Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoiler: Is Someone Going To Die in the Finale?

As harsh as it sounds, shocking deaths are pretty much normal occurrences in Mystic Falls. However, that doesn’t make them any less heartbreaking. Just in TVD Season 4 alone we’ve lost Founders’ Council members, Carol Lockwood (Susan Walters), Kol Mikaelson (Nathaniel Buzolic), and Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen). Well, all the emotional turmoil is not quite over according to the show’s executive producer Julie Plec who hinted that someone might die on the Season 4 finale, “Graduation!”

When a Vampire Diaries fan tweeted Julie a serious question about upcoming mournful moments, Julie offered a warning full of foreboding. Check it out below:

do me a favor @ ? give a clear warning next time a main character dies, alaric and jeremys almost killed me. Ok ily bye x
meryl streep.
@ you may want to skip the finale. Or hide behind a box of Kleenex.

Oh no! Who do you think will be next to die on this supernatural series? A lot of viewers are guessing Matt (Zach Roerig) due to his human vulnerabilities, Tyler (Michael Trevino) due to being a marked man by Klaus, or Bonnie (Kat Graham) due to her involvement with Silas. Honestly though, anything goes in this town. And anyone is fair game.

It’s a terrible question to ask because it hurts us to even think about it, but which Mystic Falls resident do you think will bite the dust in the Vampire Diaries Season 4 finale? Post your predictions in the comments.


  1. jessica Said:

    noo dont let it be matt, katherine, or tyler. obviously it wont be damon and i doubt its caroline. as long as these characters live, i’ll be happy

  2. Samaria Said:

    I will be sad if anyone dies, even Klaus, but if my Damon dies i think i would kill myself, lol.

  3. Abbie Said:

    I’m a HUGE Damon fan but to be honest I think he will be the one to die…it can’t be Elena because she died last finale and it would be weird for her to die in this one too. Damon dies in the books and I think it will be just the thing for Elena to turn her humanity back on!
    Damon would have to come back so we can have delena tho :)

  4. Natalie Said:

    I think it could be Elena… She did die in the books after being a vampire and then turned into a spirit… But the tv series is so different from the books I don’t know what to expect!

  5. Brandy Said:

    I know most of yall are Damon fans but I am a Stephen fan, so if Damon dies that would be ok with me. But I wish it could be someone like Silas, then nobody would cry.

  6. cassie Said:

    Please don’t Damon die, I like him and Elena.

  7. tvdfan Said:

    If you’re a “Stephen” fan then how come you don’t know how to spell his name?? It’s Stefan :D

  8. Alyssa Genereux Said:

    If Damon dies I will just cry and never watch it ever again. Hes my lover, they took Jeremy and almost Tyler THEY CANT TAKE DAMON :'( lol Stefan* wow you call yourself a fan ;) gtfo

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