The Vampire Diaries Recap – “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street”: Season 4, Episode 8

Warning: Please note that this post is a recap of the entire eighth episode of The Vampire Diaries 4 and therefore contains spoilers and scene descriptions. Do not read any further if you have not yet watched “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street.”

Damon Salvatore & Stefan Salvatore - "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street"

You know when a Vampire Diaries episode opens up with hot, bloody sex it’s going to be an interesting evening. Well, that’s exactly how the show kicked off the eighth ep of Season 4 — namely, with Damon and Elena having a quickie right before she heads off to school. The morning lovemaking is apparently so bleepin’ good that Elena digs her fingernails into Damon’s back and scratches the hell out of it. She then smooches him up and down his body as though she can’t get enough of him. (If passion could breed babies, these two would have a whole school bus full of fang-sprouting kiddos running amok.) While Delena gets their freak on, Caroline and Stefan are having a secret meeting to talk about Elena’s recent actions and ruminate about that whole sire bond fiasco. Caroline looks displeased about the sire bond. Elena on the other hand? She’s elated so we’re pretty confident Damon found her G-spot and, just like Mr. Flintstone, he made her bed rock. (Yea. We went there.)

Damon and Elena get hot and heavy - TVD episode 4.08

Hot damn!

Elena digs into Damon's back - TVD episode4.08


Meanwhile, while everyone debating and getting hot and heavy, the magnificent hybrid duo — Tyler and Hayley — are watching as one of their pack peeps — all chained up — breaks the bones in his body so that he could terminate his sire bond to Klaus. He begs for them to let him go and then urge him to keep going. However, at that very moment, Kimberly (the hybrid from last week) swoops in, releases him from his shackles, and then snaps, “That’s enough. This is torture!” Despite Tyler and Hayley’s protests that they are doing this to help Adrian from being another pawn in Klaus’ plan for “Operation Find A Cure,” Kim says, “He doesn’t have to do anything. Isn’t that the point of breaking the sire bond — free will?”

After their morning lesson in sex-ology, Elena gets dressed and it’s off to school for her (even though she’s super late). Damon bundles her up with a scarf and kisses, but she looks concerned. Why? Because they will have to tell Stefan about their new relationship at some point. “Yea but can’t we just let ourselves enjoy one secret, selfish day before we destroy his?” Damon asks. She smiles and agrees that they deserve one day. He opens the door for her to see her out and, speak of the devil, there’s Stefan. Awkward alert!

After Elena leaves, Stefan fills Damon in on the sire bond theory and the elder Salvatore looks completely taken aback. “Sired? Really, Stefan? That’s the most pathetic thing to ever come out of your mouth and you’ve said some crap in your day.” However, Stefan challenges him to present Elena with a blood bag — something that she hasn’t been able to snack on without throwing up — and ask her to drink it to prove that the Delena sire bond is in full swing. So, in attempt to prove his younger brother wrong, Damon heads off to Mystic Falls High where he beckons at Elena — who’s asking Caroline and Bonnie for a girls’ wine-raiding night at Chez Salvatore — to join him in an empty classroom. While there, he asks her to drink out of the blood bag and, at first, she seems hesitant because no one wants to projectile vomit in the middle of the day. However, after some gentle urging from Damon, Elena takes a careful sip it and to her surprise it tastes less like “boiling garbage” and more like a filet mignon steak with mash potatoes and gravy. She looks excited about not having to feed on humans anymore. Damon? He looks uber depressed because this means Stefan was right.


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