Vampire Diaries Season 4 Casting News: Paul Telfer Takes on Role of Vampire Hunter

Remember when we kept raving about a handsome hunter who was going to be making an appearance in the first flashback episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 4? Well, the part has been cast and the lucky actor is none other than Spartacus’ Paul Telfer!

Paul Telfer

Paul Telfer shirtless on a white steed. Enough said.

The Scottish hunk, who hails from the same hometown as 300 star Gerard Butler, has snagged the role of Alexander who is described as “rugged, handsome and charismatic.” Honestly, after taking a look at Paul and his muscular arms, we couldn’t think of a more fitting man to tackle all the demands of slaying sharp-toothed, bloodthirsty creatures. Plus, it’s been reported that he has some mysterious connections to Rebekah which may very well be of the romantic variety. Yes, word on the street is that the hunter finds himself quite taken by the gorgeous Bex. (A blonde, vulnerable beauty and her brawny, long-haired warrior — oh be still our vigorously beating hearts!)

So tell us, gentle viewers: What do you make of this Season 4 casting choice? Are you a already a fan of Paul Telfer’s?

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