Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoiler: Caroline and Klaus Grow Closer

Caroline and Klaus - "Dangerous Liaisons"

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Craving some fresh Vampire Diaries Season 4 updates? Well, we have some good news…and some bad news. If you’re a supporter of Caroline Forbes’ romance with Tyler Lockwood then brace yourself for considerable heartbreak this season. If you’re all about a potential courtship between Caroline and Klaus then prepare to do the running man while simultaneously raising the roof because, according to recent spoilers, the Original hybrid daddy’o will instigate drama between Vampire Barbie and her football star beau.

Here’s what E!Online teased about The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 7:

“Klaroline fans, you may want to stand up before reading this next tease as you’ll probably start doing a happy dance while reading it: Klaus will continue to drive a wedge between Caroline and Tyler (using his powers of evil, obvs) and he’ll be pretty successful as he manages to land the reigning Miss Mystic Falls as his date to this year’s pageant!”

Whoa! Klaus looked a little too happy in TVD episode 4.03 when he noticed sparks flying between Tyler and his were-chick pal Hayley, and now it appears he’s making good on his promise to inform Caroline of Tyler’s infidelity.

On the one hand we’re saddened at the thought of trouble brewing in Forwood paradise. On the other hand, if there’s anyone who knows how to cut a rug at a fancy gala it’s Sir Niklaus. (Remember this little waltz number from the Original family ball? Swoonworthy to the max!) Additionally, Klaus enjoys showering his lady friends with diamonds and gorgeous gowns so we can’t wait to see what sorts of treats he has up his sleeve for Caroline.

So tell us, fang fans: Are you excited to hear that Caroline is choosing Klaus as her Miss Mystic Falls date? Or is the news just too devastating to handle?


  1. selena gomes Said:

    I am overwhelmed!this definitely is the start of a new passionate
    Love.go klaroline!

  2. evelyne Said:

    best news everrrrrrr

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