Sneak Peek Clip from “The Killer”: Elena Gilbert’s Shame Spiral

Elena Gilbert - "The Killer" clipIf you were one of the fang fans who felt very gypped when Bonnie Bennett interrupted Elena and Damon’s sexy dance / blood rave at the frat house party on TVD episode 4.04, fret not because The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 5 will feature ample scenes between the two Mystic Falls hotties.

Don’t believe us? Check out a preview clip from “The Killer” below and watch as Damon (Ian Somerhalder) arrives at Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) house searching for Stefan and is surprised to discover that his lady crush has not been in touch with his brother all day. Find out why:

Interestingly enough, Damon assumes that Stefan is dodging his calls because Stefan’s angry him for getting his groove on with Elena at the “Murder House” costume fiesta. Elena, however, looks up sheepishly at Damon and admits that never tattled or “spilled [her[ guts” about their sweaty party moment. She affirms, “No, Damon. I didn’t tell him that I got high on blood like some crackhead and dirty danced with you. It was a mistake, okay? I wasn’t myself and besides he’s already got enough to deal with trying to get me through this vampire stuff.”

In an entertaining turn of events though, Damon doesn’t console her or stroke her hair while telling her it’s going to be okay. Instead, he flashes her wicked little grin and attributes her unwillingness to come clean to Stefan as part of the “classic shame spiral.” She denies his claims but he seems pretty sure that Miss Gilbert is suffering from a case of “newbie vampire remorse” (which is apparently worse than a hangover).

Do you agree with Damon — is Elena feeling shame? Or could there be another why she refuses to inform Stefan of her temporary “infidelity”? Post your predictions below and be sure to tune in to an all new episode of The Vampire Diaries on Thursday night at 8/7 c on The CW!


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