The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Spoiler: Who is Marcel?

Klaus and Damon enjoy some quality time on Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 10.

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It’s no secret that fang fans worldwide are stoked about the Vampire Diaries spin-off that’s currently in the works over at The CW. So far, it sounds like a riveting idea, full of supernatural potential! Titled The Originals, the series will star Joseph Morgan as the diabolical Klaus and Phoebe Tonkin as sassy werewolf Hayley, and it will take place in the French Quarters of New Orleans, Louisiana. When Klaus receives word that people are trying to revolt against him, he heads down South to a town he helped found a couple of centuries ago to try and figure out who is responsible for instigating the clandestine plotting.

Moreover, according to Julie Plec, the backdoor pilot (which will air as an episode of TVD Season 4 on April 25, 2013) will introduce a new fun-loving fanger character with a fancy schmancy name. Come on down and meet Klaus’ buddy Marcel, everyone!

On Marcel’s Connection to Klaus: “[Klaus[ reacquaints himself with a vampire that he actually turned back in the day, Marcel, who has created a whole set of rules and a whole society for the supernatural community that he’s in charge of — sort of tipping his hat to Klaus and saying, “You taught me everything I know.” So Klaus’ protegé is now the big king of the supernatural community in New Orleans and Klaus is stepping back into that.”

On Marcel’s Effervescent Personality: “He is the life of the party. He is diabolical, and dangerous, and he is a rock star. If anything, he’s that kind of hard-partying, hard-living vampire who knows how to enjoy the most out of life in the French Quarter.”

Read the full interview over at EW!

Based on Julie’s description of this thrilling new character, Marcel sounds a bit like Damon Salvatore! Unfortunately though, Ian Somerhalder already has a TVD role to play which leads us to our main question: Which Hollywood actor would you love to see in the part? Post your suggestions in the comments or tweet them at us at @vampirediaries!

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