The Most Entertaining #VampiresAndTiaras Fan Tweets for “My Brother’s Keeper”

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How would we describe The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 7 in three simple words? Fancy. Pleasurable. Explosive. Basically, we found out the following: Hayley is in cahoots with Professor Shane. Stefan will do just about anything to save Elena from losing touch with her old self. Matt deserves a hero’s medal for being the epitome of a gentleman. April Young is the new Miss Mystic Falls. Jeremy’s hunter mark is making him act all cray cray. Caroline is the biggest Team Stefan fan there is and likes to speculate about sire bonding in her spare time. Klaus gets along with hummingbirds. Oh — and Damon and Elena had sex so intense, it made us scream out, “HOT DIGGITY DAMN!

Moreover, judging by all the fan reactions that came pouring into our feed, we weren’t the only ones freaking out over supernatural drama and steamy scenes. It seems like viewers worldwide were experiencing heart palpitations to all the romance shifts and major twists. Check out some of the most entertaining #VampiresAndTiaras tweets based on “My Brother’s Keeper”:

Tonight may possibly be one of the greatest nights of my TV life. #Delena?? #VampiresAndTiaras. #TVD.
Suzie Pinnow
#VampiresAndTiarasBecause nothing's prettier than blood and sparkly things.....oh and pearly, white fangs, can't forget that!!#TVD
Tara Pappas
That's it, I'm about to explode and cry. While the episode has not even started! #VampiresAndTiaras #TVD
Noémie. ✞ ∞
Damon wants to bond with Stefan over some Tri Delts...I VOLUNTEER!! ❤😍 @ #VampiresAndTiaras
Lauren Crawford
I cant even handle the amount if #Delena thats about to be on my screen. #VampiresAndTiaras #OhMyGod
#VampiresAndTiaras my heart is racing, my blood is pumping, i can barely breathe and the show just started.. Heaven help me!
Fabiola Sperduto
I think Stefan needs to be shirtless. Don't wanna ruin his white tank, right? Especially in the woods ;) #VampiresandTiaras #TVD
When You're Mad You Do PushUps! Let's Make Him Mad More Often... #VampireDiaries #VampiresAndTiaras
Ashley Kimaya Ellie
What!? Hes DAMON. And You're youuu. TRUE DAT. #VampiresAndTiaras @
miranda clay
"I'm not depressed, I just want to rip into someone's artery and feed until I can't breath." Ok then Stefan calm down. #VampiresAndTiaras
Caroline Byrd
Damon's having a party in his head with that news! #VampiresAndTiaras
Sheena Testerman
Aaah Stefan the truculent teenager is back! @ #vampiresandtiaras
Catie Johnson
The scent of hairspray and world domination #VampiresAndTiaras
Michaela Taylor
Is there ever a moment when Elena isn't confused? Someone find that girl a therapist. #VampiresAndTiaras @
Mandy McGee
Okay now Matt's the only human HUMAN of the crew. #vampiresAndTiaras
Dalanda D.
Luvin that Caroline is taking Lexie's spot. Stefan needs someone on his side #VampiresAndTiaras
Christy Garrett
Jeremy gives waking up with wood a whole new meaning #TVD #VampiresAndTiaras
Chelle †
Nothing good has ever come out of the words "I'll be fine" in Mystic Falls #VampiresAndTiaras
Lina Sandell
Stefan breaks a guy's neck to turn him vampire...I literally fell off my couch!!! #TVDS4 #VampiresAndTiaras
Rebecca Stephens
Stop playing hard to get Caroline...u want Klaus and if not..send him this way! #VampiresAndTiaras
Ok painful. Breaking the site bond is not fun at all. #VampiresAndTiaras
Elena Gilbert.
Ah hell. Stefan is sexy when he's all... killin ppl and what not. #VampiresAndTiaras @
miranda clay
Hayley is enjoying this "fake" breakup between Caroline and Tyler a little too much #VampiresAndTiaras
Lina Sandell
Two ppl from the nine lives of Chloe king have crossed over to the vampire diaries yeah!!!! #VampiresandTiaras #VampiresAndDiaries
Emily Taylor
Klaus is adorable when he is fawning over Caroline! I want to squish his face! #VampiresAndTiaras @
Stefani Kayy
I kinda like crazy Jeremy. It's better than emo or druggie Jeremy #VampiresAndTiaras #TVD
Emily Mae Estes
CAROLINE Omg. Stefan is YOUR soulmate. Not Elena's. #VampiresAndTiaras
Elena Gilbert.
Jeremy's whittling skills have significantly improved #VampiresandTiaras
So Jeremy can carve into stakes in his sleep... Lo and behold, the infinite talent of the cast of #TVD #VampiresAndTiaras
Yikes!! Lil Gilbert turned crazed vamp killer?? =( would b awesome if it didnt put my fav fangs in danger. #VampiresAndTiaras is amazing!!
Arlene Hayes
This is an intense episode I've already jumped once and gasped like 3 times #VampiresAndTiaras
Coco Roberts
Can I just say that I 💛 Matt. Such a good friend to all the freaks. 😉 #VampiresAndDiaries #VampiresAndTiaras
Teri Herder
CAROLINE--GET OUT NOW. Love you & all, but I LOVE DAMON. SHUT UP. #VampiresAndTiaras #TheVampireDiaires
Ciara Brown
A Miss Mystic Falls queen should not be throwing objects at guests! #TVD #VampiresAndTiaras
Do you know what I love about all the events in Mystic Falls? The guys are wearing suits! #handsome #VampiresAndTiaras #TVD
Damon didn't even know why, and never even guessed it would be because of him! How presh #TVD #VampiresAndTiaras
Emily Williams
Just keep breathing! It's only Damon Salvatore in a suit! #VampiresAndTiaras #TVD
#VampiresAndTiaras aaaaand professor Shane ruins the moment. I knew he was going to be a pain in the butt... @ #TVD
Did anyone else catch that sly little smirk of Damon's as he rounded the corner with Prof. Shane #VampiresAndTiaras @
Stefani Kayy
Love the hashtag they're using in the US for episode 407. :D ♥ #VampiresAndTiaras
TVD Fans Philippines
Yes Jeremy please go into the dirty gross cave in your newly pressed shirt #VampiresAndTiaras
Chaya Coppersmith
So MF has another cockblocker Professor Shane #VampiresAndTiaras #TVD btw i love damon picking dresses :D
Simone Somerholic ♥♥
Is jer-bear becoming a monster... Welcome to the definition on Mystic Falls #VampiresAndTiaras
Avisha Rampersad ツ
Stefan, I'm not sure destroying Jeremy is the way to Elena's vampire heart #VampiresAndTiaras
Megan Harrington
#tvd #VampiresandTiaras Stefan, you need to CHILL!! You are scaring the hell out of me. The Rippah was nothing
To be expected. “@: It's safe to reason that Stefan spent the whole weekend catching up on Dexter. #VampiresAndTiaras
Teri Herder
Stefan should not be doing this shit. Jeremy is the next Alaric in the making #VampiresAndTiaras #TVD
O. M. F. G. Tyr Anasazi would be SO proud of Stefan! #VampiresandTiaras #TVDAndromedamashup #YESYESYES
Lillian Wolf
Professor Shane...professor by day. Cockblocker by other day. #VampiresAndTiaras
Salvatore Fireplace
Damon had a flash of winning the lottery! #VampiresAndTiaras
Jennifer Stewart
I believe Jeremy may have enjoyed staking that vampire a little too much... Danger danger #VampiresAndTiaras
Katy Maurer
Pretty sure Damon just reached his climax after Elena told him why. #VampiresAndTiaras @
miranda clay
#VampiresAndTiaras #Delena they really are going to make us wait for the fireworks between Elena and Damon, huh!? @
@Is Stefan becoming a serial vampire? Changing murderers to vamps to change Elena's life.So damn sweet.#VampiresAndTiaras
Tara Pappas
Stefan and Jer. I see a really twisted Thelma and Louise remake in the future! #VampiresandTiaras
Missy Greene
I'd let the Vampire Hunter take me to the dance any day of the week! #VampiresAndTiaras #TVD
Angie McNamee
I can get on board with a town full of hot vampires & a party every other day. #VampiresAndTiaras @
Mandy McGee
Matt is the definition of a debonair gentleman Oh that smirk! They all have it! #vampiresandtiaras
McKenzie Lambert
Poor April. At least she has Matt (4.07) #VampiresandTiaras
Daniela Pierce
Matt = Mystic Falls Prince Charming to the rescue #VampiresAndTiaras
Jennifer Stewart
"The thought of you two together really makes me want to barf" ok, let's not get carried away Caroline! #VampiresAndTiaras
♥Chantal B♥
Apparently there isn't a legal drinking age in Mystic Falls, and never has been. #LetsGetYouADrink #tvd #VampiresAndTiaras
Hannah Bennett
Shut your mouth! did he just stab stephan?! Jeremy is total badass tonight! @ #VampiresAndTiaras
Marlena King
Even stefan can't stand up to an 18 year old poca-hunter. mwahaaha #VampiresandTiaras
@ 'I'll tell you everything about being a bad guy.' Oh Klaus has a master degree in it :)#VampiresAndTiaras
caroline should seriously shut up, she is on a date with KLAUS. not in the position to judge. #VampiresAndTiaras
Cleo Granon
HOLY CRAPm Jermey has gone all bad ass and Klaus is being all adorable! My beart can't handle all this! @ #vampiresandtiaras
Courtney Giles
I don't think Jeremy is going to get back the security deposit on his tuxedo rental. #BloodStains #VampiresAndTiaras
Salvatore Fireplace
Dalanda D.
Ashleigh Ragutero
Caroline & Klaus teasing each other... very appropriate! #VampiresandTiaras
Khrystine Mae
Hunter rehab needed much?? Poor April but Jeremy has flipped a switch.#VampiresAndTiaras
Tabitha Dixon
Omg Damon get on your shit! Your going to mess up everything with Elena ALREADY!!!! WHY!??! @ #VampiresAndTiaras
Vocal Dragon
April won...wonder if it was the sympathy vote #VampiresAndTiaras
Holli Berry
holy crap, Elena & Jeremy fighting each other even though they both know they don't really want to. this is crazy #VampiresandTiaras
Except for that time you stabbed him in the neck...@ #VampiresandTiaras
Catie Johnson
Menyia Hicks 
Noooooooo Jeremy!!!!! Remember who you really are!!! #TVDS4 #VampiresAndTiaras
Rebecca Stephens
Elena says she would never hurt Jeremy. Except for that one time she killed him by stabbing him in the neck. #TVD #VampiresAndTiaras
Caroline Byrd
An eye for an eye, a stake in the neck for a stake in the neck #familyissues #VampiresAndTiaras
Chaya Coppersmith
Elena can't wear anything nice. She's always getting blood on everything. #VampiresAndTiaras #TVD
Alissa Faulkner
Jeremy might need to steal that bottle from the bar now! For real ! #VampiresAndTiaras #vampirediaries
At the end of episode I say @ could not get any better...and every episode gets better. #VampiresAndTiaras #mindblown
Erin Castor
Elena just needs to have both Salvatores. There's a sister wives....why not a #brotherhusbands ? #vampiresandtiaras
I AM DONE ! THEY ARE FLIRTING ! KLAUS LAUGHS ! #VampiresAndTiaras #TVD #Klaroline
Noémie. ✞ ∞
That awkward moment when your ex boyfriends save your life #VampiresAndTiaras
Lauren Alston
Hummingbird + Klaus = Hummingblaus aka my new favorite #TVD ship. #VampiresAndTiaras
Tyler Better Shape Up. Because Caroline Needs A Man. And Her Heart Is Set On Him.... #Grease #VampiresAndTiaras #VampireDiaries
Ashley Kimaya Ellie
Seriously, my husband decides to call now??? I love you but get off the phone!!! #VampiresAndTiaras
♥Chantal B♥
DAMN YOU KLAUS, AND YOUR HUMMINGBIRD!! We're not suppose to love you! #VampiresAndTiaras @
Stefani Kayy
You said it Elena! Let her go Stefan! Ah! Damon's there to share a glance! So much just happened in that scene! #VampiresAndTiaras
McKenzie Lambert
That moment just felt like titanic a bit #VampiresAndTiaras but opposite in a way
Aileen Alvarez
“@: "The old Elena died when she went off that bridge. Let her go." #VampiresAndTiaras” You go Elena!!
Jordyn Soriano
“@: "The old Elena died when she went off that bridge. Let her go." #VampiresAndTiaras” I HATE THE NEW ELANA!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡
#vampiresandtiaras #tvd #vampirediaries @ @ omgggggg Stefan was crying!!!!!!!! OMG :((((((( His heart is broke
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I KNEW IT!!! Hayley and Shand god damnit. #VampiresAndTiaras
Elena Gilbert.
Stefan, there are like 80 rooms in that could easily avoid Delena...#VampiresAndTiaras
I can believe Elena has the NERVE to go into Stefans house and say shes gonna live w him ever since she broke his heart. #VampiresAndTiaras
Raphaella Pereira
Stefan: "Pick a room." My answer..... "Yours." ;P #VampiresAndTiaras @ #hellyeah
Kellie Doc Gordon
Break a guys heart because you love his brother then move in with them. Whats awkward about that? #VampiresAndTiaras @
Mandy McGee
WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?! HALEY! HOW DARE YOU! ... What would Faye do? #TVD #VampireDiaries #VampiresandTiaras #TSC #TheSecretCircle
Ashleigh Ragutero
Welcome to the "My Brother wants to kill me" club! #TVD #VampiresAndTiaras
Jeza Letson
mom thinks Elena is wrong for showing up at Stefans door. Are u serious! Motel 6 leaves the light on compell and go #VampiresAndTiaras
Christy Garrett
Stefan you lost your girl, in the bridge. The first time you tried to kill her. Long time ago. Get over it. #VampiresAndTiaras
ASDFGHJKL; the feels. I CAN'T EVEN. DELENA. ASDFGHJKL; 😄☺😍😘😁 #VampiresAndTiaras #Delena
paige hilliard
Can't breathe right now. #Delena it's your time to shine!! #TVD #VampiresAndTiaras
Emily Williams
They are playing Ed Sheeran. I am officially too emotional for this episode. #VampiresAndTiaras
Jourdyn Berry
Commercial breaks= Twitter time, crying over #VampiresAndTiaras
Emma Wallwork
I think I'm dying of #Delena feels. OH WAIT STEROLINE. #VampiresAndTiaras
Elena Gilbert.
Delena dancing and kissing on @ to my favorite @ song ever? I APPROVE OF THIS!!! #VampiresAndTiaras
Caroline just HOP him already Caroline/Stefan soooo going Do IT! #VampiresAndTiaras #TVD
Is Elena sired to Damon ????????? OMG what a twist !!!!! :D #VampiresAndTiaras @
Shauna Gilchrist
ELENA IS SIRED TO DAMON! !!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS! OMG! OMG! #VampiresandTiaras
Abigail Coleman
Are you kidding me!!!!!!! No you can't be over! That was epic and tragic all at the same time!!! #TVDS4 #VampiresAndTiaras
Rebecca Stephens
It sure got quiet in there...#VampiresAndTiaras Is everyone unconscious?
suzanne sexton
Wow, no refreshes on my TL in the last 2 min of #TVD. Pretty sure we were all :O #VampiresAndTiaras
Nicole Sam
the Delena sex scene was the most amazing thing i have ever seen <# #Chills #VampiresAndTiaras
I'm totally on board with the sire bond if it means we get hot Delena sex! SWOON #VampiresAndTiaras
Megan Harrington
Last thoughts: Elena had the hots for Damon long before sire bonds came along. @ #VampiresandTiaras
Catie Johnson
Why are people so shocked Elena is sired..Helloooo did anyone read the books. #VampiresAndTiaras
Lydia Martinez
"Oh my Looooord! Are they making the sex?" I think my mom has mistaken Delena's romp for a sandwich. #VampiresAndTiaras #TVD
Welllll...I wonder if that was a closed set when they did that sexy scene #VampiresAndTiaras made me smile tho #vampirediaries #TVD
Despite the whole sired thing, Damon & Elena should still be together. They create magic. <3 #VampiresAndTiaras I can't wait for next week.
I don't care if Elena is sired to Damon! Damon just took her Vampire V-card! @ #VampiresAndTiaras
How much more selfish can Elena be?? She has a whole town to live in and she has to make Stefan leave his home?? #TVD #VampiresAndTiaras
@ @ you have done it again. Idk whether to be angry.... Or impressed. Well played. #Tvd #VampiresAndTiaras
Aryana Downs
Excuse YOU! She is not "sired" to him, she loves him! Deeply.Right? :( #TVD #VampiresAndTiaras
Laraine Anne Valles
@ now that I've said my "one word". OMGGG THIS SIRE THING IS BLOWING MY MIND!! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT ALL!! #VampiresAndTiaras
chari olivas
Felt like a peeping tom at the end of #TVD. Fact or fiction? Which is which? Ian&Nina? or Damon&Elena? Going crazy. Oy!#VampiresandTiaras
Spoilers:Stephen=batshit crazy,Jeremy=extremely dangerous sleepwalker,Elena=tempted,Damon=brace for heartbreak :( #TVD #VampiresAndTiaras
I'm still in shock from last night's end scene of VD!! I just about choked on my food!!! #ISF #NDF #TVD #VampiresandTiaras
Kiersten Lyne
JESUS CHRIST!!! This is so emotional, how can I be crying this much over a TV show?! #TVD #VampiresAndTiaras
Heida Lind Ingolfsd
who cares if she's sired that scene was so hot #VampiresAndTiaras
Maria Campbell

What are your thoughts on The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 7? Which scene made you laugh? Sweat? Scream? Share your sentiments in the comments!

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