New Vampire Diaries Season 4 Preview Introduces Connor

*Spoiler Alert: Please steer clear of this post if you do not wish to know any details about The Vampire Diaries Season 4. Thank you kindly in advance!

Just picture the following heartbreaking scenario: Elena Gilbert, locked up and ailing, collapses on the floor of a cage while waiting for Stefan, Bonnie, and Damon to come to her rescue and prevent the transition. A few rays of sunlight trickle through the rusted bars and the world around the former doppelganger appears dreary and overheated. And all she can think about? Blood. Meanwhile, the Salvatores go head to head with the new honcho in town, a vampire hunter named Connor as well as his stake-happy crew. Well, luckily, you don’t have to picture it too much because we’ve got fresh video footage of “Growing Pains” and “Memorial” below, courtesy of the UK’s ITV2!

Come on down to reunite with your favorite Mystic Falls residents and meet the new hunter (played by Todd Williams):

Do you think the gang will be able to prevent the transition from occurring? Or would Elena be better off as a vampire? Let’s chat it out in the comments!


  1. ahmed Said:

    If i had a dollar everytime i wondered about that question ” What Will happen to Elena ? ” oh…Another Dollar :p
    i wish they’ll find a solution !

  2. Emmarose Said:

    I can’t stop thinking that it’s too soon for elena to be a vampire, so i really hope they are gonna find a way to keep her human a bit longer. Plus, they saved her once from the transition in season 2 so maybe we can hope a little miracle! or magic!

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