delena, they are able to steal a whole episode with just a couple of scenes (with Matt and Klaus permission, of course) Damon and Elena hardly need words to express how much they need each other, overall Elena. He gave her a drink, he gave her back the necklace, but she only smiled a bit when he promised her that he would never leave her alone.

  11. Keira Said:

    For anyone putting the blame on Damon. Nothing had happened to Elena if Stefan hadn’t set a foot on MF…

    Stefan found Katherine’s doppelganger in MF and he decided he had to meet her.

  12. Susy Said:

    @Keira, love that sentence about Stefan- “pathetic puppet” – so trur! With Delena, words get in the way. The way Damon and Elena look at each other is more than enough. They say so many things without uttering a single word! DELENA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Klaus is morbidly hot, I must admit- not like my Damon, but yeah, he is kinda hot!

  13. Susy Said:

    @Keira, sorry for the typo. I meant that “pathetic puppet” is so true.

  14. mary :) Said:

    wow ! lasts niights episode was great i just thought it was always leaving you to wonder whats going to happen next and who knows what will happen in mystic falls next !!!
    <3 great season so far.

  15. Ashley aleman Said:

    I loved last nights epidsode ……stefan and elena fan forever ……..but i did like how damon came back to see if elena was okayy i was also glad that demon said that he would never live elena alone when she askeed him too …. I felt so bad for elena alot of stuff has been happening to her depressed lost and family members gone and her love stefan is gone …but i give damon credit elena needed somone to be thier for her i wouldnt mind seeing them together ….it would be cool …..but i feel sad for stefan even if he killed so many people or did alot of bad things i still think he loves elena even if he told elena he didnt i belive he still does i hope damon and elena save him i really do kathrine has been acting good even if its for her own selfish reasonss ……i dont know but i liked to see kathrine and damon togther but kathrine better start treating damon better cause if not i want kathrine to die honestly i hate when kathrine uses damon im glad damon pushed heer away from kissesing him but kathrine if u want damon u should treat damon right and gain his trust and really love him and only him if not stay away my opiion

  16. Damon'sGirl Said:

    Your conversation with amanda is awesome!!! Both very valid points,but as always,I am siding with Damon. I AM TEAM FRICKIN’ DAMON!!! I will NEVER look at Stefan the same way I look at Damon,he is just perfect.He manages to be evil,good,sexy,cute,funny and serious ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! And this whole situation is NOT DAMON’S FAULT. Okay,I’ll admit that I don’t believe Stefan is to blame either.I mean,does anyone blame Elena for her parents’ death? She was the one who had decided to go out that night,but the car going off the bridge wasn’t HER fault necessarily. So MY point is,yes,Stefan convinced Damon to turn in the first place,but DAMON was the one who started turning off his emotions.And this is very rare for me,but I will fight Stefan’s corner for once and say that it WASN’T his fault he killed Dana and what’s-his-face,the innocent teens.He was under compulsion.Fair is fair.
    BUT,I can’t let Stefan coming in and ruining the Delena moment go.It was PERFECT!The way Damon made me cry,yes,CRY,by carrying Elena so gently out of the hospital.My heart LITERALLY melted right then and there.And when he told her he would never leave her alone again…aww……it was soooooo romantic!!!
    And yes Klaus is DEFINITELY ‘morbidly hot’. LOL!!!
    Team Damon FOREVER AND EVER!!!

  17. Susy Said:

    @Damon’sGirl, you make some valid points. I agree Stefan was under compulsion, but what I’m getting at is he Obviously enjoyed it. He admits as much to Elena.Now, Delena, OMFG!!!! Don’t you think Damon and Elena were about to hug- and in walks “interruptus-made vampire” Stefan?! If looks could kill, man, he’d be dust by now. I WAS FUMING!!! He RUINED THE MOMENT AS ALWAYS!!!! DELENA FOREVER!!!!

  18. LouisannaCball Said:

    OOOOOMMMMGGGGGGGGG!!!!! Too much to handle!! Im like WATCHING IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN. that’s how obsessed i am… Let’s just say that im STELENA all the way… But i HATE this Stefan.I HATEEE IIIITTT… Stefan on human blood is like :S YIIIIKES! I can’t stand it… I thought that when Klaus compelled him he was pretending to be compelled. It was so awful to watch. And when Klaus killed Tyler i WAS SCREAMING AT MY TV SOOOO HAAARRD my dad had to come check on me hahaha. Ok, so now Klaus has to like THANK Bonnie, stefan and damon for saving elena, bcause if elena was dead he wouldn’t be able to make his little comrades! Iam so glad Tyler is alive and okay! Now, i have this question… So, the Hybrids don’t have the big urge for blood? Ty seemed so NORMAL after. Now, MATT. He was the leader of this ep… I looooove that he can see Vicki now. I was really scared when he was dead.. This was INCREEEEDIBLEEEE. im watching it again.. I have to download it, iam from venezuela and the transmission here is on Warner and they are on 2×17!!! S: FRUSTRATIIIINGGGG. This is my fav show EVERRR. I am so passionate about it!! THANK YOU LJ SMITH, THANK YOU JULIE PLEC AND THANK YOU KEVIN WILLIAMSON<3

  19. twilightgirl Said:

    Well last night episode was a lot to swallow for sure & I thought Bonnie deserves a gold medal for a perfect dive by saving Matt & at least Matt now joins The Ghost Whisperers Club along with Jeremy & Caroline is in love with Tyler boy wait until Vicki finds out!!!!!!!!!!! BONNIE & JEREMY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMON & BONNIE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Keira Said:

    And what about Elena telling Damon she didn’t want him to erase her memories?? It struck me. A couple of episodes ago, she seemed so blinded by Stefan, she just wanted him back at any cost (except when Damon”s life was in danger…)

    I had understood that she wanted her memories erased, after all, she saw the darkest and cruelest side of Stefan, but she wants to keep everything in mind. I guess she’s tired of lies and complications. It seems Elena has decided to face the plain truth and that’s very telling of her. Also she’s going to be a Warrior Princess lol I’m so looking forward the next episode! And Stefan is back home in puppet mode. That’s going to be funny….

  21. vampirediariesobssesed08 Said:

    Did anybody else feel that the ending of last night’s episode was very similar to the pilot, only with Stefan’s and Damon’s roles reversed? To be honest, I loved Elena and Stefan together, but there’s something so romantic about Damon not giving up on Elena even though it’s a lost cause….but I liked Damon better when he was being all mean and snarky…I thought he was hilarious! And Stefan does not do the mean tough guy thing as well as Damon…at all!!! So I really can’t decide who Elena should be with…maybe she should just go back to Matt!! hahahah jk ;) the Salvotores are perfect for her! I just can’t wait to see what’s coming next! Props to the Vampire Diaries team for deliviring cliffhangers week after week! And now I’m going to go watch last night’s episode for the 5th time…

  22. Susy Said:

    @Keira, here’s to hoping you’re right. Something died inside Elena when she saw Stefan’s dark side.She is now more aware of the truth about her boyfriend and she doesn’t want to go back to the illusion she had with him! Maybe NOW she’ll confront her true feelings for Damon. OH DELENA!!!!!!!!!

  23. stelena Said:

    i really get bored of talking about stelena/delena thing !!!!
    how can damon after all what happen to his brother leave him and flirt with elena !!
    even what stefan had done to him damon owed stefan alot of things … stefan spend alot of years of guilt bec his fault when he told him to feed on blood stefan told him this because he cant control it and damon was already turned into vampire
    and he leave him all this years without telling him the truth (what a kind person !!)
    and i really dont remember the good things damon do but now he must think only about getting stefan back without flirting and making promises like stefan !!
    and DELENA FANS : i want to know what all you want is in the end delena be together how !!!!
    you all want elena to forget stefan and forget what all damon do to her family and her friends and love him !!! she will be like khatrine when she told her “love them both like i did ” its too hard for her to forget stefan and any relationship pass in hell situations and in this time it shows if they really love each other or its a fake !!

  24. Keira Said:

    @vampirediariesobsessed08, Damon keeps being snarky and hilarious, didn’t you see his scenes with Katherine last night? He hasn’t changed those features, it’s just that his love for Elena has brought his humanity back to him. He wants to take care of her, but you know, when she’s being too stubborn, he has no qualms on pushing her into the water …. so yes, Damon will be always Damon.

    @ Susy, you put words to my thoughts :) Love Delena!

  25. Anne W. Clarke Said:

    I’m glad that Matt is finally in the “supernatural club” now with all his friends. So he and Jeremy can bond over the ghosts they are seeing. … However, Elena came back from the dead and she isn’t seeing ghosts. Not Fair.

    As for Stefan, he is under some serious compulsion from klaus. He isn’t himself now and no one is holding it against him. If Kat and Damon are successful in getting klaus killed by Michael, Stefan will be free.

    Elena is obviously attracted to Damon, and is heartbroken and confused by the situation. However, she will always love Stefan.

  26. Lizzy Said:

    Gosh seriously guys stop fighting over “who’s fault it is” it’s no ones fault! You’re all getting a bit worked up about a tv show (though it is an A-MAY-ZING one:) I find it weird how no bodies mentioned the fact that when they found Michael he was still a life all veiny like Elijah and that bitch sister went when they were stabbed, but also he was still awake (when his eye opened) so I was thinking obviously he’s not a human, BUT if he was a vampire and he had been vervaned (he did look like vampires in the tomb) and then tied with chains, why hadn’t they just stacked him? Also why was he ina tomb for witches..? I think we have a new kind of super natural force on our hands folk :)

  27. delenadisgustsme Said:

    I think there might be some trouble with Vicki having access to Matt. At least there’s a new storyline now for him.

    Cmon now STELENA fans we have to fight for our TEAM! Even if DELENA is going to happen. End game should still be STELENA. They are the major love team/story here and Damon is only secondary. The third wheel!
    I beleive that everything STELENA is through is just part of their journey to prove if they are really meant to be.

    I agree with amanda, my heart goes out to Stefan this episode. He is soo tortured….that it is heartbreaking to see him wanting to stake himself so elena could have time.

    Damon is only brave enough to face Klaus because he knows Stefan is already paying for his life! He is trully reckless! If not being psychotic/serial killer mode, all he does is be a lap dog for elena! LOL! TALK ABOUT PATHETIC!!!
    She doesnt want to be alone! Check! But she might as well be with Damon since she flirts with him even if Stefan (Damon’s boyfriend) is risking his life to pay for DAMONS life and for HERS also……. I am beginning to hate elena now!!!! Grrrrr!!! STUPID GIRL!!

    STEFAN is trully heroic and selfless….even if he enjoys the killings…whatnot he is a vampire anyway!! But this just shows that he could go to lengths to protect the ones he trully love which is ELENA and DAMON.

    But i can see that DELENA fans couldnt see that, and they even call the couple STALENA. I dont know what you want from the series, a comedy??? If not for STEFAN, your reckless, lap dog DAMON would have been dead by now!!! DUUUHHHH!!!!

  28. Theo Said:

    This discussion is amazing! will post the haiku recap and naturally Delena/Stelena content (so much to talk about!). But oh no…no one wants to talk about Matty? Personally, I teared up when he saw Vicki at the end…he’s so lonely and so lost. My heart just breaks for him!

  29. Susy Said:

    @Keira, thank you for the compliment! I LOVE DELENA TOO! @delenadisgustsme, I respect that you are a Stale-ena fan. Now, in you’re post, you say Stefan enjoys killing because he’s a vampire and whatnot. So why do all Stale-na fans seem okay with that but judge Damon harshly FOR THE SAME THINGS? That is something no Stale-ena fan has answered. Both are vampires,so they BOTH enjoy killing- why is Stefan forgiven,even justified, while Damon is condemned? I’m just asking? As for why I use “Stale-ena” instead of “Stelena”? No,not for comedic relief- although who would blame me with all the boredom “Stelena” encompasses- I use it because “Stale-ena” reminds me of how STALE AND UNREALISTIC THAT RELATIONSHIP IS! It is my honest opinion-NO OFFENSE TO STEFAN FANS OUT THERE! DAMON IS NOT A LAP DOG AND NO THIRD WHEEL- HE’S JUST NOT STEFAN- THANK GOD FOR THAT!!! DELENA ALWAYS!!!!!! SO I’M DELENA AND YOU ARE STALE-ENA! GUESS WHAT? WE’RE ALL TVD FANS PERIOD!

  30. delenadisgustsme Said:

    Well, to justify STEFAN….His vampiric side is out of control as he is even named as RIPPER. When he killed all those people it was still with a conscience that even Gloria recognized that GUILT and DARKNESS when she read Stefan’s mind. It was not his choice but rather the consequences of being Klaus’ bitch. He was able to bring himself to the good side through lexi…he spent 30 yrs not killing at all.

    However, Damon has no such sense of control…he is pretty impulsive even for the OLDER brother. Maybe you are just blinded about the fact that HOW CAN YOU BE INLOVE WITH THE MAN WHO RAPED/FED ON YOUR BESTFRIEND, KILLED YOUR BROTHER, KILLED YOUR NOW GUARDIAN ALARIC, FUCKED YOUR BIOLOGICAL MOTHER??? Killed anyone/anybody for FUN, or when you are MAD etc? How assured are you that he wont feed ELENA his blood and break ELENAS neck the next time she pisses him?

    is that REALISTIC as you claim? Dont give me the reason that its a supernatural show…so anything can happen….okay! But why consider the UNREAL anyway if its SUPERNATURAL??DUH!!! Talk about paradoxical!!

    What’s more UNREALISTIC and PRETTY disgusting is DELENA!!! PERIOD!! ELENA is not the BITCH! much worse than KATHERINE…..

  31. delenadisgustsme Said:


    From the sweet compassionate moral girl…to the IMA BE FLIRTING WITH #2 since my #1 is MIA and fed off of me…. ill be switching brothers now……

    She is much worse than Katherine. At least Kat stuck to her character….Elena for the worse.

    Still DAMOn the LAP DOG for ELENA……..I promise I will never leave you again!!
    Damon could have died already…IF not for STEFAN paying for his life OVER KLAUS…..He should have been killed.

  32. Keira Said:

    Jesus! This is getting interesting….

    @Theo, I loved Matt! He’s always been noble and a honest friend but in the middle of this supernatural world, he was kind of a patch… someone not relevant at all. I thank the writers for giving him this new role and I hope Matt’s character will keep on like this from now on.

    STEFAN… I seriously don’t know what he is. So many twists on his character, makes me think writers really don’t know what to make out of him.

    Ok, I know he’s actually being compelled by Klaus to shut off his feelings, so he’s kind of a puppet.

    What I mean is that meanwhile Damon has always stayed true to himself, fixing things up, one way or the other… (no always the right way…), but never letting anyone manipulated him; Stefan has gone through so many radical phases and changes, that one gets lost with this character.

    First off he was the perfect “Edward”, too perfect and consequently, boring. Then we find out there’re dirty clothes under his rug, he lies, he pretends to be more human than human beings when he’s truly a vampire with a dark past. Then we find out he’s not just a vampire, he is a Rippah. He leaves with Klaus because that’s the cost for Elena-Damon’s lives…

    Anyway I can’t help wondering why Stefan didn’t look for a way to fight Klaus, just like Kat+Damon are doing now, instead of killing Andie to keep Damon away from him… Is Stefan just paying for Delena’s lives or is he taking a break from being the “perfect vampire” and actually enjoy the killings and the rippings??

    I don’t doubt Stefan loves Elena, but IMO he could do pretty more than just being Klaus’s puppet… and he is not.

  33. Susy Said:


  34. Anne W. Clarke Said:

    I forgot to mention that the twist that Klaus has to keep Elena alive is incredible. Someone here mentioned that he may want her as his bride. That is possible but I don’t think so. I don’t think Klaus cares what Elena does as long as she is availible for blood donations to his hybrid cause.

    Another question arises. … If Michael is such a bad ace, who is responsible for chaining him up and closing him in the tomb?

    And another. … If Bonnie can reclaim the necklace, do you think that she will be able to channel the original witch?

    Things aren’t looking so good for Klaus right now. It won’t be long before Stefan is free.

  35. Amanda Said:

    Wow… Has no idea my venting would less to such enthusiastic responses.
    Personally I think the writers are thrilled to have such an amazing actor to develop Stefans multi-faceted personality. Don’t get me wrong, ian and nina are great too… But even j.plec has mentioned paul being their actor “with chops”.
    As far as stelena v delena, I don’t see what kind of sacrifices damon has made for anyone. Where as stefam has given everything for elena/damon.
    Here is to hoping kat ends up being not-so-terrible after klaus is killed anf she can finally stop running… Then maybe Damons 150 year love for her can be fulfilled and as elena said herself…. For her it will always be stefan :)

  36. Susy Said:

    @amanda, I agree. TVD is such a great show- so well written and the characters so engaging that it brings out such passionate responses. Regardless of whether one is Delena or Stale-ena, the ENTIRE CAST and OVERALL PLOT of the show is what gets us all so riled up and defensively of our positions. Personally, I enjoy writing and having a discussion (always courteously and respectfully, sans profanity/vulgarity) with all fellow TVD fans! Thanks for the interesting posts!

  37. amanda Said:

    And I think we can ALL agree that, though he plays Klaus with a fiece realism, Joseph Morgan is a gorgeous addition to the TBD cast. yum

  38. K Said:

    @Anne W. Clarke I totally agree on the twist that he has too keep Elena alive. The only bad thing is if he keeps wanting more blood, and her body doesn’t have enough time to produce it she could get really sick.
    I was like screaming when Stefan was trying to save himself because as you see that was his last act of defiance in which he could control. It was a really sad moment for the Stelena fans because you could see in his eyes that he truly loved her no matter what he said/or even when he was given back his memories from the twenties.
    I’m sorry to say it but yes i am a DELANA fan. I think they make such a cute couple but i only want to see it happen not because Elena has lost Stefan and she’s all sad about it. I want to see her truly want Damon even when Stefan is himself. NOTE: Thats probably not ever going to happen because she said “I’ll always choose Stefan”
    I really like how the other characters are really coming into their own person outside of all the drama. Like CAROLINE AND TYLER, & Bonnie and Jeremy.

  39. Mystic_Midnight Said:

    Breath taking episode..wowww..TVD rules!! gosh so much of curiosity ..want everyday to be thursday..i wonder what will happen in the next episode..thank god klaus is out of town..whew!! And a new student arrives to Mystic falls. who might that be…mmmm will they introduce Meredith to the show??

  40. Susy Said:

    @amanda, yeah, Joseph Morgan is “morbidly hot”- he plays Klaus so well, that he is enticingly intriguing. Yum, indeed! Not like Ian, but YUMMY TOO! @K, well said. It is also my wish that Elena chooses Damon for himself-even when Stefan is himself. Now, please remind me, when did Elena say “I’ll always choose Stefan”? It was Damon who said it on his “deathbed” and Elena hasn’t said it recently. I think Elena will eventually make the choice that is right for her- I just hope it’s Damon! Delena forever!!!!!!!!!

  41. Keira Said:

    @ K, I totally agree with you, except on what Elena said “It will always be Stefan” (Susy I think K meant this quote).

    When you’re 17, you say things like this “It will always be….”, when you’re a bit older and mature, you realize that people change, things change and life is always evolving…

    Look what is happening in TVD, in every episode Stefan is changing, he’s gone from a good guy to a bad guy, to an uncontrolable blood adicted, to a Rippah, to a Saint, to a puppet…

    Regarding Stefan sacrificing and giving everything for his brother and Elena. Yes, he is a Saint, but in the meantime, he is having a lot of fun too! He’s fully satisfaying his adiction and even he plays the Rippah from time to time.

    God, I can’t wait for the next episode. What surprises will the writers have in store? The vampire hunter, the warrior Princess hehe

  42. jgarza Said:

    Golly…reading alll these comments really hurts my eyes, especially the one with profanity…I agreed with you Susy….there’s no need for any of those in this website. We all love our TVD whether it’s DELENA OR STALENA and love to comments on our show but please, no need for profanity….it’s just a supernatural show…as for me, I am a Team Dalena!!!!!!!

  43. Susy Said:

    @Keira, thanks for the clarification. But I also remember when Damon was “dying” and he is about to profess his love to Elena, Damon says “I know you love Stefan… that it will always be Stefan”. Anyway, I completely agree with you,Keira. Everything changes- people, times, circumstances- LIFE itself is about evolving.The things one says at 17 aren’t going to remain the same as one grows older. Elena is still in the process of getting to know herself and what she likes today might not be what she needs in the future. @jgarza, Thank You! I definitely think it is nice to be able to discuss TVD with other fans WITHOUT ANY PERSONAL ATTACKS. I TOO AM TEAM DAMON/DELENA /TVD ALWAYS!

  44. Johnny Said:

    that episode was aweosome. I am a big DELENA fan, they go so good together. I think stefan will go back to elena though. Because katherine and Jeremy have already released Michael, so he will potentially kill Klaus and stefan will be free of klause and Stefan and Elena can finally be together and have a seemingly normal life. It’s also good for Matt that he can see Vickie, maybe he will bring her back who knows, and who knows maybe they could introduce Meredith to the show.

  45. Keira Said:

    @Johnny, I don’t think it will be that easy for Stefan and Elena to go back together, as if nothing had actually happened. A lot has been going on during these months, neither Stefan nor Elena are the same anymore, and she doesn’t want to forget what happended, so I guess Klaus is not the only obstacle between them. Not to mention the growing bonding between Damon and Elena.

  46. dogz Said:

    I will right away take hold of your rss as I can not in finding your email subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly permit me understand so that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

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